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Brent Thompson
Communications & Education

Re: Press Conference by Sol Littman Thursday, January 15th @10:30 a.m. Vancouver Hotel

January 14, 1998

[ ... S.15 censored ... ]

The media spokesperson for the Hate Crime Team will be Sgt. Rick McKenna at 660-2659. The media response was discussed by the members of the Hate Crime Team and as agreed they will respond to this issue in the following manner.

"The Hate Crime Team is in receipt of the complaints made to the Attorney General by the Simon Wiesenthal Center and it is not appropriate to comment at this time."

When you receive media inquiries please refer them directly to Sgt. McKenna.

Thank you for your consideration.

Ernie Quantz
Assistant Deputy Attorney General
Criminal Justice Branch


c: Myron Claridge
Sgt. R. McKenna