Wes "Brigham" Clark
Borrowed from
Fort Wayne RFC
All day long - For the next 80 minutes or less, depending on if this is said at the beginning of the match or during half time. It illustrates an interesting time-dilation property of rugby, wherein two 40-minute halves can seem like an entire day. Example - "We can run the ball off the base all day long."
At pace - Doing whatever it is you're doing while gasping badly for air.
Boots - Studded sneakers.
Charge down the ball - Why old rugby players have arthritis in their knuckle joints.
"Forwards don't kick!" - What onlookers sometimes chant after a forward's really awful kick.
Get behind the kicker! - He's sensitive about others getting into the photograph.
Get lower, second row! - This is what loose forwards say when they want to be helpful in the scrum. Pushing harder themselves doesn't seem to suggest itself as a remedy.
Good game - What is automatically said to members of the opposing side at the conclusion of the match. Whether or not it was a satisfactory game is another matter entirely.
Hoik - A verb describing when a rugger jams a finger into one nostril and forcible sends air out of the other, clearing the nasal passage of debris and providing people standing on the sidelines with a Kodak Moment.
Hrk - The noise a player makes when being high tackled.
It ain't a round ball - A defensive statement that explains why you didn't catch that wildly bouncing ball. Or, after a loss, an attempt to explain the ways of Dame Fortune. Or an attempt to explain life itself. Japanese Prime Minister and former rugger Yoshiro Mori once said: "Life is like a rugby ball. You never know which way in what direction it will bounce next!"
Make a target- Show the ball-thrower your open hands so that he can throw to them. This way, if you miss catching it, it's not your fault.
Motley - Anything other than the First XV. This word has an association with foolishness, but I'm not sure how to describe it.
Pack's right (or left)! - A good way to irritate the forwards. When most of them are on the right, call "pack's left!" and vice versa.
Pass flat - Make the guy you're passing to have to accelerate to catch the ball. This way he can get a higher velocity flattening by the opposition tackler.
Put a name on it! - An exhortation to loudly proclaim that you're going to attempt to catch the ball at kick-off when it comes your way, thereby giving yourself all the embarrassment in trying to catch it.
Rugby Queen - The players' attempt to turn the clock back to the good old days before feminism and political correctness.
Sin Bin - Where a player has to cool his heels for assuming that the World Wrestling Federation sanctioned rugby.
Sir - What players call the ref when they know they are on dodgy ground.
Tackle low! - Prepare for a kneecap in your eye socket.
Thank you (fill in the kicker's name) - What is said to the player (usually a back) who makes a successful clearing or a penalty kick. He is the only person to be verbally thanked during the course of a match. Never mind that the forwards may have turned their larger bones into shards to retain possession, the kicker gets thanked for abusing a little inflated leather ball. I hope he appreciates it.
They were the better team on the day - They beat the crap out of us when we didn't expect them to, but we still think they suck.
What happens on  tour stays on tour. (A.k.a. "Rule #42") - I plan to cheat on my wife or girlfriend. Might get some bodily fluids (my own or someone else's) on myself, too.
Wheels - Legs.
Who wants it? - A metaphorical question asked at kick-off. The idea is that one is supposed to burst down the field and wrest the ball from one of fifteen guys, all of whom have other ideas on the matter.
With you! - Give me the ball, stupid.
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