John Balderson's HAC Diary

John Balderson's HAC Diary

February 7-February 13

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Below is a daily diary of my activities from the time I moved into the HAC until the time that I will be leaving.

Sunday February 7, 1999

Slept in until 10:30AM as brunch was served at 11AM with Western Omelets, sausage, milk, and juice.

While eating brunch, I was approached by my case manager to help her to figure out why her computer would not print case studies, or anything else for that matter.

Discovered printer was not configured to work with any software, much less standard Win98 print functions.

Despite having permission from my case manager to work on her computer, I was read the "riot act" by the resident manager for using computer even though she had asked me to help her.

The resident manager was worried that I might be prying into confidential files of other clients, but I was doing general troubleshooting and using only my OWN records from case management software to try to diagnose if problem was software related.

The resident manager was also the one I had asked on Thursday for the procedure on receiving visitors, and his misinformation is the reason I missed Ms. Musgrave on Friday.

Monday February 8, 1999

Went to HAC at 1 PM to ask about voucher for dress shoes for diversity job fair being held at Signature Grand in Davie on Tuesday, and future interviews. I had several pairs of shoes ,both dress and sneakers, stolen from underneath my cot during my stay at Tent City.

I also put in a request to have resumes printed from my floppy disk which I provided to my case manager.

My neighbor and friend from Tent City, as well as 2 busloads of residents arrived today, and Tent City is now just a shell of its former self, with only Tent 3, in the far corner of the lot, still remaining. It is apparent that Tent City will truly be history by Monday.

Why there are still those who haven't "smelled the coffee" and tried to get into the HAC are in for a rude awakening next week by police officials, as the residents have no more excuses.

It is also apparent, at least in my observations, that some people from the tent have already given up on the HAC and went back out on the streets, because they choose not to live a regulated life or have other reasons they don't want to stay.

Tuesday February 9, 1999

Took #9 BCT bus to Signature Grand Hotel in Davie for Diversity Job Fair and applied for computer related positions at WFOR-4,Citrix,Sun-Sentinel,BellSouth,to name a few. I also said a friendly hello to my former employer The Answer Group(TAG) who also had a booth at the fair. I stayed from 10:00AM-12:30PM and hope to hear from some of these companies soon.

Returned to HAC to provide status report to my case manager, and she asked me to do a computer related favor for her off site, as I do not have access to the HAC computers, because security issues have not been resolved, and also because of the incident on Sunday.

My case manager arranged for me to get a pair of dress shoes from another case manager tomorrow, as she is going to be off on Wednesday.

I called Jane Musgrave from City Link and Lisa Huriash from the Sun-Sentinel to inform them that this web diary was under way and to expect daily e-mails informing them of the diary changes in progress.

Wednesday February 10, 1999

My case manager arranged for me to get a pair of shoes from a fellow case manager, who had a pair of size 12 Rockports that I can use for job interviews. I also noticed that my sneakers are on their last legs, and I will look through the selection available in the clothing closet later, or hold out until I can get a voucher for Salvation Army or some other facility.

I am preparing for my trip tomorrow to the Intercontinental Hotel in downtown Miami for a Microsoft Office 2000 seminar, and representatives will be there for job recruitment at the local office.

An individual interested in recruiting me and 3 others to help with web-page design came by the gate twice, but I missed him and had to walk to his house, again due to lack of communication between Navarro security and the resident coordinators. Will continue to talk this weekend by phone.

Thursday February 11, 1999

Most of day's activities involved with Microsoft seminar at Intercontinental hotel in Miami. Had to go through case manager to get dinner despite staff knowledge that I would be returning late.

Friday February 12, 1999

Had last minute appointment at Clinical Studies, spent rest of day reorganizing Tent City web site, to focus more on HAC activities.

Saturday February 13, 1999

While on my way to the grocery store, I met Brian Remick, owner of the International Food Depot convenience store located next door to the now defunct Tent City. I have known Brian for two years and done some work for him and he asked me to call him on Sunday about a business matter.

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