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May 22, 1998

[false statement: we've never been 'in the business of transmitting hate material']

The Simon Wiesenthal Center advised British Columbia's Attorney General today that Bernard Klatt has not closed his internet service and continues to facilitate the transmission of a number of viciously racist hate sites. [false allegation]

Klatt, who announced last month that he was closing his service has clearly not done so, [of course not, that wasn't what was announced] the Center announced. "We logged on to FTCnet this morning," [really? is Mr. Littman admitting to having a userid and password for an unauthorised  FTCnet account?] said Sol Littman, Canadian Director of the Wiesenthal Center, "and there were most of the old gang, The National Socialist Movement, the Zundel site domain, domain and Stormfront.domain" [Zundel, Crusader and Stormfront websites have never been hosted at FTCnet (another Littman Lie)?]

In the opinion of the Center, Klatt has been playing cat-and-mouse with the public.  On some days, FTCnet is closed down and transmits nothing. But every other day, it is back in full force. [Someone's ignorance is showing here. That's what happens when our 'net connection is unreliable.] "It may take a little more internet manipulation than before to reach all the sites on FTCnet," Littman said, "because he has camoflaged much of the worst stuff behind internet technicalities, but it is there just as before. [false statement]

The Center called on BC Tel to examine their business arrangement with Klatt once more and called on the Attorney General Dosanjh to review the possibility of prosecution. [Isn't there some type of prohibition against trying to have someone prosecuted based on supplying false information to law-enforcement agencies?]

"BC Tel and the Attorney General's office may have assumed that matter was moot once Klatt announced he was quitting, however, in view of the fact that he is still operating in the same old way, [false statement] the FTCnet matter has to be examined again," Littman said.

Littman added that he was especially sorry for the citizens of Oliver who hoped that they had heard the last of Klatt and the negative attention his operation brought to the town. "Unfortunately, what Klatt started does not go away overnight, Littman said. [Interesting how he attempts to shift responsibility for defaming Oliver by blaming the object of his vindictive hatred.  He knows that the 'negative attention' was a direct result of actions he initiated in collusion with credulous media.]

Subject: Re: your mail
Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 17:47:40 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bernard Klatt
To: gary symons

On Fri, 22 May 1998, gary symons wrote:

Hi Gary, Thanks for getting in touch with me.

> Just got a release from the simon wiesenthal centre saying ftcnet is
> continuing to provide an internet provider service for quote "viciously
> racist hate sites,"


Thanks for a copy of the SWC news release. Doesn't it seem a bit odd that
they have made no attempt to contact me regarding their concerns? Instead,
they prefer to make unfounded and false statements to the media.

> including National Socialists, Zundel, and Stormfront.

It seems Sol Littman spends more time looking at FTCnet webpages than
anyone else I know of (myself included). All 'controversial' website
authors were notified in late April that they needed to relocate or
remove their webpages from FTCnet. Apparently the NSM author hadn't
done so. It's now gone. Zundel, Crusader and Stormfront websites have
never been hosted at FTCnet (another Littman Lie)?

Mr. Littman is welcome to contact me directly if he has concerns about
any former FTCnet customer website content that he may be aware of that
is still hosted on our server.

> They say you are playing cat and mouse with the public, hiding by closing
> down some days and going on line others.

We've had a bit of trouble with our Internet connection.

> They are calling on BC Tel to reexamine their contract with you and on the
> AG of BC to "review the possibility of prosecution."

Isn't there some type of prohibition against trying to have someone prosecuted
based on supplying false information to law-enforcement agencies? Sol Littman
seems to have ongoing problems with making truthful statements.
He also tried to deny on CBC Radio that he called Oliver the "Hate Capital
of Canada".

> Could you comment on this latest Littman release?

Re: last paragraph. It's unfortunate that Littman's claims of pity for Oliver
didn't stop him from smearing the Town with such a defamatory, false and
malicious label. The 'negative attention' was brought to Oliver as a result
of Sol Littman's actions in collusion with credulous media.

I presume you've received a copy of the press release from Eileen Pressler
regarding her successful win in a defamation lawsuit against CHBC-TV and
David Lethbridge?


Bernard Klatt Pres. Fairview Tech Ctr Ltd.