FSU RFC Constitution

Article I.         The name of our organization will be the Ferris State University Men’s Rugby Football Club (FSU Men’s RFC)

Article II.            Purpose of organization
The purpose of the FSU Men’s RFC is to offer any male student at Ferris State a chance to play rugby and compete with other teams at a collegiate level.

Article III.            Members
A.                 Requirements

1.      All members need to meet only one requirement. Show up to practice, games, and meetings as determined by the executive board (see Article V.) Consequences appear in Discipline section, Article VII.

B.                 Faculty Advisor

1.      The Faculty Advisor will assist in decisions that affect the club as a whole. Such as disciplinary factors and maintaining good communication with the school (Student Leadership & Activities, U-REC, and the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs).

2.      The Faculty Advisor should be considered a friend of the FSU Men’s RFC.

Article IV.            Officers

A.                 Electing Officers

1.      Officers may volunteer to run for office, but must be nominated by a member before being voted on.

2.      A Simple majority must vote in favor of the person in order for him to hold the office.

3.      If more than one member runs for the same office, who ever collects the most votes shall hold the office.

4.      Candidate must show leadership skills and enthusiasm about the team.

B.                 Officers Eligibility

1.      Officers must hold at-least a 2.0 GPA

2.      Officers must be free from current judicial sanctions.

3.      Officers must be a member of the team for at least one year and hold a veteran status.

C.                 List of members and duties

1.      President      The President is responsible for overseeing all workings of the club. Including speaking on behalf of the club, and making sure matches are organized. He is responsible for all traveling issues and also making sure his team behaves accordingly.

2.      Vice President      The Vice Presidents main job is to assist the president whenever needed and help delegate duties.

3.      Treasurer      The Treasurer is responsible for all funds of the club. This includes dealing with CIPP dues, Union dues, our team dues, and any other fundraising efforts or sponsors.

4.      Match Secretary      The Match Secretary is responsible for three things.

a.       Take notes and attendance at meetings

b.      Schedule all games for winter semester. (Fall games are scheduled by the Michigan Rugby Union)

c.       Keep a current record of all the members phone numbers.

5.      Social Chair      The Social Chair is responsible for social activities including risk management training, and organizing dinner for the opposing team after a home game and any thing else the club plans.

6.      Rookie Chair      The Rookie Chair is responsible for teaching all rookies the sport of rugby, help them understand our organizations purpose, and, if Freshman, to help them get accustomed to independent college life away from home.

7.      Fundraising      Our Fundraising Chair is responsible for all fundraising activities.

8.      Web Designer       Our Web Designer is responsible for creating or updating our web site. Currently

9.      Community Service       Our community service chair is responsible for contacting, organizing, and making sure people participate in community service events.

10.  Captain       The Captain is responsible for all on field activities. The captain decides who plays and what position they play. The captain also decides our game plan, which can vary from game to game, and also what to do in certain situations in the game. In laymen’s terms our captain tells us what to do during our games.

11.  Alumni Chair      The Alumni Chair is responsible for keeping contact with alumni, asking for donations from alumni, and planning alumni games

Article V.            Meetings and Practices

A.     Practices are Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:30 – 6:00.

1.      Optional practices are on Tuesday and Thursday at the same time.

2.      This is allowed because of class schedules.

3.      Practice times may be changed at will by semester, determined by the E-board.

B.     Practices are held at the IM Fields.

1.      In case of bad weather conditions on the field, practice will be moved to the Pit across from the Brophy & Mcnerny halls.

2.      In case of rain, practice will be moved to the U-Rec Student Center.

3.      Incase of snow (most of winter semester) practice will be held in the U-Rec Student Center as well.

C.     When the team is not in the season, weekly team meetings will occur to discuss fundraising issues, community service issues, social issues, and anything else that affects the team.

D.     Meetings may be called at anytime if E-board should deem it necessary.

Article VI.            Finance

A.     Club dues are set at $55 a semester.

1.      Subject to change up or down as determined by E-board.

B.     United States of America Rugby Football Union dues are $20 a year per person ($10 if first time or for 19 years of age and under)

C.     Through out the year, club should be talking with community businesses about fundraising opportunities or sponsorships.

D.     Expenses

1.      Ruby Jerseys ($60 a piece if bought in a group no less than 25), Shorts, Socks, T-shirts, travel expenses, hosting dinner for visiting teams, and the end of the year banquet if funds allow.

2.      If funds are low at the end of the year, tickets will be sold for the banquet.

3.      Dues for the Michigan Rugby Football Union. $450

i.      The Union provides us with referees, and allows us to compete with other colleges.

Article VII            Discipline

A.     The FSU Men’s RFC will not tolerate any misconduct of the regulations of the University. We shale strive to achieve a Five-Star RSO status every semester.

B.     Anyone found guilty of a drinking violation, whether a “mip” or a “dui” or a “drunk and disorderly” will have a hearing in front of the E-board. Immediate suspension will take place for one game. Maximum penalty is suspension for the rest of the season.

1.      If person is member of the E-board, he will be immediately removed.

C.     Hazing will not be permitted and anyone is found hazing they will be discharged from the organization without refund of dues.

1. Hazing is defined as any conduct which subjects another person (whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or psychologically) to anything that may endanger, abuse, degrade, or intimidate the person as a condition of association with a group or organization, regardless of the person’s consent or lack of consent. (Ferris State University Student Handbook, page 47)