Subject:      Re: Free Speech is a dangerous thing.
From: (Kenneth McVay OBC)
Date:         1998/01/18
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Jason Black  wrote:
>                 Free Speech is a dangerous thing.
>                                 By Ernest & Elvena Slump
>In a press release Sol Littman of the Simon Wiesenthal Institute called 
>Oliver BC the Hate Crime Capital of Canada and said BC harbors this

>capital. What do they base this claim on? Well, it seems we have a man..

The fascinating thing about the websites in question is that they are already so marginalized that one can only wonder that Mr. Littman wants to throttle them further. Marc Lemire's "Freedom Site," for instance, averages under 100 hits a day, while the Nizkor site and mirrors receive over 10,000 hits a day, about 1500 of them to the home page. Cybrary of the Holocaust now gets a million hits a month. The contrast is interesting, and suggests that these sites are of little interest to anyone except those who maintain them, and Mr. Littman, of course.

Mr. Littman, however, appears to be a man who would throttle anyone who disagrees with his worldview - he doesn't need "hate speech" to set him off.

At a recent international symposium dealing with hate on the internet, a participant from Washington, D.C., having heard Mr. Littman's patronizing paper on the subject of hate on the net, commented that Ingrid Rimland, Ernst Zundel's American parrot, would have had to invent Mr. Littman had he not already existed.

Mr. Littman, discovering that this comment had been reproduced by Ms. Rimland, in one of her regular diatribes, then wrote to a prominent member of B'nai Brith (no, I don't work for them, although Mr. Littman appears to think that I do) and expressed the hope that I might be muzzled. Perhaps Mr. Littman thinks that my comments were "hatespeech?"

It is fortunate that Canada's Jewish community does not reflect his desire to censor those with whom he disagrees - Mr. Littman, as I told him at the Toronto symposium, scares me more than Zundel does.

Matthew Friedman, writing in his recent book, "Fuzzy Logic," had this to say about Sol Littman:

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