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Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 20:49:07 -0700

From: The Speaker <speaker@ftcnet.com>

To: bwklatt@ftcnet.com

Subject: BC Tel letters

Hi Bernard, we have received a reply from BC Tel to our original letter. Enclosing the whole works. We have sent our second reply to BC Tel and a copy to Paul Fromm.

Dear Ms Gagne:

Thank you for sending us a copy of the latest press report dated April 3, 1998. I'm sure you can understand as we are on this server we are very concerned. In your press release Dorothy Byrne states, "As a telecommunications carrier, it's not our role to monitor the use of our network by our customers. However, we can discontinue service when it's determined to be used for illegal purposes." You also state that you have forwarded formal complaints that have been received to the RCMP.

I would like to submit that the enforcement of the law is not the venue of a Crown corporation nor is it in the venue of a monopoly. They should not be expected to have the legal expertise to decide whether a site breaks the law. The hate crime division's of our police departments should be deciding whether there is adequate evidence to proceed in a court of law to establish the innocence or guilt of the accused. Traditionally in our society private individuals or corporations have not been accorded the right to make this decision. According to the laws of Canada, every citizen is allowed his day in court and the right to defend himself against charges brought against him.

To withdraw arbritrarily services from FTCnet will affect hundreds of innocent people and businesses' that depend on this server. In the instance of the Speaker we would find it would drastically affect our business. As I'm sure you are fully aware it is not very easy to change your address on the net once you have become well known at that address. Our business name is very hard to find in a general search. We depend on word of mouth. If we lost our access to the web through this server it could take years to recover.

Sincerely yours,

Elvena and Ernest Slump
Editor and Publisher of the Speaker

The Speaker can be reached at: speaker@vip.net