Wed. Feb 9, 2000

Pre-Interview with CBC Radio

Bernard called back re:  Press Release:

Talking with Karen Wilson at CBC Radio, Kelowna BC

I asked Karen if she'd seen any written documentation that confirms the story that no charges would be laid against me.

K - ..haven't got a hold of crown yet, but officially but that’s the information we were given today. B-  Because I checked around on the A.G.’s website and I didn’t see any mention at all so I was wondering  where...
K-  Yes, well what they’re planning on doing is they’re not going to make any public statement.  Their view on it, I mean they will if you ask, but they’re not going to prompt it, that’s sort of where they’re coming from. B:  OK, I know Ujjal Dosanjh went on radio and TV making public announcements that I was under criminal investigation. 
K - Exactly, so you think that they would be doing the same thing to kind of counter that.
B- Well... K- You would think... B- Well...  K – Yeah..

B – From my experience dealing with them, that’s probably not likely for expectations, but anyway.  K – So that’s why you’re not seeing it anywhere.
B – OK, so its just a verbal information that you ‘re... K- Yeah..  B – basing it on McKenna’s comments.  K – and I’m very confident that it’s accurate.
B- OK  K – Yeah..  I’ve had long conversations with Rick McKenna over the last whatever two years I guess .. so I’ve been well up to date and its been going in this direction for quite some time and so I’m confident that the information is accurate.  B – OK
K – And if it isn’t, we’ll just have to call you back.  [Laughs..]  but I’m certain that it is, and we have a call into crown and a call into the RCMP, so we’re just waiting for them to call us back, you know to give us the official word.
B- OK, because if all you’re basing it on is hearsay from somebody...  Does McKenna speak officially or is he just making comments to you as a reporter?

K  -  Well he’s making comments to me as a reporter, he’s been advised not to speak to the media on it, only the RCMP and the crown can speak to the media on it. Basically he’s given us the heads up on it, so we’re just trying to cross all our T’s at the same time, it doesn’t always happen, you know in the order you necessarily want it to, but none of the information will come out.  We’re not really seeing anything, there’s no news report to come out today, until we have all of those things done.
B – OK  K- So nothing  will come out at all until we have everything crossed off.  B-  OK, well that, I guess clarifies a bit why we’re not seeing anything  that would actually confirm that, other than verbal second hand information.
K- Yes.  B –OK.  K- OK, if they give us anything officially on a nice piece of paper I will certainly fax it to you.  Fax #   given

K – I think the word that I was getting with, that their reasoning there apparently quite a bit of discussion about the need for having a official press conference on this and an official release on it and the argument that was being presented by crown and the RCMP was that by doing that, they would be advising people how to get information onto the Internet that they don’t necessarily want there.

B-  Well, the easiest way is ..don’t put it in Canada.   K – Yeah, so anyway  for whatever that’s worth... B - OK. K – OK, but as soon as we get anything written I can get back to you and if it looks like our information is inaccurate, which I’m confident it isn’t, but if it is we will certainly call you back   B- OK

Later afternoon..
Karen Wilson calls back from CBC radio.

...if you can let him know that I spoke with Myron Claridge with the key crown counsel, he confirmed everything as I stated it to Mr. Klatt.  There is no written material that I can fax to you guys.  He will be interviewed on our program tomorrow morning at 7:45.  No change.  B-  Will there eventually be some written information on it?  K -  I don’t know I didn’t ask them to be honest, so I don’t know if there will be or not.



Thur. Feb. 10, 2000
Mohini Singh   CHBC TV

M - ..calling regarding a recent decision by the criminal justice branch about charges.  You were on CBC radio this morning speaking to the issue.  I wonder if I could get a couple of minutes with you today?

B- What do we want to talk about?  M – Just,.. you know, exactly the same sentiment.  You know, what your reaction is and you spoke about the whole issue of free speech and the rest of it and of the fact that your not operating a business anymore, or I mean the Internet sites anymore.  Are you still working as a service provider?

B – No.  M – OK, and just exactly that.  B- What I’d rather do is if you would want to send me some questions by email I could send you back some responses.

M- Right, Right, I figured you might say that. The problem,.. I think we've been through this before, is being a visual medium, the Internet just doesn't cut it for us.  I could chiron what you say, but I'd sooner have you on camera.

B- No, I don't think we'll be doing that today.  M- OK  B- I've got several call I need to be on yet today M- Alright  B- So I wouldn't have time today. M- I'm in Penticton, I'll have someone in Kelowna.. can you give me your address, your email address.

B- It's bwklatt@ftcnet.com.  M- OK I'll get someone to fire off some questions to you right now.
B- OK M- How soon can I expect to hear from you?  B- I'll definitely get something back to them, probably before one. M- OK, excellent. Good luck.

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