Town of Oliver
35016 - 97 Street; PO Box 638; Oliver, BC; VOH 1 TO
Telephone: (250) 498-3404; Fax. (250) 498-4466

January 21, 1998

Mr. Sol Littman
Simon Wiesenthal Centre
8 King Street East, Suite 710
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1B5

Dear Mr. Littman:

I acknowledge receipt of your apology[?] to the people of Oliver.

You obviously still have no idea of the irreparable economic damage your statement has done to this community as you continue to expect the very people you have slandered to take up arms in your cause. Your label "Hate Capital" and subsequent apology[?] using "Apple Capital" as a similar type of title was an extremely weak comparison.

In order to gain the title "Capital" the majority of a population would have to be engaged in that one occupation- such is not the case in Oliver.

The energy you have put into berating the innocent people of this community would have been better spent targeting the producers and users of Mr. Klatt's internet services. The end in this case does not justify the means. If it is the innocent you wish to protect you have just sacrificed 9000 innocent people to your cause - quite an irony.

I have been in touch with the Attorney General of BC and several other anti-racism organizations and will continue to work through the proper legal channels to put an end to all kinds of racism against all religious and ethnic groups.

We will not take up arms against anyone nor resort to physical confrontation to further your cause or the cause of anyone else. [Just what type of actions was Sol Littman asking for that Mayor Larson felt a need to reject?]


Linda Larson

cc: Attorney General
Bill Barisoff, MLA Okanagan Boundary
Jim Gouk, M.P. West Kootenay-Okanagan
Chronicle Newspaper