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WHAT - 12/26/00 01:56:12

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John Richardson Meadows - 12/24/00 00:14:46
My URL:jmead001@odu.edu

Hold your tears. They are too late. They will not revive the dead nor undo the suffering. The Christ has been brutally murdered to appease the the savage institution of wrath, jealousy, vengence, elitism, inequity, exclusion and human sacrifice. The dead are not revived, but are dead, forever. He was innocent of any crime, as were many, and he spoke the truth of the establishment of peace, goodwill and universal economy, the natural condition of the species Homo-Sapiens from which the institutions o elitist fantasy have wandered and taken many. You could have long had a society of peace, with goodwill and universal economy, but you have chosen instead a society of elitism, inequity, exclusion and human sacrifice. It is quite simple. Full employment. Full pay. Full benefits. There is no other way. For peace, goodwill and universal economy, the work and the wealth of the society must be shared equitably else comes the classic cycle which destroys inequitable hu an societies: poverty in the midst of plenty, desperation, violence, crime, long and great suffering and early deaths. The more perfectly equal the sharing of the work and the wealth, the more perfect the peace, goodwill and universal economy. Perfectio is not attainable, but it is the correct direction and goal. What is fair is often difficult to determine, but what is unfair is boldly clear. Those of you who think of yourselves as professionals, like those who thought of themselves as aristocrats, have condemned yourselves and your issue, by your own elitism and inequity, and you have assured your own elimination from the gene pool of the spe ies. You have created the environment which is impossible for your own issue to navigate. You have destroyed yourselves and in your desperation to achieve wealth and the illusion of greatness, you have helped to destroy much and many others. The inevi able results of accepting artificial titles, and living as if those titles made you anything other than a common ordinary person is the loss of progeny. The natural social and economic law, which the Jews and Christians have confused with an omnipotent male humanoid ethereal, of their own primitive ignorance and imagination, determines the life and death of the species Homo-Sapiens, mankind. The requisit s of life, peace, goodwill and universal economy are clearly defined. The work and the wealth of the society must be shared equitably. The human rights, civil rights, social rights and economic rights of every person must be honored. The requisite of d ath, long and great suffering, crime, violence, desperation and poverty in the midst of plenty is inequity. You have chosen to be professionals, rather than to be human beings, and in making that choice you have adopted values which conflict with the requisites of peace, goodwill and universal economy. You have said to yourselves, we are superior and entitled o more wealth and more freedom than the great common majority who are inferior to us. The Chairman of your Federal Reserve in the United States of America has said that when the unemployment rate falls below five percent, it is too low, and he has boasted of his ability to cause more people to be excluded from the economy, not just in Amer ca but in all the nations subservient to the systems in America, to be impoverished and made desperate enough to return to work for less than equitable wages so that the professional families may enjoy greater profits and dividends. And, he has done so, nd his small increase in the interest rate, for more than fifty years, which causes no great inconvenience to the rich, has been his signal to the professional families to conspire with one another to exclude people from the economy and to increase the pr ces of every thing. It is thus the professional families have accumulated vast wealth and have caused poverty in the midst of plenty, desperation, violence, crime, long and great suffering, early deaths and wars. And when they see the death and suffering they have caused, they pretend to weep, but they change nothing, neither in their minds, drunk with the deadly progressive and communicable mental disorder of elitism, nor in the functions of the institutions, cor orations, industry and seats of government which they have monopolized, usurped, and by which they imposed their elitist inequity. They understand nothing of the natural social and economic law but have confused it, like the Jews and the Christians, with ethereal monsters and concepts of the universe convoluted to make their inequity seem equitable, their wrong to seem right. It matter not whether the government is called a kingdom or a republic, whether we have a Queen or a president. What matters is how people are treated. Is it not the responsibility of both the Queen and the president to assure that the human rights, civ l rights, social rights and economic rights of all people are honored? The legitimate constituted egalitarian democratic representative republic, the United States of America, which exists only when its provisions are honored, has fallen to the usurpation of families calling themselves lawyers, and the great common majority ave no representation. There is no House of Commons here, but two houses occupied by lawyers. Those who have come to think of themselves as doctors, rather than as human beings, have resorted to extortion of the ill, as those thinking themselves lawyers rather than as human beings, have extorted those made desperate and victim of an illegal system which demands inequity, exclusion and human sacrifice, in the false belief that that which causes poverty, desperation, violence, crime, long and great suffer ng, early deaths, and war, will provide them earned and birthright privileges and wealth as it brings the greatest possible peace, goodwill and economy. The others who have shed their human concepts to think of themselves also as professionals, the lower ranks in the deadly artificial and illegal hierarchy, have rationalized that their participation in the abomination is justified by the circumstances which they have helped to create, and that the poverty, desperation, violence, crime, long and great suff ring, early deaths and wars come from some other source, and are of nature. They have learned many false justifications for their inequity. The inalterable self-imposing unchanging law neither recognizes nor accepts as mitigation their ignorance and fantasies of superior qualities that would convolute all nature. There are no superior people, by any measure, birth, schooling, nor any other. The legitimate government does not kill, nor does it impose elitism nor elitism’s inequity, nor exclusion, nor does it make the seats of government available to the highest bidders, nor to conspiracies of men who would buy and sell these seats or take hem and share them among themselves by any manner of deceit, treachery, extortion, or other means. The legitimate government honors the civil rights, human rights, social rights and economic rights of every person, and it permits a democratic representa ion of all people. Wherever men take the seats of government to impose inequity and exclusion, and human sacrifice, to violate the rights of others, there is no legitimate government but it has been destroyed, made null and void, by criminals in usurpati n. Wherever usurpers take the seats of government, the legitimate government ceases to exist. Every person is entitled to an equitable share of the work and the wealth of the society, else the society ceases to exist, dying in the chaos of the classic cycle of growing elitism, inequity, exclusion, poverty, desperation, violence, crime, long and gr at suffering and early deaths. What profits a man who gains great wealth and who by such gain surrounds himself with poverty in the midst of plenty, desperation, violence, crime, long and great suffering and early deaths? You could have had a society of enduring peace, with general goodwill and universal economy, the Promised Land of the Jews, the Kingdom of Heaven of Christians, the natural society that harmonizes with the natural social and economic law and the universal law of the heavens. Yet, you have chosen instead to build inequity upon inequity, poverty in the midst of plenty, desperation, violence, crime, long and great suffering and early deaths. Your tears are vain tears, and they neither undo the inequity, nor the suffering long endured, nor do they revive the dead who have died so much sooner than they might have. The affluent cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven, they cannot build nor maintain societies of peace and goodwill, but by their convoluted concepts of fair and unfair, just and unjust, economic and uneconomic, they would set the angels against one another, as they set the living against one another, to destroy even the perfect paradise as they prevent and destroy societies of peace and goodwill. The Roosevelt policies are your precedent, if you would change your heart and mind. These policies constrained the professionals in the institutions, corporations and industry, to prevent their arbitrary exclusion of people from the economy, their arbit ary imposition of wages insufficient for life, their arbitrary increases of prices, and their arbitrary increases of their own incomes and uncommon freedoms. The Roosevelt policies permitted a society impoverished and thrown into desperation, violence, c ime, long and great suffering and early deaths to become the most generally affluent population in the history of mankind and it was restored to peace and a national spirit of fraternity and goodwill, and as it permitted scientific and technological progr ss as never before seen in the history of mankind. The destruction of the Roosevelt policies has permitted the professionals again to impose gross inequity, exclusion and human sacrifice as the society now evolves to greater poverty in the midst of even reater wealth, desperation, violence, crime, long and great suffering and early deaths. In a system where some few gather to hoard the wealth by the imposition of elitism, inequity, exclusion and human sacrifice, it is only a matter of time before those who have supported the abomination, supported the artificial pecking order, supported the elitism, the inequities, the exclusion and human sacrifice, supported those they have conceded superiority to themselves as they have basked in the illusion that they themselves are superior to others, thinking to rise to greater glory and wealth themselv s by support such abomination, are themselves deemed proper sacrifices to the system of elitism, inequity, exclusion and human sacrifice. A society of enduring peace, with general goodwill and universal economy, still, is at hand, within reach, attainable. Sean fils de Richard Plantaganant John Richardson Meadows PO Box 2342 Chesapeake, Virginia 23327-2342 757-543-7012

iworkedwithu - 10/22/00 01:10:17

Your web site is like your life. You don't seem to be able to keep with it. What are going to blame it on this time? Are you in jail again? That's how you lost your job at Motorola. You blew it big time there. All you had to do was stay working for a year and you would of been a full time employee instead of a temp. worker. You would of had all the great benifits that full time emploees have, health and dental 40hr. sick time a year plus 40hr. vacation to start. All you had to do is show up on time and wo k 8hrs. a day. But loosing that job wasn't your fault right.

russell - 09/17/00 21:46:36
My URL:russcs01@aol.com

john... you need to update us interested parties more often.. how are you ? are you working ?? your new home... etc., etc., etc. hope things get better for you as always. russell

Harmony Kieding - 09/02/00 11:54:41
My URL:fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
My Email:http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7076/frames.html

Hi John! I came across your fine homepage on a Google search. As I am a survivor of homelessness myself, and an advocate, I am adding the link to your page on my "Homeless Resource Links & Humanitarian Concerns" page: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Agora/7076/causes.html Also, I'm moderator of an eGroup on Homeless issues: We Are Homeless http://www.egroups.com/group/wearehomeless Congratulations on a site well-done, and for getting our message out there!! Warm Regards, Harmony Kieding ICQ#16072290

Marti - 08/26/00 14:23:11
My URL:Mart4man@aol.com

Hi John: I have Sean's web page. helpingpeopleinamerica.org. Also, I tried to work my way around your web page. Old computer, lots of frustration. Thanks for mentioning CFP. Has anyone ever expressed an interest in donating to us?? Re: the $100 per year f r domain or whatever it is called. That is fine by me. We must do something to find money. Broward's attitude is to starve out programs like ours so we struggle. Daily, costs go up and resources go down. Don't get me wrong, we get lots of tangible good do ations-just limited cash. Would you help me get to possible donors. I spend tons of time trying to find funders. I'm not the best at getting around on a computer and I'm sure mine is almost obsolete. I know there are chairtble givers out there and foundat ons who would be interested in our remarkable programs, but I just don't know how to narrow them down. I hope you can help. Thanks. Also, let's move forward with the web page. Thanks. M

Joseph Shaw - 08/10/00 15:31:47

John, Are there any organizations or methods for finding a homeless person, in particular I am looking for my brother whom i know is in the Miami area. Appreciate any help. Joe Shaw

Laurie Anthony - 07/29/00 18:58:59
My URL:lanthony5@aol.com
My Email:http://www.members.tripod.com/lantlant/

Hello, I've enjoyed viewing your site! I wondered if I could include your site as a link in my site, "Another Way to Help the Homeless." It's anew site that I just developed. If I don't hear back from you, I'll assume it's ok with you! Thanks Laurie

crystal - 06/26/00 05:25:45
My URL:adidaschick78@aol.com

sir, well i am nothere to make a coment upon ur site but i am writing in hopes that u would be willing to help me out. see i am searching for my uncle who is homeless in the ft lauderdale area, and i have been searching for ways to find him however, i am n the military and dont have the time or the resources to use. and i was wandering if u could find it in your time to lead me in a direction, please im asking u, there are two young boys who are searching for their father, and a family who is worried and ust wanting to find him..please find it in your heart to take a few moments of your time to help me get someone who is so loved off the streets........thank you

Matt - 06/01/00 01:32:08
My URL:BaritoneMe@aol.com

I would like to tell you that I read the article "A Tangled Web" for a project that I am doing in religion class. Your article has inspired me and I want to thank you for giving me solid material to write about. Sincerely ~MATT

PAM - 04/06/00 23:55:11
My URL:pjspassage@aol.com

I think your web site is informative. I am looking for some information. If you know of a computer program for casemanagement services in a homeless shelter please share this with me. We want to go on line to help us be more effective with paperwork and be able to spend more time with the people. Thanks for your time. Good luck in your adventures and God Bless you. Pam Home Sweet Home Mission Bloomington, Illinois

Madeline - 04/03/00 03:48:24
My URL:BeMad1@AOL.com

Dear Mr. Balderson, My english class is forcing me to write another research paper. The topic has to be about homelessness (something that I'm hoping to learn more about). Your web site, I think, will be very usefull in my paper. Thank you very much and Congratulations on your success. Madeline.

anonomous - 03/26/00 21:09:12
My URL:tele_caster@hotmail.com

its good to know that someone out there cares.

anonomous - 03/26/00 21:08:12


Cathy Blackwell - 03/24/00 02:22:23
My URL:scrubthis1@aol.com

Hi John. I am a (slightly used....)student doing a project on homelessness in Wilmington, NC. I am working on finding info for that particular area, but am also interested in learning what I can about the problem in general. You seem to have a lot of experience nd insight, and I was wondering if you could help me with a first hand view of things on the street. Please email me if you could with any suggestions you might have. Also, I read on your web site that you have "occasional problems" with alcohol. I am recovering alcoholic and understand THAT place very well. How do you think your alcohol problems have contributed to your "life" problems. I thank you in advance. Good luck to you, you will be in my prayers. Cathy

Stacey T. Faison - 03/09/00 23:51:46
My URL:looking4tru@aol.com

Can please help me . i been looking for my mother for a yaer now. the last clue that i got where she may be at is the homeless shelter in ft. lauderlade, fl. the one next to the bus station. her name is Mary Faiosn. please, help me.

colette - 03/08/00 17:10:02
My URL:ccsunchild@yahoo.com

i was sitting here after reading the article written about you, and somehow could identify with you. i'm an artist and i've been searching for my spot and a way to be exactly who i was sent to be in this life since i left college. i've been moving aroun from city to city trying to find my place. going from job to job never wanting to be in any of them so i would leave. they never seemed to have much to do with who i saw myself being. i always felt like i was reaching and searching never having a home and using whatever money i would make trying to live from day to day and inving in a search for 'home'. i just realized, however, that this 'place' this 'home' that i've been looking for is in me. And the instability and issues that were being manifested is my outside circumstances were a direct result of not having dealt with my inner homeless situation. I had abandoned my home inside of me; that place in you that only God can fill. i had left the God in me and was searching for the problems and the solutions everywhere except in my within my own soul. I encourage you John to really see yourself. You a e an incredibly gifted guy. I have tremendoulsy enjoyed you site. God surely has a special something for you to do in this life, but there are some crucial things within yourself that only you know that need to be taken care of. Yes you do have a lot of tenacity for wanting to do better and gearing up to do so, but you've been having a bit of a challenge with discipline and endurance when given a channel to help you reach your goal. The seed won't grow if you don't plant in the ground. Pray and ask Go to lead you in your life. He'll tell you where to go for living, for a job, for assistance. God wants you to prosper even more than you do, but you've got to go Him and stick to it. Put the seed in the ground, water it, let the Son shine on it, sing to it, and watch it grow.

Jenny - 02/15/00 23:07:21
My URL:Jennny626@aol.com

I was assigned a project for my religion class...and I could choose just about any topic in society and I chose homelessness. I found this web site by luck and I think your story is inspiring and I wish you the best of luck in life.

Rev.Mark MacWhorter - 02/15/00 20:43:29
My URL:Rxrev@aol.com

Thanks for the great information... I am using this information with my youth during a lock-in at our church. We are Locatedin Anderson Indiana a mid size community where people tend to overlook the homeless among others. I am hoping to increase my youth roup's awareness of the problem. I grew up in Miami, so I am aware of the great need of the homeless and the constant hassle they recieve from the public and the police especially during special events like the King OrangeBowl parade and others.

Suzie - 01/29/00 15:56:50
My URL:suziebump@aol.com

John - I read your article in Sunshine and I must say I am baffled to say the least why you cannot make a go of it. You seem intelligent but yet not enough to get your life together. Perhaps you do have a drug and alcohol problem that you do not want to recognize? There is nothing I would love better than to see a follow-up in the paper about your success as you don't seem to me that you "fit in" with those you are co-habitating with now. Please do not be offended by this letter and take a moment to re ly. Thank you. Hoping for better times for you - Suzie

Rose Labadessa - 01/28/00 21:02:43
My URL:roselabs@yahoo.com

Dear John: I read about your situation in the Sun-Sentinel pullout section. You have managed to put together a website that needed to be on the Web. I am an avid book reader, and to be perfectly honest with you, I have been using the library computers quite freque tly during the past 5 months while I have been unemployed. I start my new job Monday!!!! However, please know although I am not homeless, I do possess my Master's Degree--but the market is extremely rough down in South Florida. I wear a different suit o every interview so I can only imagine how difficult the interviewing process must be for you. My only advice....please get some help for your drinking problem---don't waste your God-given talents because of an addiction...the booze is not worth it. You may want to join a center or a church related establishment that may offer free assistance unti you get back on your feet. Please try to clense your body and spirit--you will feel 100% better. Maybe not today...but sometime in the near future try to mend fences with your Mom and brother---blood is thicker than water...I can't begin to tell you how many sacrifices my parents made to come to this country and how supportive they have been since I hose to resign from my position in September. I was working in a very unhealthy environment...I had to get out. Please try to get your foot in the door---Motorola would have been an excellent place for you to get grounded. I had my resume on Monster.co and managed to receive 81 hits! Where are you looking for employment? Well, I wish you the best of luck ---don't waste your computer talents....there are always jobs being posted at technical job fairs, get your resume out there---you have an entire world waiting for you....it is NEVER TOO LATE!!!!

chris - 01/28/00 01:50:56
My URL:Skidlip67@AOL.COM

i read john's artical in the sunshine paper and i thought i would come see his site. I hope things get better for him soon.

Paul Castagna - 01/25/00 18:52:48
My URL:paulc@castagnains.com

John do you want a job designing our web page? The pay is $1,000 and is about one weeks worth of work. please emial me back. We are here in Coral Springs. Paul Castagna

Vinval - 01/23/00 23:51:14
My URL:vinval@bellsouth.net

John, Very good work. I read the article in Sundays Sunshine Magazine. You have some wounderful talents that you should focus on. I don't understand why you can't keep a job, only you hold the key to your success. Hang in there and focus on the good things you ave done and the work that you do. Also beleive in God, pray and put spitituality first into your life. Someday because of your faith and determination you will find what your looking for. God Bless, Vinval

ellen - 01/23/00 20:00:33

i just read the article about your life in the sun sentinel magazine. i think u have the strength to perservere, even though u have had alot of bad luck and inappropriate decisions on the job. but i do feel u have learned from your experiences and still possess a positive attitude. much, much good luck - u r going to make it. i admire you. most people do not have a clue as 2 what u have been thu. ellen

TaI/|\Fu - 01/23/00 19:34:05
My URL:IamTaIfU@aol.com
My Email:http://www.geocities.com/metaifu/

I as I am sure a lot of people have just read the article that refers to you and your present situation. I am sure I cannot say anything that you have not already questioned or thought to yourself in moments of clarity and desperation whereas to all you c uld see is the truth. Perhaps this truth was that you were not a slave but in fact you were the enslaver? I am not saying that you do not try and that I am better nor worse then you but equal as I myself have made a long and still ongoing recovery. I will not lie as to say it is has and is easy. But it can be easier rather then harder it is just up to you! I believe where you are @ this moment is for a reason? No, I did not say you are a bad person nor do I believe that you deserve this. I am just saying erhaps this is a lesson to be learned and I guarantee if this is true the gifts from learning this lesson will be cherished forever and then some. = ) But until you learn the lesson you probably won't see much of an improvement in the quality of your life status. Try to acknowledge the forest through all the trees. Just question the thought that perhaps alcohol as well as other addictive characteristic behaviors play a role in the draw back in your progress. You know the truth and whether you want to or do not want to see it. It will and always will be there. I wish you all the luck in the world and much love. You will be in my prayers and thoughts as I just like you go on the journey called life

Mike - 01/23/00 16:39:01
My URL:mikesalibi@aol.com

John, After reading the Sunday article it seems like you want us to have sympathy for you. I do feel for many homeless people. Many have issues that unfortunately cannot be resolved. I feel your situation is different. The only reason you are where you are t is because when you do get a job you either quit or get fired. The article is filled with people who have tried to help you and it seems you used them(whether you meant to or not). I cannot feel sorry for you until you stop feeling for yourself. Get that next job and focus on keeping it whether it is the best job for you or not.

Observer - 01/23/00 16:14:46
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I just finished reading your article in the Sunday paper and found it a little hard to swallow,I have only lived in this Fine state for 8 years how ever I found employment to be the least of my worries, for there is a job of all sorts on almost any street corner, Y ou my friend need to shrug off what ever cross of burden it is you are dragging and pull yourself up and out of the gutter, I can Sympathize with your plight,How ever Synpathy is the last thing any of us as Humane beings needs, I feel for you Jo n but I dont think it is the kind of feelings you are looking for,Get your suit pressed, take a hot shower get a bite to eat and get out there and find a job John, We are our own keepers and can fend for ourselves................JUST DO IT!

Wil Jackson - 12/10/99 14:40:11
My URL:WilJackson@aol.com

After years of searching for him, I discovered my cousin was homeless in your area. Neither his immediate family nor I was prepared for the search to end that way (they have not seen each other in 26 years. Unfortunately, they are not in a position to rea h out and help him. I want very much to travel from here in Virginia to find him (I want to say help him, but I cannot offer him a better option), but my circumstances will not allow that at this time. Hopefully soon... So, I am looking for a way to do something. Some in my immediate family would like to forego Christmas gifts and instead make a donation to an organization that benefits the homeless. I know we could do that here, but it would feel more like we were helpi g Jimmy, if we gave to your area. It is important to me that our small (relative to a Huizenga one)contributions reach a group that truly helps people like my cousin. Can you help by suggesting a few groups (with contact information) to consider? Thank you. Wil Jackson PS: Thanks for helping our Jimmy, and any other Jimmy you can.

stephanie - 11/25/99 16:50:33
My URL:sleggs57
My Email:dfg

i am doing a homeless unit in school.we did food drives and everything. i just wanted to let you know that ireally care. Thank you for those of the homeless people that wanted my help :)!!!!

April C. Johnson - 11/21/99 22:06:37

I really love what you're doing, and keep up the good work.

Bob Johnson - 11/12/99 02:12:40
My URL:BarkleyDog@aol.com

I want to send a message to Laura Carey (sp) who appeared on "The Factor" tonight, 11/11, on the subject of homelessness. Do you have her e-mail address, and can you send it to me? Thanks.

Jose E Maldonado - 10/23/99 07:42:25
My URL:sirbenton@aol.com

dear John, my name is Jose Maldonado, i work at a local hospital in south Broward and i am planning with other co-workers to sponsor an event that we like to call the "what i want for christmas function." we will like to pick 50 kids ages 2-12 that are ei er homeless or are from low income homes and will like to interview them with their parents and get an idea of what they want for christmas, i don't know where to start, i came accross your web page and thought to drop you a line to see if you can give me some insight, also we will be collecting moneys and will like to donate it to an organization such as the one you sponsor. if you can help me with this information, we will like to get on this by the first week of december so that these kids can have thei christmas present by Dec 25, 1999, most appreciative, will be waiting for your response. cordially yours Jose E. Maldonado

arnold P. Abbott - 10/22/99 02:52:08
My URL:arnoldabbott@yahoo.com

Dear John, Please give me a call at 954 971-9813 as soon as possible. If I am out, please leave a message as to time, place, #, where you can be reached. This has to do with our appearing on a TV show "We The People" next Monday eve at 7:30. Kindest regards, Arn ld.

- 10/22/99 02:30:02


daniel keller - 10/21/99 20:20:38
My URL:dkeller@hotmail

You really are a turn-coat self-center pompous ass. This website is as phoney as you are. Like, why don't you feel a little sorry for yourself, Johnny boy?

david kohler - 10/04/99 23:01:19
My URL:davidmover@hotbot.com

my son and i have found ourselves stranded in south florida and have been sleeping on the beach and eating out of garbage cans. we need shelter and food for the short term and advice on how we may be able to raise the funds to return to our home in san francisco, ca please help!

tony aron - 09/26/99 12:57:51
My URL:concertsforcrisis@YAHOO.COM
My Email:tcbtony.homepage.com

dear john, my name is tony aron, i am an elvis impersonator in jacksonville fl. that uses my concerts for crisis. i am working for a non profit organization called "loving you fund raising concerts that puts on shows in school gyms for homeless shelters, food ban s, soup kitchens, and domestic abuse shelters. check out our web site, it will give you some info on how we bring a community together and raise awareness and money for worthy causes. we don't charge any money to bring our show on the road, we rely upon a small percentage of concert ticket sales to cover our expenses. we start out wilth giving the benefit 50% of the first 100 adult concert tickets sold at $10.00 each, and the first 00 children's concert tickets sold at $5.00 each. then as the crowd grows in size, the benefits concert ticket sales share grows. for each additional 100 concert tickets sold, your benefit picks up an additional 5% of the concerts ticket sales. your benefit can go from the starting 50%, and on the sli ing scale move up to a 100% level. we ask the fans to bring in one can of food with them to the concert, to be donated to your mission for feeding the homeless at the shelters, food banks, or soup kitchens. for more info about our shows please call me at (904) 720-5295, or beeper voice ail at 1-888-250-5297. our mailing address is LOVING YOU FUND RAISING CONCERTS, 7929 EATON AVE. JACKSONVILLE FL. 32211. THANK YA, THANK YA, VERRRRY MUUUCCHHHH!!!!!!!!!! TONY ARON MAY GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Grandi - 05/07/99 19:22:51
My URL:jgrandi932@aol.com

New technology to manufacture homes for the homeless at very affordable rates. visit our website http://globaleh.cjb.net

Steve Werthman - 04/27/99 02:13:06
My URL:swerthman@co.broward.fl.us

John, Thank you for taking the time to produce this website and your diary. Hope things work out for you as we all follow your progress. Steve Werthman, Broward County Homeless Initiative Partnership Admninistrator

Article bout HAC in Miami Herald - 04/16/99 22:58:55
My Email:http://www.herald.com

Article was submitted which can be found on Miami Herald directory of web site
Laura Carey - 04/16/99 19:05:11
My URL:bchfthome@aol.com

Interesting stuff. Keep up the good work, look forward to hearing more about your experiences. Laura Carey Executive Director Broward Coalition for the Homeless

L - 04/08/99 03:53:08
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Keep up the hard work John. You seem very dedicated and I am sure you have the will to persevere and you will be offered a job. I was very impressed by your writings and though I have never been "homeless" I know that it is a possibility that many of us with our cable tv etc... could face much easier than we realize. Sometimes circumstances happen. You seem like a very bright and literate fellow. I hope that amidst all that hard work of trying to find a decent jog (and it is often the hardest work!) y u take a moment to reflect upon what has gone wrong in the past with your jobs. One of our failings as human beings is that we seem to repeat the same mistakes over and over. I recall reading something about "an attitude problem" with you. All I can of er is that when you have a nasty boss or co worker kill them kindness and just work harder. Eventually your star will shine. On another note: I suspect that you will find a good postition. And will work hard. I wonder what you think your attitudes will be in a year or two to the homeless? Will you be pleased to see passed out drunks on your doorstep of the house you mortgag d your life for? As a female I will not go to some of the parks here in the middle of the day because of the glut of drunken homeless people. I can see the sides of this homeless thing. Our society fails those who fall through the cracks but haven't all societies done this? Same with crime. We know the answer isn't to build more and more prisons but we do anyway even though, in the long run t is more expensive and damaging to society to face the problem this way. What will you be doing for the homeless when you no longer are John? Do you think the answer is more tent cities and free feedings on the beach? Sorry for the length.... thank you again for your insightful diary. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in finding not only a good job but a good permaneant home.

Alan Sisisky - 04/03/99 16:48:27
My URL:Alan@cyberagency.net
My Email:http://www.800comp.com

Nice site John & your article in CityLink was very well chronicled. I reside in Broward & have been lucky enough to have not felt your plight. Funny thing in this age of anti -discrimiantion is how a few bad apples make outstanding individuals like you have to suffer. As a mrntal health consumer, I too have been shown disrespect by neighbors, employers, even my own family & the humiliation can really bring on hopelessness. As a computer nerd myself, I'm quite impressed with your knowlage & determination in set-up & debugging. Keep in mind that the right employer will enventually come through. Good Luck. Alan Sisisky

- 03/02/99 23:09:33
My URL:addr@domain.com
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John when I click to the link on your first page that says guestbook, I get the form for sumitting entries to the guestbook but I don't see a link for viewing your guestbook. It seems that I must sumit an entry in order to view your guestbook.

Daniel who doesn't HAC. - 03/02/99 23:01:43
My Email:d_kelker@hotmail.com
My URL:http://www.hotbot.com

Nice work John. I think that I might move in even though there is a plot by a secret world government to have me killed. Daniel Kelker

Angelo Castillo - 02/15/99 18:29:34
My URL:http://www.acastillo@co.broward.fl.us

So, John, tell me. What's your impression of the HAC. What do they do well? Where do they need improvement? Is it safe? Are the social service staff capable and easy to talk to? Are the clients there being treated with respect? How does living in th HAC compare to living under the tent? Angelo Castillo Director, Human Services Department Broward County Government

John Felts - 02/15/99 06:20:01
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/Aswan_Society/
My Email:aswan@mailcity.com

Hi John, this is John M. Felts again. Been keeping a watchful eye on the developments down there and you're certainly in my prayers. Good luck, and don't give up, defending the rights of homeless people certainly can be a uphill battle. I'll give you our dvocacy group homepage, not sure if I gave it to you the last time. Since then, I developed a new links page, I'll give that to you too. See ya, buddy. main page http://www.angelfire.com/va/ASWAN links page http://members.tripod.com/Aswan_Society/index-330.html

eric J. - 11/21/98 20:12:31
My Email:ejaffe@steelhector.com

Hi, my name is Eric & I was in BARC over 2 years ago, it changed my life and introduced me to tent city for the first time. I am going to go there with my church thanksgiving day. Our prayers are with you all. Contact me via e-mail if there is any special requests that I might be able to help with..

- 10/31/98 01:45:51

Please send me your E-mail address at http://aswan@mailcity.com see ya

John M. Felts - 10/31/98 00:41:43
My URL:http://members.tripod.com/~Aswan_Society/
My Email:aswan@mailcity.com

John Balderson, your a good man and have a hell of a lot to deal with. I Think that you should take charge and form a homeless advocacy group. I did! Time running short, man. Need to get organized. find some supporters and head on down to city council bef re its too late. Need a meeting of the minds! Get a do-able plan, and push hard. I'm from Richmond Virginia and was in a similar boat except we didn't have a park to stay (except one weekend) Your sitution was not as bad as ours and we beat the system. Need to get close ties with some service providers who doesn't kiss the city or local business ass. Those service provider can help you with flyers to move the people behide you and to get a vol me of supporters to come to city council on a prearranged date that is on the flyer. Need to find a lawyer dedicated to the homeless and threaten lawsuits if homeless people get arrested. Wish you the best and I'll be keeping close tabs. Good Luck! you ne d it.

BJ Alvarez - 10/29/98 02:57:06
My Email:RAProverb@aol.com

I think it is wonderful that you are making the events of the city known to those who are not aware of them. You are providing a means by which everyone is able to know what life is like for you. You are doing a great job. Keep it up!! God Bless You a d give you strength.

10/04/98 23:21:02
Name: Bad Bunny My URL: Visit Me
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Nice page. Very informative. Keep it up.

KAK - 09/10/98 02:33:13
My Email:kakud@udel.edu

I am writing a paper on perceptions vs. realities of homeless persons. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could send me their perceptions of the problem or their stories of personal experience. Thanks in advance!

Angelo Castillo - 09/03/98 13:03:45
My Email:acastillo@co.broward.fl.us

There's good news to share, and all need to hear it. Tent City is coming down, and YOUR homelessness is about to end. There are decisions to make which need to be made soon. You will need to make them because they affect YOUR lives. For some, our new AC will introduce you again to suitable independent living within our community. For others, the enslavement of addiction to drugs and alcohol will begin to end as they choose life over death. For those suffering with health or mental health problems, th re's hope. We must do all we can to help, and we will. We will help many to find work and housing. But make no mistake: The lives saved by making good choices are YOURS, not ours. Life is about to change. Your homelessness is about to end. The Tent is about to close. Are you ready for the challenge? We are...and we can't wait to get started. Angelo Castillo Director, Human Services Department Broward County Government

Daniel Kelker - 08/20/98 16:22:07
My Email:d_kelker@hotmail.com

What's the purpose of this page?

- 02/18/98 00:55:21


Ken Brevett - 02/16/98 22:30:44
My Email:InAgape1@aol.com

Congratulations my friend!!!! This is a long overdue web site. There is so much happening that is directly affecting the socio-economic disadvantaged in urban America. My prayer is that God blesses you with the appropriate spiritual, physical and creative resources to keep this page " ooking". Stay blessed my friend as i thank you on behalf of all homeless and the families of the homeless. Ken

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