Town of Oliver
35016 - 97th Street; PO Box 638; Oliver, BC; VOH 1TO
Telephone: (250) 498-3404; Fax: (250) 498-4466

File: 220.01
September 1, 1998

Bernard Klatt
Fairview Technology Centre Ltd.
R.R. #1, Site 24, Comp. 9
Oliver, BC VOH 1TO

Dear Mr. Klatt:

Re: Information Request

Enclosed please find copies of all correspondence which mention yourself, FTC.NET.COM or Fairview Technology Centre Ltd.

You will note that some of the correspondence has been typed from written copy. This has been done in accordance with Section 22(1) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act as the handwriting may identify the writer. In other cases the names and addresses of the writers or any information which could lead to determining the identity of the writers have also be severed.

With regard to the petition, a copy of Mayor Larson's letter to Mr. Dosanjh as well as a copy of the petition with no signatures attached, is included in this package. The signatures and addresses of those who signed it are not releasable under Section 22(1) of the Act.

Yours truly,

Janette Van Vianen, CMC
Deputy Clerk

M:\Office\Freedom of Info\klattletter.doc