Town of Oliver
35016-97th Street; POBox 638; Oliver, BC; VOH 1TO
Telephone: (250) 498-3404; Fax: (250) 498-4466

From the Office of Mayor Linda Larson

File 220.01

February 17, 1998

Ministry of Attomey General
PO Box 9044, Stn Prov. Gov't.
Victoria, B.C. V8V IX4

Attention: Honourable Ujjal Dosanjh

Dear Mr. Dosanjh:

As you are aware, the Community of Oliver was caught between Sol Littman (the Wiesenthal Centre) and Fairview Technology in a national media frenzy. The title, "Hate Capital" did nothing to help a struggling farming community that relies on Agri-tourism and retiring Canadians for its stability. The economic damage is not something that is easy to measure - we will never know who might have been coming to visit our area this year and now has changed their plans.

The problem of Fairview Technology is not one this community has the moral or legal right to rectify.[Fairview Tech is not, and has not been a 'problem' for the community.] We trust your department and the appropriate police agencies will eventually correct some of the wrongs associated with the Internet.

The people of Oliver have signed this petition with the hope it will help speed up your efforts to eliminate all racism material from the Internet.
[For another example of equally intelligent comments by another famous mayor, see:]

Yours truly,

Linda Larson,


Town of Oliver
35016-97th Street., PO Box 638; Oliver,BC; VOH 1TO
Telephone: (250) 498-3404; Fax: (250) 498-4466

The people of Oliver ask the Attorney General's Office to expedite investigations regarding the problems of regulating Internet material, specifically racism and hate literature including such topics as neo-Nazi, white supremacist and anti-Semitic literature.

Did Sol Littman coerce the Town of Oliver into circulating this petition?