John Balderson's <a href="">Homeless</a> <a href="">Assistance</a> Center (HAC) Diary

John Balderson's Homeless Assistance Center (HAC) Diary

April 4-April 10

Thank you for visiting this section of the Tent City/HAC web site. I moved into the Broward County Homeless Assistance Center/Huizenga Family Campus on February 1, 1999 after living at Tent City since March, 1997.

Since I have moved into the Center, I have had a variety of interesting experiences.

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Below is a daily diary of my activities from the time I moved into the HAC until the time that I will be leaving.

Sunday April 4, 1999

An impromptu resident meeting was held in the dining room last night, as a result of some alleged incidents that took place there. The meeting lasted about 1 1/4 hours, but it was apparent to some residents that even 75 minutes of their "busy" schedule was too much of an inconvenience.

Hats off to the part-time residential coordinator from Dorm 2, who laid it all on the line, and spoke his mind, despite grumblings from the audience. His comments brought applause from the rest of the residents, especially the fact that if there are people who have an income from labor pools or other sources, they should be buying their own food and laundry soap, and not living off the fat of the land or spending it on a 6-pack.

Watched Tin Cup, which I rented from the library to compensate for the fact we couldn't watch it on TV a couple of weeks ago. I had picked up 5 tapes for the Easter weekend, as the library was closed today.

The overnight residential coordinator was being nit-picky with the time change on Saturday and told us to turn the TV off, because it was past 1 AM, according to the clock in the office, which had been set ahead prior to the official 2 AM time commonly known when setting clocks.

In actuality, it was only 12:15 and several of us were watching something that started at 11:30 and went off at 12:30,so when I asked the residential coordinator: "Are you going by the new time?", his smart-aleck answer was "I'm here aren't I?". Why 15 minutes would have made any difference when he knew the REAL time is beyond me.

This, of course, is the same residential coordinator who made me sleep out at the airport the day before the job fair at the Broward Convention Center because I was a few minutes late past the written time on the late slip my case manager had provided to security at the time.

Monday April 5, 1999

Went to Hillsboro Beach to troubleshoot software problems with Gateway computer and to do some elementary software training. Also followed up on phone messages left over the weekend related to job prospects.

Picked up new book Business @ the Speed of Thought by Bill Gates at the main library.

Tuesday April 6, 1999

Went to Miami for job interview at consulting agency in the afternoon, and went to a Microsoft co-sponsored seminar at the Hyatt on electronic commerce in the morning.

Wednesday April 7, 1999

Main Library called regarding several items for me on hold, when I got there, all the new books I had ordered arrived at the same time including Monica's Story, about Monica Lewinsky, by Andrew Morton, who also did the book on the late Priness of Wales, Death of A Princess. In addition, I picked up the videotape Seven, The Cuban Cop by Nick Navarro, and by Tom Clancy.

Returned to the Center to have picture taken for new security ID cards, and did minor maintenance to the web site.

I am currently exploring the possibility of building a web site for another client, who has a patent on cryptographic software.

Thursday April 8, 1999

Setup Yahoo e-mail address and Geocities account for resident regarding cryptographic software and will work oput payment structure sometime in near future.

Followed up on phone message from contact I made at Microsoft Direct Access seminar, will meet him Monday morning at his place of business to try to straighten out his computer. This will be my first attempt at corporate "computer labor pool" in quite some time, so I hope I make a good impression.

I spoke at the monthly resident/staff meeting, first making a comment on why I wrote the diary and cooperated with City Link and Sun-Sentinel, and apologized to the community in case I offended anyone with my comments, but I reiterated that they were my comments, and not to be taken as a reflection of all residents at the Center. I also asked to have a written update on the BPHI rules, as some newer residents have a misunderstanding in regards to lights-out policy, etc.

Friday April 9, 1999

Facilities manager asked me to check out computer equipment donation from a company in Boca Raton to see what software was installed, whether monitors worked, etc.

There were 19 computers, including a server tower, all 486DX2-33/66 turbo, but I was only able to find 4 computers, including the tower, to have working Windows 95 operating systems. Hard drive size varies from 250-800 MB, but no mice were provided with the systems, and about 15 of the 48 14" color monitors donated do not work.

The facilities manager will discuss with the MIS director my findings and where to take things next. I have a copy of Windows 98 on floppy disk in the storage locker and will install it on the server if I get the green light.

Saturday April 10, 1999

A fellow resident from Tent City who was also on the first bus with me on February 1 finally found himself some housing, which only makes me more anxious as I am already past my 60 days, and although I am getting some feedback as a result of the City Link article, I still am apprehensive of how much longer I can stay at the Center, since I am not making the progress I hoped to have made at this point.

I will arrange today to make an appointment with my case manager on Sunday, as I have not talked to her much this week due to my many activities, and because I will need bus passes for the "computer labor pool" job on Monday.

Also picked up 4 more new videos for the guys to watch, as they really enjoyed Seven,Another Stakeout,Good Will Hunting, and Indecent Proposal, which I returned today.

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