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Sun-Sentinel HAC/Tent City/Homelessness Articles

These are articles that have recently appeared in the Sun-Sentinel relevant to the Homeless Assistance Center or homelessness issues.

Only 5 homeless show up at Lockhart Stadium for feeding
Broward OKs center (and pantry) for homeless
Hollywood's Fall Guy meets Fort Lauderdale's Fall Guy on the beach
Arnold Abbott resumes beach feedings...but not for long(?)
Lauderdale activist (Arnold Abbott) wins fight to feed homeless
Arnold Abbott goes to court to defend his feeding, and his e-mail to me
Lisa Huriash's article about me that appeared in Sun-Sentinel Sunshine magazine January 23,2000
Broward County to prohibit agencies, hospitals from discharging homeless people
Third homeless shelter in Broward County closer to reality
Sean Cononie tries to help those in need
Snags in building new shelter in Pompano Beach with St. Lawrence Chapel
Homelessness and the Main Library-Letters to the Editor/Editorials
No changes for begging ban at Fort Lauderdale Beach
Director advises restoring grant to help homeless find housing
Services for feeding the homeless to be slashed
Broward official blasts Homeless Assistance Center
Homeless Assistance Center making room
Homeless policy reversed again
No more beach party for Arnold Abbott

Judge: No deal on free meal
HAC: unique architectural challenge
With Tent City gone,safe zone is needed
Tent City finally dismantled, city officials relieved
Tent City residents reluctant to move into HAC
Tent City is a thing of the past
Money needed for essentials not coming in
Tent City residents make fast decisions
HAC considered to be new hope for Tent City residents
HAC has open house for community
Tent City residents have new outlook between the HAC and the streets
First Tent City residents move into HAC

In addition, there have been other articles appearing within recent months regarding Tent City:

Homeless again allowed to sleep in parks
Homeless activist wants signs to curb giving to panhandlers
Group feeds homeless, defies Lauderdale codes
Publishers of paper for homeless fight to save it
Broward to use vans to reach out to homeless
 Fort Lauderdale's homeless pack up, leave Tent City
 No improprieties, but center needs to raise more money
 By the numbers: Who is homeless in Broward County?
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) Lauderdale sends tents into the past as homeless warm to new shelter
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) Tent City's residents begin moving into new homeless shelter
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) At new homeless center, open house, open hearts
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) Broward orders audit of homeless shelter
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) Congressman protests county's homeless grant
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) Homeless advocates stunned by grant cut
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) Woman organizes dinner to help homeless
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) Broward commission OKs plan for homeless shelter in Pompano
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) Helping homeless becomes easier with new furniture, equipment, supplies
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) Fort Lauderdale cracking down on services for homeless
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) North Broward County disagrees over location of homeless shelters
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) Miami settles lawsuit over harassment of the homeless

buttnret.gif (286 bytes) U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Homelessness
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) U.S. Homelessness and Housing Resources
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) The National Coalition for the Homeless: Fact sheet
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) Florida Coalition for the Homeless
buttnret.gif (286 bytes) Health Care for the homeless directory: South and central Florida

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