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City Link HAC/Tent City Articles & Letters

The following is a list of articles that have appeared about the Homeless Assistance Center in City Link .

Not in my back yard! - People trying to help the poor are running into roadblocks
Bedside Manners - The 524-BEDS hotline isn't all that's its cracked up to be
Status Report - No safe zones in Fort Lauderdale
Diary of a Hopeful Man (John Balderson)
Arnold takes it to the Net
No picnic,on the beach unless you're rich
Out of site,out od luck
Without a tent, how do the homeless eat?
A tour of the Homeless Assistance Center

These are Letters to the Editor that have followed as a result of the articles above.

April 21,1999:Readers respond to my diary article
April 7,1999:Another vote in Arnold Abbott's corner
March 17,1999:Arnold Abbott gives thanks and March 10 mail responses
March 10,1999:Responses to March 3 mail and articles
March 3,1999:Responses to February 24 mail and articles
February 24,1999:Responses to February 17 mail and articles
February 17,1999:Give a man a fish and watch him smoke some crack

In addition the following articles have also been written in City Link about Tent City:

Arnold Abbott
Safe Zone?

These are Letters to the Editor submitted and printed in City Link relevant to the Tent City articles:

John Balderson defends Tent City perception
City Link - Letter to the Editor:Thanks for the outside chance
Nova College President:City Link
The Community Responds
City Link: On the Street - Community Commentary

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