document index, Alphabetical        B'nai Brith '98 Audit of Antisemitic incidents 'Hate on the Internet' excerpt      Ujjal Dosanjh letter to Canadian Attorney General Anne McLellan asking for changes to criminal code        Ujjal Dosanjh, Policy and Communications Branch Briefing Note for CBC-TV interview- Hate Propaganda on the Internet        Ujjal Dosanjh, transcript of CBC Radio interview - Hate Crime on the Internet        Ujjal Dosanjh on CBC-TV re: Oliver Free Speech Rally        Asst. Dep. AG Ernie Quantz memo re: Sol Littman press conference response to press queries        Ujjal Dosanjh praises BC Tel for it's assistance and BC Tel response to web site complaints        BC Assoc. of Social Workers letter to Ujjal Dosanjh echoing Littman's lies and Dosanjh reply
bcagb2.htm        .. missing ..        Brian Waterman letter to Ujjal Dosanjh supporting free speech and Dosanjh reply        Ernie Slump letter to Sol Littman, Linda Larson, Ujjal Dosanjh and Bill Barisoff  supporting free speech        BC AG FOI request reply letter, Oct. 7 '98      Results of FOI-PP Act Request to BC AG      FoIPPA [RSBC 1996] Chapter 165 Sec. 15 Disclosure harmful to law enforcement      FoIPPA [RSBC 1996] Chapter 165 Sec. 19 Disclosure harmful to individual or public safety      FoIPPA [RSBC 19961 Chapter 165 Sec. 22 Disclosure harmful to personal privacy        B'nai Brith (David Matas) letter to BC Tel requesting termination of FTCNET Internet access    background info from Karen Wilson at CBC Radio, Kelowna BC, and CHBC-TV (Mohini Singh) re: no charges laid     pre-interview with Karen Wilson at CBC Radio, Kelowna BC re: no charges laid   CBC Radio interview re: no charges laid, Sol Littman and Myron Claridge       excerpts from CJC Electronic Newsletter bragging about helping Town of Oliver cancel Free Speech meeting room rental    Doug Collins column: The Hate Industry Loses One, re: no charges laid       Matt Friedman comments on Sol Littman's credibility re: Internet content issues         Collection of News Articles, Editorials and Letters to the Editor re: FTCNET   Links to on-line web media coverage of FTCNET (some links now outdated)    Collection of media coverage re: FTCNET (mostly BC Tel related)    Georgia Straight: "BC F.I.R.E. Chief Takes Blame for Neo-Nazi Link on Web Site"            Crosstar email posting: "Holding Subversives Liable", on Simon Wiesenthal Center Internet censorship attempts           "What Happened to FTCNET" home page       Sudbury Star: "Website draws ire of anti-hate group", Sol Littman harrasses John Dwyer's ISP       Sudbury Star: "Internet providers shut down controversial websites", ISP caves to Littman's whining       Sudbury Star: "Website creator decries his critics", John Dwyer comments on Littman's tactics    Ken McVay's usenet posting of Matt Friedman's commentary on Sol Littman    Questions from CHBC-TV re: no charges laid, with my replies    Oliver Chronicle: "Crown drops case against Klatt", re: no charges laid      OIPC Order No. 321-1999, Hate Crime Investigation Records Withheld    Oliver Chronicle: news items on Oliver Town Council and Mayor refusing to proclaim Gay Pride Week      Penticton Herald: "Time to put the issue to bed, says mayor", re: no charges laid      Penticton Herald: "Internet Hatred- Klatt's web site clean", re: no charges laid             Presslers Win Defamation Suit Against David Lethbridge and CHBC-TV    Laird Wilcox remarkably accurate description of the tactics applied against FTCNET        Critique of BC AG Ujjal Dosanjh's unnatural desire to protect those with strange "sexual orientation"        Letter from "The Speaker" with BC Tel's response to their letter in support of FTCNET      SWC libelous letter: "Bernard Klatt Still In the Business of Transmitting Hate Material"     Victoria Times Columnist: "Free speech supporters jeered", Moe Sihota's libelous 'blood on their hands' quote     Town of Oliver cover letter response re: Freedom of Information request        Summary of Town of Oliver Freedom of Information request results    Oliver Mayor Larson letter to Ujjal Dosanjh whining about FTCNET    Wacko's letter to Mayor Larson claiming Zundel, Fromm & Klatt are all Jews    Letter from Okanagan Jewish Community (Robert Levin) praising Mayor Larson for complying with CJC coercion    Letter from Mayor Larson to BC Tel (Pres. Don Calder) asking what it would take for BC Tel to cut off service to FTCNET    Letter from School District 53 to Mayor Larson bragging about discontinuing their Internet service from FTCNET    Letter from Mayor Larson to Sol Littman criticizing his 'apology' letter    Letter to Mayor Larson critical of her cancelling meeting room rental, supporting free speech rights    B'nai Brith press release: "Pressure Escalates on B.C. Tel to Pull the Plug on Hate on the Internet"    Wired Magazine: "Canadian Net Hate Debate Flares"