Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2000 11:12:07 -0800
From: Denise Gidden <>

1.      What is your reaction to the fact no charges will be pursued against you?

I'm pleased that there's at least some evidence of logic still functioning in the BC AG's prosecutors staff. Our position, as an ISP, was/is essentially the same as expressed by BC Tel.  We cooperate with law enforcement agencies, but apparently the complainants knew they didn't have any legal basis to complain since they didn't bother to attempt to obtain an injunction or court order against the website content they didn't like.

Instead the complainants attempted to use media pressure to accomplish censorship of ideas and opinions that couldn't have been accomplished by legal methods.

Why unfounded allegations by a known prevaricator from an extremist anti-free-speech pressure group (Sol Littman of SWC) should be afforded such lengthy consideration by the NDP gov't, hate crimes team, and police agencies could be an interesting area to research.

Sol Littman should be expressing relief that he wasn't charged for providing false information to law enforcement agencies (especially in light of his performance in the Duchenes commission inquiry).

2.      Do you still feel justified that you provide this service that some people consider hateful?

    Does 'some people' refer to pressure groups such as Simon Wiesenthal Centre, B'nai Brith, Canadian Jewish Congress, and agitators such as OUC's communist David Lethbridge and Ujjal Dosanjh's grant-scamming buddy 'anti-racist' Alan Dutton?

I'm not aware of anyone ever characterizing our pro-free-speech web hosting service as 'hateful', but apparently 'some people' were annoyed by some of the content that some of our website clients posted on their web pages.  Instead of attempting to contact the author(s) of the offending material, SWC's Sol Littman acted in bad faith by holding a press conference to denounce FTCNET. B'nai Brith lawyer, David Matas attempted to coerce BC Tel into disconnecting our Internet access. CJC operatives bullied the Town of Oliver into cancelling our room rental when we tried to hold a forum in support of Internet free speech rights.  Where's the 'hate' coming from?

3.      Are you still providing the same internet service?

    No, we are no longer an Internet Service Provider.

4.      We understand you've sold the service.  Is that true?  Who operates it now?

    Our subscriber base was acquired in early '98 by other local ISP's in the south Okanagan.

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