Typed from hand-written copy pursuant to Section 22(1) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

March 21, 1998

TO: Mayor Linda Larson
Oliver, B.C.

Dear Mayor:

Re: The hysteria surrounding the 'HATE CAPITAL of CANADA", please consider the following:

1. About two decades ago, a guy in New York City started a Nazi group, creating hysteria about Nazi revival and getting all the TV clips, newsmedia debate, etc.. Then a reporter with a private detective tracked down the guy's past--turned out he was JEWISH, who when the reporter published his findings committed suicide, and the New York Times eulogized him as a 'MARTYR", so he is not a hysterical demagogue that creates social problems, but a Martyr?

2. Vladimir ZHIRINOVSKY, the Russian 'FASCIST" politician and member of the Parliament received his immigration papers to ISRAEL as a Jew in 1990, but he didn't emigrate, instead he stayed in Russia to foment similar rightwing extremist politics and HYSTERIA. Who is financing him??

3. In the 1990's, a guy named BRISTOW started a rightwing, Neo Nazi organization called HERITAGE FRONT. They made headlines weakly,[weekly?] fomenting hysteria, getting into toglits [to fights?]with a Lettering [Left wing?](TROTSKYITE) Lesbian/Homosexual group (ARA) every week. The Jewish owned edited TORONTO SUN featured them weekly then one day we find out that BRISTOW is a part CSIS agent, running the Heritage Fund with his Jewish girlfriend and the son of the millionaire Jewish lawyer and CEO of the TORONTO SUN-GARY SCHIPPER. [note: Gary Schipper is NOT the CEO of the Toronto Sun]

4. ERNEST[Ernst] ZUNDEL original name is ZUNDELEVICH, which is a POLISH JEWISH Name. So how did a Polish Jew become the GERMAN Holocaust denier?? Ask yourself (or the authorities) why he wasn't expelled from Canada long ago for creating social disturbance long ago. SINCE HE IS NOT A CANADIAN CITIZEN? I have seen people expelled for much less! Obviously the authorities (and his sponsors) rant[want?] this FARCE to con me.[continue?]

5. PAUL FROMM, is the head of another extremist group (called a Nazi). Well, FROMM is a German-Jewish name. (i.e. the well known American psychologist ERIC FROMM is Jewish).

6. BERNARD KLATT name is GLATT. In Hebrew the letters: G, K, H are interchangeable, all pronounced similarly. GLATT is a German-JEWISH name. So, why does a Jew set up an Internet server to promote extremist politics and create HYSTERIA, SOCIAL DISTURBENCE?? My guess is: [note: neither myself, nor any known relatives are Jewish]

a) the Socialist government in the B.C. is in deep trouble as the SOCIALIST MIRACLE turning into a MIRAGE, so they need to distract the public to sell their leftwing politics. Just as the HYSTERIA around the PHONY HERITAGE FRONT scared people into moving to the left and elected BOB RAE'S party, so it works!!

This tactic is rather old, both right and left wing FASCISTS used it in EUROPE. Mussolini's black shirts created Hysteria (bombs, demonstrations, etc.) then presented themselves as the "SOLUTION" to the problems they have created. Dolsheviks[Bolsheviks?] did it with endless strikes, demonstrations, terror, etc... then same way.

b) ACROSS the border, there are some desperado groups so they can pretend this is "INTELLIGENCE" to learn about them (Hence the border location).

Now if you are tempted to go to the RCMP with this, please don't waste your time, and it only will get you into trouble (that's my PERSONAL experience!!!) Don't go, because as Peter WERTHINGTON[Worthington?] said it: P.E. Trudeau managed to turn the RCMP into a political police, and the millionaire (BILLIONAIRE) moneybags and their boys and girls in the P.M.'s office makes sure their bidding is done. Hysterical PARANOIDS who are running this show always need a scapegoat, always need a SHOW-TRIAL. If you doubt it, ask BRIAN MULRONEY how they tried to FRAME him for "SHOWTRIAL" (airbus affairs) and of course Mulroney has more money and connections than the average person to defend himself.

Perhaps, you a[ask?] SOL LITTMAN why are setting up PHONY Nazi groups to create Hysteria:?

Part of the answer lies in the leadership of JEWISH groups:

- One director was bragging that his father was a community[communist?] PARTISAN in Russia.
- Another, a lawyer telling the Journalists that he was refused entry to the U.S. for membership in subversive organization.
- A Communist MPP was contributor to their paper and in an organization.
- They attacked a Rabbi (Stuart ROSENBERG), and prouded him out of his position, Why? Because he went to Soviet Union and took up the cause of so called RefuseNIKS (JEWISH DISSIDENT INTELLECTUALS). Same time, they imported a "RED Rabbi" (Feiubers).

This shows, what is their politics, beside, it's profitable to create a Hysteria before on[an?] ISRAEL BOND drive, people give more! Just like when a prominent speaker arrives in TORONTO from ISRAEL, couple of weeks before (like clockwork) there is always a graffiti on a synagogue-- just a coincidence?

Finally, to illustrate this mentality:

This last paragaph withheld pursuant to Section 22(1) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


Withheld pursuant to Section 22(1) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

p.s. Your should also ask them, why they are not concerned about leftwing extemist groups like in the enclosed clipping?? The record of the leftwing fascists is just as bloody as the national socialists.