FTCNET media coverage

Racists get on line via Canadian link
Jew. Bull. of N. Cal on FreedomSite and SkinNet
July 26 '96

The Great White North
Declan McCullagh ridicules doltish Canadian official
July 29 '96

Canadian websites anger Wiesenthal Center
Media Awareness Network lists Littman's complaints
Jan. 16 '98

'Christian Zionist' copy of Vancouver Province article
Feb. 22 '98

B.C. town cancels licence for 'hate' meeting
CBC TV smear story... (video broken..)
March 20 '98

B.C. man spins 'Net Nazis' web
'AntiRacist' Vancouver province article complaining about CHS website
March 23 '98

IAN HARVEY: The hate debate rages on
Toronto Sun article mentions FTCNET
March 25 '98

Canadian Net Hate Debate Flares
Wired News article on FTCNET website free speech policy
March 25 '98

Canada's hate Web sites draw calls for legal sanctions
VHO copy of .. article
March 25 '98

Canadian town dubbed 'hate capital' bans meeting
"Jewish News of Phoenix" article
March 27 '98

Speech seminar nixed
North Shore News comments on meeting cancellation
March 30 '98

B.C. Attorney-General calls for tougher Internet hate laws
Media Awareness Network article on free speech meeting cancelation
April 7 '98

B.C. Tel caught in middle of Internet hate scrap
Jews and 'anti-racists' pressure BC Tel
April 8 '98

BC tel asked to cut off net Nazis' connection
Nizkor reprint of Vancouver Sun article
April 8 '98

Fascism Watch- CANADA/FRANCE
FASCISM WATCH complains about CHS website
April 16 '98

BC AG Appreciates BC TEL’s Assistance in Web Site Investigation
Ujjal Dosanjh thrilled with BC Tel's 'help'
April 17 '98

Racist web sites shutting down
Media Awareness Net blurb
April 27 '98

Canadian Hate Site Goes Dark
Wired News gloats on web sites closures
April 27 '98

One for the good guys?
Don Summerville mouths 'PC' platitudes
1998 spring?

Fairview Technologies
Nizkor dossier on FTCNET
April 28 '98

Notorious Internet Service Closes B.C. to continue probe of Klatt
Nizkor reprint of Globe and Mail article
April 28 '98

IWW-news 'The Internet Anti-Fascist' supports free speech ?
April 29 '98

Networthy links
Montreal Mirror comments on FTCNET
April 30 '98

ROB HALL: Stamping out Internet hate
Ottawa Sun smear continues
May 1 '98

Banned Books
Paul Fromm quizzed by border guards
May 6 '98

Hosting hate sites denied
Littman complains websites aren't gone enough
May 26 '98

Fascism Watch- CANADA
Article complaining about Victoria free speech meeting
July 10 '98

Sudbury Web Site ends links to extremist groups
Littman gloats over shutdown of J Dwyer site
July 30 '98

Larson blames town’s image woes on media
Oliver 'Comical' coverage
1998 summer?

Ring-Telekom informacije 20
Yugoslavian? article on CHS (I'll pay someone for an English translation)

Just How far does freedom of speech go on the Net ?
French site comments on CHS website complaints
April '98

The Internet: The New Free Speech Battleground
Georgetown U. article mentions FTCNET websites
Summer '98 ?

B.C. town in free-speech crossfire

B'nai Brith '98 Audit of Antisemitic Incidents
complains about "Hate on the Internet"
Feb. '99?

Deny! Deny! Deny! Visible and invisible connections on the extreme right
Commies complain about FTCNET
March 20 '99

Use Net to fight hatred, police urged
B'nai Brith symposium calls for Internet regulation
March 24 '99

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