Pre-Interview with CBC Ė Kelowna Ė Feb. 8, 2000

Hi Mr. Klatt, it's Kate McFarland calling, Iím now calling on the other line,  Iím just wondering if I can do a tape interview with you, getting your response to I guess the crownís decision not to go ahead with charges. There must be some sense of relief over this?

No the relief should be on their side, in that they didnít get charged for providing false information to the attorney general in attempt to falsely accuse or get somebody charged with a crime on no factual basis.

Well Mr. Klatt what I want to do is just transfer you over to the record group and Iíll talk to you about this.  Just a minute and Iíll put you on hold for a minute or so.  Here we go.

Ok what Iím going to get you to do so I can get a voice level on you here.  Just tell me your name and what the weather is like in Oliver.

This is Bernard Klatt and the weather in Oliver is overcast and its just started raining.

Hi could  you just tell me what your reaction is to the fact that the crown is not going to be pursuing charges.

Well that doesnít really come as a surprise to anybody thatís familiar with the details of the case, because there is no basis in law or in fact for any,.. even contemplation of any charges in that area.  If there was going to be contemplation of charges it should be a relief to Sol Littman that he wasnít charged for providing false information to the attorney general.  He has a long history of providing misleading and incorrect and inacurate and false statements to various government agencies. That information is well documented at a website that people can check by going to

What do you intend to do now, do you intend to purse legal action?

Well  that would certainly be an option to consider, but  realistically I donít have the deep pockets that some organizations do, so its probably not going to be too likely.

What are you doing with Fairview Technology right now?

Weíre, whereís that at?  Oh thatís the business weíve been doing here for the last 10 years and it continues to do what weíve always done, which is primarily as a computer dealer and network consultant.

So are you hosting the same sites that you had on when this whole brouhaha blew up?

No, the Internet was a service that we offered for 3 years in this area, because we were the first in the area  to provide Internet access, and that was just a  small part of our business, and that was sold off in early 1998, I think it was in 98 when that part of the business was sold off.

So youíre no longer an Internet serivce provider?

 No weíre not, and we donít recommend people to host web pages in Canada due to Canadaís restrictive legislation and the environment  that supresses free speech in Canada.

What now that this I mean there is no plan to go ahead with any charges or anything, will you get back into the service providing business?

The legal and operational environment in Canada doesnít lend itself to efficient operations of a website that doesnít try to get involved in censoring peopleís content.  There's too many restrictions on content in terms of being able to operate an efficient web hosting business in Canada in my opinion.

Whatís this been like for you?  Itís been a long haul.

Not really,  It started back in 95 or 96 when  Sol Littman started complaining about various web pages that he didnít agree with the content of, but its nothing that would be out of the ordinary, except that they have the willing collusion of credulous media.

... long pause ...

Iím sorry, Iím just getting some else here wanted to ask you a question.  Iím going to put this over to Karen.  One other thing before I let you go here.  What is your reaction,..  through out all of this Oliver has been named that hate capital of Canada, do you feel a vindication?

That was Sol Littmans attempt to generate a bit of publicity and he denied ever calling Oliver the hate capital on CBC radio, but the interviewer correctly reminded him that he did indeed use that description. I understand now that Sol has been retired because I think the organization which he represents realized that he was not doing them any favors by his behavior and actions.

Ok, Mr. Klatt Iím going to put Karen on here, she has a question or two to ask you.  Thank-you very much.

Hi,  thanks for that, I was just wondering, you saying that it hasnít been really that difficult.  I mean at one stage there was significant demonstration down there I believe Paul Fromm came to your side, um you know all the way from Ontario to sort of deal with this issue.    Right!

How has,.. you know you were moving in pretty high circles there for awhile, what impact has this all had?

We have a slightly different clientele based on what we had before, but it hasnít really impacted our ability to do business in the community.  The school district for whatever  reason chose to discontinue getting their Internet connection through us, the newspaper publisher for whatever personal  reasons is no longer a client but we really havenít  had a whole lot of change in our clientel base, and weíve picked up other clients  that do seek us out because they do agree with our stand on free speech.

So what kind of,.. if I was to go through the website today, what kind of information would I find there now?

Well donít,.. weíre not an internet service provider, we donít provide.. weíre not in the business of providing internet access.

Ok, so what kind are you saying though youíre working with the same clients although you have had some that have left?  So what,.. in what capacity ?

Iím referring to our primary business as a computer dealer and network consultant.

I see, ok  so thatís thatís quite different from what you were doing before.

Correct, yes.

Any thoughts about what this might say about the way websites might be handled in the future in Canada,.. any insight there?

Yes, like I was sort of aluding to earlier, web hosting in Canada, has a lot more restrictions and challenges to deal with as compared with operating the same type of business in the US, where they do have a tradition of respecting Freedom of Expression  and Free Speech Rights.  I no longer recommend clients to even consider hosting web pages in Canada.

Ok thank-you very much, just hold on for one moment I will will just check one more item. Thanks.


Ok thatís great, thanks again Mr. Klatt  and I guess congratulations!

Thank-you, and do you have any idea when any of this might possibly air?

7:45 tomorrow morning.  Ok,  OK.  Thank-you!   Thanks.  Bye.

Compare with the resulting interview that aired the following morning.