Georgia Straight, Aug. 6 -13, p. 9
BC F.I.R.E. Chief Takes Blame for Neo-Nazi Link on Web Site

The president of the BC Foundation for Individual Rights & Equality has told the Straight that he didn't know that his goup's Web site has a link that connects Internet browsers to white suprermcist propaganda. Greg Hollingsworth, a Penticton resident who has lobbied vociferously against the Nisga treaty, thanked the Straight for pointing out that his group's Web site's "Resource & Research Links" section offered an opportunity to reach the Aryan Dating Page Web site, as well as various anti-Jewish propaganda at other sites. The connection could be made after clicking on a site called the Speaker.

"I'm taking that link out of there fast," Holingsworth said on August 4. "That, quite frankly, is probably my fault because I hadn't checked those links for a long time. We put that section in to put things like court decisions and stuff like that in there. You know, I think someone put the Speaker in some time back because they had an article on some of the treaty stuff. It hasn't been checked out for some time."

Hollingsworth said the Speaker Web site was carried by Fairview Technology, an Internet service provider in Oliver that had also provided Internet access for groups [alledgedly] promoting white supremacy. The [alledged] neo-Nazi propaganda that could be reached through the BC F.I.R.E Web site had a GeoCities URL, or Web address. Hollingsworth said the Speaker had a different URL "Somebody has managed to put a redirect on it," Hollingsworth claimed.

Last month Fairview Technology's cable access was cut off by the parent company of the Oliver cable company. [false statement: OTV Cable had been routing our Class C to us via an experimental wireless RF/SS link. When the RF link was discontinued in May '98 we lost our 'net connection and the cable company's ISP-, claimed they could not route our Class C via their Sprint link, so we discontinued service with them.]

Hollingsworth, a former Reform Party activist who recently joined the B.C. Liberal Party, said that his group is not opposed to the treaty process but objects to agreements that "embed racial preference" in Canada. During the last provincial election, his organization alleged that the Nisga'a treaty would cost a "billion dollars" and damage the economies of the towns of Stewart and Terrace. "It will create a native homeland and impose a racially-based government- in effect Apartheid," Hollingsworth claimed in a pre-election news release.