January 30, 1998

Prosecute Hate and pornography web sites: Don't shoot the messenger.

Open letter to Sol Littman of the Simon Wiesenthal centre:
Linda Larson, Mayor of Oliver:
BC-Bill Barisoff MLA, Okanagan-Boundary:
Ujjal Dosanjh, Attorney-General: British Columbia.

This on going exercise in futility will drag on for several years. Mr. Littman and his friends in the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and The Simon Wiesenthal Centre (SWC) has been trying to prosecute Nazi war criminals since the end of the second world war. We Canadians' have several laws on the books that should have allowed this process to reach its goal. What is wrong with the Canadian justice system? ASK YOUR SELF, HOW MANY HAVE BEEN PROSECUTED!

I was a career soldier in the Canadian Army and Canadian Forces. While serving in our NATO Brigade in Germany, I visited the mass graves of Russian prisoners of war at the former Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Bergen-Belsen sits on the edge of a major NATO training base. The Nazi holocaust is for real. There is no denying that this human disaster happened. The Nazi holocaust as well as the Ukrainian - (Stalin starved 10 Million). Cambodia - the Pol Pot killed three Million. The Rwandan plus 500,000 killed. The worst of all was the Nazi slaughter of 20 Million Russians. The war on the eastern front was the real war. The western front was a side show in comparison.

The great majority of my generation of Canadian soldiers' serving in Europe were quite innocent. We matured quickly in Europe. A visit to a concentration camp changes one forever. One soon realizes that not only Jews' but millions of people from every walk of life. From every occupied country, spent their last days in a Hitler death camp. Something overlooked by many people is that millions of Germans who opposed what Hitler did also spent their last days in these death camps. The July 20. 1944, failed attempt to assassinate Hitler caused the deaths of 7500 people. Most of them were innocent, but were related or connected to the men who carried out the attack.

I am as the saying goes, getting sick and tired of this story. At this point I would ask Mr. Littman why he and his associates pursue Ernst Zundel. You and your Jewish friends have turned this man into something that he is not. Had you ignored him, he would simply be an electronic blip on the pages of history. Now that he has web sites in other countries, his message will continue to arrive m Canada by means of scrambled satellite signals. The only way to stop the hate and pornography on the World Wide Web (WWW) is to control it. Once control is achieved, the only information received will be the message the controllers want us to see. Less than one percent of the Internet is considered trash. The remainder can and will be used for the good of mankind. If the WWW was taken away from us, the ordinary people. I believe, would fight over such a serious issue.

I also served on two United Nations (UN) tours in Egypt and Israel. The Canadian Forces did their job very well in that part of the world. When the peoples of Israel and Egypt realized that we were not a threat to them, they opened their hearts and minds to us. They made us welcome in their places of business and homes. I was privy to state secrets in both countries. When the people knew that I and my mates would not betray the confidence of either country, they poured their hearts out to us. Canadian troops were aware of information that most intelligent agencies as well as our flawed Government MP's and bureaucrats would die for. The point I make in this paragraph is that if Mr. Littman wanted to silence Ernst Zundel and his kind, there are several ways of achieving this goal. He and I both know of several ways to do it. Why put the rest of us through the hoops? Need I say more?

Mr. Littman, I believe you are in serious trouble over the Oliver incident. Your defamatory accusations have also branded the Speaker Newsletter as part of the Oliver situation. The Speaker came about as a result of the political disaster Canada now finds itself in. In fact I believe that the end of Canada as we now know it, will arrive before you are able to prosecute Bernard Klatt and Fairview technology. Canadians' are up to their eyebrows in Quebec barnyard droppings. Their priorities place the Quebec situation far ahead of any problems the rest of us may be concerned about. Unfortunately for you and your friends this would include the concerns of the WJC and SWC as well.

Mr. Littman, I believe you are taking advantage of a very strong position. Since world war two, the Jewish people have built a strong lobby. Perhaps from their point of view it was necessary. Most thinking people know that if one criticizes a person of Jewish extraction or one of their organizations, they can be accused of being anti-Semitic. The Canadian people over all but more particular the Canadian MP's and MLA's are a gutless bunch. The MP/MLA's know that if they criticize you and your friends they will be seen to be anti-Semitic. A major point in this regard is the proposed holocaust museum as part of the renovated Canadian War Museum, in Ottawa. The great majority of Canadian Veterans are not anti-Semite, yet if they complain about this situation, they know that they will be tagged with the anti-Semite label. In this case the Jewish people again find themselves in a paradoxical situation. Something they may want yet. should they achieve it, they will not be satisfied with the results. Neither will the rest of the nation.

When your statement about Oliver was announced the former Mayor was quick to condemn Bernard Klatt and his Fairview Technology company. The ex-mayor would shoot the messenger. KLATT IS NOT THE REGULATOR OR THE POLICEMAN FOR THE INTERNET. NEITHER SHOULD HE BE. Mr. LITTMAN YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS SHOULD NOT BE EITHER. I have a gut feeling Mr. Littman that what you really want is to control the WWW. Getting down to basics Klatt and those of us on his server are really small potatoes.

The Internet is the sixth estate. All the little people can now communicate with the world markets and public opinion. For thousands of years the ordinary people have had to get permission from their political masters or rulers before they could communicate with the outside world. The WWW has changed all the rules. Now that I have access to the internet I do not intend to lose my right to use it. The great majority of citizens in every country are decent people. I can tell each one of you that we Canadians' have our limits. I have this awful feeling that when we fight again, we will be fighting each other. Whether you believe this may or may not be important at this time. I speak to the ordinary people, the grass roots of the nation. In my travels around the world, I have not seen in Europe or the Middle East the levels of anger and hostility that I see on the streets of rural and suburban Canada today.

Something to consider Mr. Littman. Our MLA Bill Barisoff will not be able to do much for you. His Liberal opposition party should be the government, but they are not. They will have trouble winning the next election. The Attorney-General is in trouble. His and his government are under investigation over two or more serious incidents. Those coming to mind are Hydro-gate and Bingo-gate. The RCMP is considering laying charges There is no easy way out of the situation. Unfortunately we the people cannot look to the AG or the present government to look after our interests in this matter, whether for the WJC or SWC or the interests of those on the web. Elected in an era of special interest groups, that are eating Canada alive. They are too busy buying votes to look after the welfare of their citizens.

I will end this letter by stating that for the good of all. We should learn to sing off the same song sheet, or we are finished. Knowing what I do about the Middle East situation. one of these days. A bomb that is detonated in an Israeli street will be a nuclear device. Then God help all of us. Not too long ago western intelligence estimated that as many as eight former Soviet nuclear devices were not accounted for. Now it is believed that more than one hundred are missing. Its time we all thought about the more serious issues that concern us than the hate and pornography on the WWW. Any day now Iraq may launch a scud missile at Israel with a biological or chemical warhead. Israel will have no other choice but to retaliate. Mr. Littman your concerns over Bernard Klatt and the town of Oliver are really a small issue when compared to the major problems facing the rest of the world.

[ .. s.22 censored .. ] but known to have been authored by Ernie Slump