Around 1875, William Sylvester Crowe changed his name to White following a poker game in which the sheriff's son was killed for cheating. As all parties in the game were from out of town, and considering the penchant people in "the wild west" had for hunting down those that had killed members of their family, everyone at the poker game changed his last name so the sheriff's family wouldn't be able to find them. William Sylvester Crowe chose White as his new last name, which is why this page has people listed under Crowe and White.

Because people in the 'old west' weren't always well educated, some of these people may have chosen to spell their last name as Crowe, Chrowe, Chrow, or some other form of the original 'Crowe'. In fact, to avoid confusion with mail delivery, John Emmett Crowe had the spelling of his name legally changed to 'Chrowe' because another unrelated John Crowe lived in the same town as he did. If anyone has further information on this branch of my family, please contact me.