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I. General Questions

1) Who is She-Ra?
She-Ra is actually Princess Adora, the twin sister of Prince  Adam/ He-Man (Masters of the Universe). She is the daughter of Queen Marlena (originally from Earth) and King Randor of Eternia. She was born on Eternia, and was by Hordak. Hordak took her to Etheria, and raised her to become the Force Captain of the evil Horde. Adam later came to Etheria and revealed her true identity to her. She soon learned her other identity as She-Ra and became  leader of the rebellion against the Horde as Adora.

2) What is She-Ra Princess of Power?
She-Ra is a half-hour show that was on the air from the fall of 1985 to the fall of 1986. Re-runs played on the USA network during the late 1980's/early 1990's. It was a spin-off of the Masters of the Universe show produced by Filmation. There were 93 episodes in all, and a toyline made by Mattel. It also had wonderful special effects.

Season 1 Episodes:

  • Into Etheria

  • Beast Island

  • She-Ra Unchained

  • Reunions

  • He Ain't Heavy

  • The Sea Hawk

  • The Red Knight

  • The Missing Ax

  • The Prisoners of Beast Island

  • The Peril of Whispering Woods

  • The Laughing Dragon

  • King Miro's Journey

  • Friendship

  • He Ain't Heavy

  • Return of the Sea Hawk

  • A Loss for Words

  • Horde Prime Takes a Holiday

  • Enchanted Castle

  • Three Courageous Hearts

  • The Stone in the Sword

  • The Crystal Castle

  • The Crown of Knowledge

  • The Mines of Mondor

  • Small Problems

  • Book Burning

  • The Eldritch Mist

  • Bow's Farewell

  • The Price of Freedom

  • Play it Again, Bow

  • The Reluctant Wizard

  • Friends Are Where You Find Them

  • A Talent for Trouble

  • Troll's Dream

  • Gateway to Trouble

  • The Unicorn King

  • The Anxious Apprentice

  • Zoo Story

  • Into the Dark Dimension

  • Treasures of the First Ones

  • Glimmer's Story

  • Enemy With My Face

  • Welcome Back, Kowl

  • The Rock People

  • Huntara

  • Micah of Bright Moon

  • The Price of Power

  • Birds of a Feather

  • For Want of a Horse

  • Just Like Me

  • My Friend, My Enemy

  • The Wizard

  • Unexpected Ally

  • The Light of the Crystal

  • Loo-Kee Lends a Hand

  • Of Shadows and Skulls

  • Jungle Fever

  • Black Snow

  • Anchors Aloft: Part 1

  • Anchors Aloft: Part 2

  • Darksmoke and Fire

  • Magicats

  • Flowers for Hordak

  • Wild Child

  • The Greatest Magic

  • Duel at Devlan

Season 2 Episodes:

  • One to Count On  

  • Return of the General  

  • Out of the Cocoon

  • A Lesson in Love

  • Something Old, Something New

  • The Pearl

  • Above it All

  • Day of the Flowers

  • The Caregiver

  • Romeo and Glimmer

  • The Perils of Peekablue

  • Sweet Bee's Home

  • Portrait of Doom

  • Assault on the Hive

  • Loo-Kee's Sweety

  • The Time Transformer

  • Brigis

  • When Whispering Woods Last Bloomed

  • Just the Way You Are

  • The Locket

  • She-Ra Makes a Promise

  • Bow's Magical Gift

  • Glimmer Come Home

  • The Inspector

  • Hordak's Power Play

  • Shades of Orko

  • The Bibbet Story

  • Swifty's Baby

3) Which episodes did Adora's brother, Adam, appear in? How many episodes did he appear in?

Adam/He-Man guest starred in twenty She-Ra episodes.They were:

First Season:
A Talent for Trouble
Battle for Bright Moon
Beast Island
Darksmoke and Fire
The Eldritch Mist
Gateway to Trouble
He Ain't Heavy
Horde Prime Takes a Holiday
Into Etheria
King Miro's Joourney
Loo-Kee Lends a Hand
The Price of Freedom
She-Ra Unchained

Second Season:
Assault on the Hive
Day of the Flowers
The Inspector
Just the Way you Are
She-Ra Makes a Promise
Sweetbee's Home

4) How old is Adora/She-Ra? 
In the Masters of the Universe episode "The Great Books of Mystery," there were 19 candles on Prince Adam's birthday cake cake. Adam and Adora are twins so they are both nineteen.

5) Where is Etheria?
Etheria is in the same solar system as Eternia. It has three moons, but the system was never described in detail so little is known about the location of Etheria.

6) Why was She-Ra cancelled?
Apparently, Mattel was trying to push Barbie in the 80's, and the production of She-Ra stopped. Mattel felt that the line was not successful enough to continue production.

7) Will She-Ra ever be back on the air?
Maybe. It is looking a little more hopeful. Hallmark now owns the rights to both He-Man and She-Ra. The shows are currently aired in foreign countries that have a Hallmark station. There are many petitions on the web trying to get the shows back on the air in the United States on such networks as the Cartoon Network and The Fox Family Channel.


II. Characters

1) What did Adora say to transform into She-Ra?
"For the honor of Greyskull; I am She-Ra."

2) What is the name of She-Ra's horse?
Like Adora/She-Ra, her horse had two names. Adora's horse was named Spirit, but when she transformed, her horse became Swift Wind. Adora's horse was really just a regular horse that became a unicorn when he transformed.

3) Who were Adora/She-Ra's allies?
Adora/She-Ra fought with the rebellion on Etheria for freedom from Hordak's rule. Her most well-known friends were Bow, Glimmer, Angella (Glimmer's mother), Castaspella, Double Trouble, Frosta, Madame Razz, Broom, Kowl, Loo-Kee, Sweetbee, Peekablue, Flutterina, Perfuma, Netossa, Spinerella, the Twiggets, Light Hope, the Star Sisters, and Mermista.

4) What were some of their abilities?
Most of She-Ra's friends had special powers or abilities. Here are some of them:
Hope: He is the guardian of the Crystal Castle and a source of information for She-Ra.
Bow: He is an archery expert. He has arrows with special weapons inside of the arrow-heads such as explosives.
Frosta:She is an Ice Empress with the ability to freeze objects and create snow.
Castaspella:She is a very powerful magician.
Glimmer: She has some telepathic abilities as well as an arsenol of light powers given to her from the moon crystal inside Castle Bright Moon.
Angella: She has many of the same powers that Glimmer does, and she can fly.
Madame Razz: She is a magician as well, but her spells never seemed to work right because she was so forgetful.
Broom: He is Madame Razz's flying broom.
Netossa: She uses her cape as a net to capture enemies.
SweetBee: She can make honeycomb ladders and nets.
Peekablue: She uses her feathers to look into far off places.
Flutterina: Flies and changes into a butterfly
Perfuma: Create and control flowers and plants
Mermista: She is a mermaid that can transform into a human. We had always  wondered why she had a French accent. Recently,
Alex_hawkey@yahoo.com  sent us this e-mail explaining....
Hi! I, like you, wish to see She-Ra POP on the TV again. In England as well as America! You said that you didn't know why Mermista had a French accent - It is because mermaids (the legend of) are supposed to have originated from the Mediterranean Ocean, around the South of France. In French, mermaid is "serene", sounding like "siren" in English.
Thanks, Alex.

4) Who were some of the members of the Horde?
Some of the well-known Horde members  were Hordak, Catra, Entrapta, Modulock, Multibot, Mantanna, Scorpia, Leech, Imp, Shadow Weaver and Grizzlor.

5) What is the origin of Hordak?
Hordak was once Skeletor's teacher (He-Man's enemy). He lived on Eternia until Skeletor became too powerful. Hordak kidnapped Princess Adora from the royal palace during a battle and was chased out of Eternia by the Sorceress and Man-At-Arms.


III. Toys

1) What year were the first action figures produced?
The first set of action figures were produced in 1984.

2) How many action figures were produced?
The action figures were produced over three years in different sets. In all (including horses and other vehicles) there were thirty-five action figures. Two playsets were also produced: A Crystal Castle and Crystal Falls. And there were sixteen special outfits that She-Ra and her friends could wear. All of the action figures came with mini-comics as well. There were also numerous books and tapes made from the series.

3) Which action figures were produced in the first series of toys (1984)?
The first series included Adora/She-Ra, Bow, Angella, Frosta, Castaspella, Catra, Glimmer, Double Trouble, and Kowl. The first series of horses and other vehicles were Spirit/Swift Wind, Arrow, Storm, and Enchanta (a large white swan).The Crystal Castle playset was also produced along with the first set of action figures.

4) Which action figures were produced in the second series (1985)?
The second series included Starburst She-Ra, Entrapta, Scratchin' Sound Catra, Flutterina, Perfuma, Mermista, Sweetbee, and Peekablue. The horses and other vehicles produced with the second series were Crystal Swift Wind, Crystal Moonbeam, Crystal SunDancer, Clawdeen (Catra's cat), Butterflyer (carrier case), and Sea Harp (a seahorse).

5) Which figures were produced in the last series (1986)?
The final series of She-Ra figures included Bubble Power She-Ra, Netossa, Shower Power Catra, Loo-Kee, and Spinerella. The horses and other vehicles in this series were Royal Swift Wind and Silver Storm. The Crystal Falls Playset was also released.

6) What were the names of the special outfits (Fantastic Fashions)?
Flight of Fancy, Fit to be Tied, Flower Power, Ready in Red, Rise and Shine, Hold on to Your Hat, Frosty Fur, Secret Messenger, Veils of Mystery, Deep Blue Secret,  Hidden Gold, Reflections in Red, Colorful Secret, Blue Lightning,   Windy Jumper, and Heart of Gold.

7) What were the titles of the mini-comics?
All of the figures came with mini- comics, but many of the comics were duplicates. This is a complete list:
The Story of She-Ra
Dissapearing Treasures
Journey to Mizar
Hidden Symbols Mystery
Adventure of the Blue Diamond
Across the Crystal Light Barrier
A Born Champion
A Most Unpleasent Present
A Fishy Business
Don't Rain on My Parade
Where Hope Has Gone

8) Where can I buy, sell, or trade action figures, accessories, and videos?
Alex/Loo-Kee  for She-Ra videos.  Buy and sell items on e-bay (an online auction house): http://www.ebay.com. You can also call Blockbuster Video's customer service line at 1-800-800-6767 and press #0 to speak to a representative if you would like to order He-man or She-Ra videos (if there are any for sale at a Blockbuster in the USA, they'll find it.)

Unfortunately, because of the number of figures that were produced, and the availability of them, the prices can range anywhere from $5 (loose figure with nothing) to $100 (a third series MOC figure or the complete with box Crystal Castle), and up (ie. Spinnerella). These figures can be hard to find, but I can attest to the fact  that they can be found, sometimes even at reasonable prices!


IV. Trivial Facts

-One of our favorite characters never even made it to the show, Double Trouble. We are not even sure why she never appeared on the show because she was one of the first action figures made.

-The first five episodes of the She-Ra Princess of Power show are actually a  more detailed version of the Secret of the Sword movie.

-Mattel decided that She-Ra would be better as He-Man's sister than a love intrest when they noticed his affection for Teela on the He-Man Masters of the Universe show.

-Mattel was going to produce action figures of Scorpia and Shadow Weaver, but the toyline was discontinued before they were made. It has recently been rumored that some of the prototypes were actually released in Asia, but we very much doubt the these rumors are as of yet.

-Plans were being made for the character Snout Spout to befriend He-Man on the show and have him travel to Eternia and appear in MOTU, but the show was cancelled before he could. He was also called "Hose Nose" in his first appearance on She-Ra (in "Small Problems").

-Two and Three packs were made with some of the action figures and creatures.  The two packs that were realesed were Bow with Arrow, She-Ra with Swift Wind, Catra with Storm, Peekablue with Crystal Moonbeam, Starburst She-Ra with Crystal Swift Wind, Scratchin' Sound Catra with Clawdeen, and SweetBee with Crystal Sundancer. Finally, there was a set released as a department store special that included SweetBee, She-Ra, and Perfuma.

- And, speaking of action figures, there was never a seperate Adora figure made. However, there was an Adam figures made in the MOTU line.




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