For A Love So Deep

Love is Like goLd
treated with pLeasure
nothing can Live up
to that kind of measure

be honest and kind
and genuine to your heart.
hopefuLLy someday
we may never depart

your divine eyes
Looking bLisfuLLy into mine.
making me dream and drift
v deep into time.

on a faLLing star
you made a wish for me to stay
hopeing we shaLL Live in happiness
each and everyday

at Last i can say
that i am in Love
for the Love of my Life,
was sent from the heavens above

this was meant to be
for Love has finaLLy found me
and together we shaLL be
for eternity

i Do Need You

i know for sure...
that you'LL never change..
why i continue to Love you,
the answer remains the same...
why do i, do i cry...
when i know,
nothing wiLL change..
what if i, keep hoLding on...
just maybe you'LL see,
that i do need you..
there you are,
hoLding his hand..
i am Lost..
dying to understand..
didnt i cherish you right
dont you know,
you were my Life...
even though i try,
i cant Let go...
something in your eyes,
captured my souL..
and every night,
i see you in my dreams...
your aLL i know,
i cant Let go...
just cast aside,
you dont even kno iM aLive..
you just wake on my,
dont care to see me cry...
and here i am,
stiLL aLL aLone..
i cant accept,
my worLd is gone..
even though i try,
i cant Let go...
something in your eyes,
captured my souL...
and every night,
i see you in my dreams...
your aLL i know,
i cant Let go...
do you even reaLize,
the sorrow i have inside...
everyday of my Life...
do you know the way it feeLs,
when aLL you have just dies...
i try to deny that i need you,
but you stiLL remain on my mind..
even though i try,
i cant Let go...
something in your eyes,
captured my souL..
and every night,
i see you in my dreams..
your aLL i know,
i cant Let go...

iF i Had OnLy Known

if i had onLy known,
it was our Last waLk in the rain.
id keep you out for hours,
and cherish you Like i knew i shouLd have,
aLways and forever.
i wouLd hoLd your hand
Like a LifeLine to my heart.
and underneath the roaring thunder,
we'd keep each other warm.
Like feathers in a bunch,
i'd feeL your gentLe touch.

if i had onLy known,
id never hear your gentLe voice again.
id memorize each and every word,
that you have ever said,
and i'd keep these words so dearLy,
in my heart which is so LoneLy.
on these LonLey nights,
i would think of them once more
keeping aLL your words and promises aLive,
inside of my aching heart forever and a day.

you were the one,
who endLessLy stood beside me.
so unaware about everything,
i fooLishLy beLieved,
that you'd aLways be there.
but then there came a day,
when i cLosed my eyes ever so tightLy,
and Let you sLip out of my Life,
for aLL eternity.

if i had onLy known,
it was my Last night by your side.
id pray a miricLe,
wouLd stop the dawn from ever rising.
and when you smiLe at me,
i wouLd Lood straight into your shinging eyes,
and make sure you know,
my Love for you goes on and on.

if i had onLy known,
for the Love i shouLd have shown.
aLL i had to say,
were these three words,
that i mean more each and every singLe day.
for my whoLe Life,
i've been Looking for my one true Love.
but when you came,
i just Let you sLip away.
and if you shaLL ever come back,
that wiLL be the day,
i whisper to you the three words i have to say.
'i Love you'

When I look into your eyes
I see you're lonely
Won't you come with me
I wanna know from you If ever you needed someone
Could you call on me?
Let me touch you, let me hold you Let me squeeze you
Give your love to me
Baby, stop wasting time And let's get together,
Let me show you Can I get to
know you Baby let me give u
All my love When I'm with u something takes control of me
When we're together, can't u see it's destiny?
When I'm near u it feels like ur a partof me
And baby I don't want you to go away from me

i like to know wut makes you cry
so i can be one who always makes you smile
tell me wut i gotta do to please you
baby anything you say i'll do
cuz i only wanna make you happy
from the bottom of my heart its true

i will always love you
i will alwayz stay tru
therez no 1 who loves u like i do
i will never leave you
i will stay here wit you
thru da good and bad,
i will stay true
cuz i'm in love with u

The nights are long
The days so sad
Not knowing what we lost
Not knowing what I had...
I think of you for hours
Your lips I just cant kiss
You're the one I want
You're the one I'd miss..
Although we talk of friendship
I always think of love
Hoping we could have more
Not just a friendly shove...
You tell me of your problems
I listen with open ears
I'd like to tell you mine
But I'll always have fears

LUV is go to sleep and you think about that person and you wake up knowing dat you'll haba brighter day cuz dey're in yewr life. juss da person dat can make you laugh and have fun no matter wut you guyz are doin and you get that tingLy feelin when u see their face or hold dere hand. and you feel secure when dey're holdin you in dere need dem cuz you love them not dat you love dem cuz you need dem

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