Who are the homeless in <a href="http://ronna.netai.net/futureofparking/wholereport.html">Broward</a> County?

Who is homeless in Broward County?

5,100 are adults
1,300 homeless children attend Broward public schools

Of the adult population:
66 percent are Broward County residents
42 percent have a high school diploma or GED certification
50 percent have been homeless for less than one year
20 percent are employed
50 percent are Caucasian; 35 percent are black
50 percent are ages 35-64; 40 percent are ages 18-34
17 percent are veterans
39 percent suffer from alcohol abuse
32 percent suffer from drug abuse
21 percent have the AIDS virus
17 percent suffer from mental illness
17 percent have a physical disability

Who are the homeless at Fort Lauderdaleís Tent City:
39 percent are between the ages of 45-64
50 percent are black; 38 percent are white; 11 percent are Hispanic
38 percent were born in another state; 29 percent were born in Florida
45 percent have spent at least five years in Broward
38 percent have been homeless for at least one year
78 percent are male
74 percent have been homeless some place else
69 percent have been in the military
39 percent have a physical disability
37 percent completed high school
53 percent currently use drugs or alcohol
24 percent became homeless after loss of employment or income; 17 percent because of family problems

* The study was based on 72 residents

National statistics
Officials said there are no numbers available to know the extent of homelessness in the country. ďAnybody who tries to give you a number is pulling it out of the air,Ē said Mary Ann Gleason, spokeswoman for the National Coalition for the Homeless.
The average length of time someone is homeless is 10 months.
The biggest national myth about homeless is that the average age is 9. The fact is even printed on brochures of the Broward Coalition for the Homeless, but itís not accurate, Gleason said. She said the rumor got started from a poster which was promoting a homeless shelter project for families in New York. The average age for their participants was 9, but nationwide itís an adult in their early 40s, she said.

Sources: Broward Coalition for the Homeless; Broward County Bureau of Children and Family Services Homeless Outreach Program; the National Coalition for the Homeless Copyright 1999, Sun-Sentinel Co. and South Florida Interactive, Inc.

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