Town of Oliver
35016-97th Street; POBox638; Oliver,BC; VOH 1TO
Telephone: (250) 498-3404; Fax: (250) 498-4466

March 30, 1998

B.C. Telephone Company
21st Floor, 3777 Kingsway
Bumaby, B.C. V5H 3Z7

ATTENTION: Mr. Don Calder, President

Dear Mr. Calder:

As you are aware, the community of Oliver has been through a nightmare of publicity - mostly bad [as a result of SWC's Sol Littman]- with regards to an Internet Service Provider named Bemard Klatt who lives near our Town.

Mr. Klatt's web, FTCNET, is home to a number of sites that are considered by most good people to be hate[?] and racist in nature. [People that disagree with her characterization of the websites are bad people?] He is able to continue providing this service through his connection from B.C. Tel.

We, as yet, are unable to determine the full economic loss to this area from the adverse publicity. We do feel that you should at least respond to our concems with the reason why his continued use of B.C. Tel appears to have your blessing and exactly what it would take before you would cut off his service. I am sure B. C. Tel is not any happier about adverse publicity than we are.

We are looking forward to your response.

Yours truly,

Linda Larson