Candle Magic

Candle Magic

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Candles are a wonderful tool for magic, and can be a good introduction to spells for newcomers to the Craft. Candle spells are straightforward to perform, require no experience to achieve results, make concentration on your ritual intent easy, and use readily available materials. The candles used may be regular, 6-12 inch long, paraffin tapers of the sort you might use on your dining table. These may be purchased at your local greeting card shop or discount store. You may also use glass jar candles available from the grocery store for longer rituals. They will burn for seven days. (see illustration below)

If you like do it yourself projects you can make your own candles. There are directions below for making your own herb infused candles for healing or other spells. Another alternative is to make your own candles using beeswax sheets. These are available from craft stores or on the web from The Barker Company in Seattle, Washington. These are the simplest candles to make (see illustration below). You will need the beeswax sheets in the appropriate color(s), and wicking.

The candles should be purchased or made in the colors appropriate to the spell you want to use. You need to use new candles for each ritual, they cannot be reused. The candle is charged for a particular magical intent for the ritual and retains this charge which can only be removed by burning the candle completely. It hardly need be said these days since you will not find any candles made from animal fat, but they cannot be used in candle magic. No tallow candles, they should be parafin or beeswax. The candles should also not be broken, a broken candle will not store and release the energy you place into it correctly. If there are any broken candles in the box save them for candlelit dinners.

In addition to the candles, you will need a number of individual candle holders which can be inexpensive glass or metal holders that each hold a single taper. They need to be able to be moved individually on the altar. Some spells require that the candles touch so try to find small holders that will allow this. The number you will need depends upon the number of candles used for the spell you choose. I recommend getting the smallest, plainest holders you can find inexpensively. If you have a 99 cent store in your area they usually have something appropriate.

There is some small controversy as to whether you should light your candles with a match. Some say that the sulfur in the match is associated with "negativity" and will contaminate the candle. This is not true, sulfur is used in protective magic both by ceremonial magicians and by witches. It is used to drive away negativity. A chunk of sulfur may be placed on the altar during protective rituals and some add a small amount to exorcism or protection incenses. It is associated with the sun, and the element fire. If you feel strongly about it despite this, you may use a taper or a punk to light your candles instead, lighting the taper or punk from the altar candles. In case you don't know, a punk stick is a blank incense stick with no scent added. They are used by insulation contractors to look for air leaks in homes and by those who test smoke detectors. If you can't find them in your area you may use a lightly scented incense stick.

You will also need some oil, either apricot kernal, olive, or almond from the grocery store to anoint the candles before use. See the bit below about anointing the candles for directions. If you already have an altar you can conduct the spell there, if not you will need to locate a flat surface large enough to hold the number of candles specified in the spell. A dressing table, dresser, diningroom table or other piece of furniture will do. Now just choose one of the following spells to perform for the goal you desire, and follow the directions for preparing and setting up the spell.

Anointing the Candles

Candles are anointed with oil prior to magical use. The oil used may be a plain vegetable oil; almond, apricot kernal or olive are recommended. You may wish to create a scented magical oil for anointing candles. Here are several recipes for appropriate blends:

Anointing Oil
To a base of 2 ozs of almond oil add 5 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil, 3 drops Frankincense Essential Oil, and 1 drop of Orange Oil.

Candle Anointing Oil
To a base of 2 ozs of almond or apricot kernal oil add 1 teaspoon of powdered Frankincense Resin, and 1 teaspoon of powdered Myrrh Resin. Shake thoroughly and allow to steep for one week prior to use.

Cinnamon Anointing Oil
To a base of 2 ozs of almond oil add 5 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil, and 3 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil.

When you begin to anoint the candle speak the following words:

As you are anointing the candle meditate upon the purpose for which it will be used. Visualise the outcome you seek happening and how it will be. You are infusing the candle with the proper energies to manifest your intent by doing this.


General Instructions for Candle Rituals

After you have chosen a spell from those below you will need to gather the required number of candles in the appropriate color(s) with holders to go along with them. The spell will state on which day it should be performed. For the strongest planetary influences the spell should be performed at one of the following times on that day: 12 midnight, 7 am, 2 pm, or 9 pm. These are the hours ruled by the ruler of the day. If one of these times is not convienent simply do the spell on the day noted, regardless of the hour.

After you anoint the candles place them on the altar in their holders in the arrangement indicated in the spell. A diagram will be provided to show how the altar should be set. Place a copy of the words of the spell on the altar as well, so you can read them. You may want to have a photo or other item to represent the person the spell is for if you are performing it for another, or it involves another person.

Try to assure that you will not be interrupted during the the time it takes to do the spell, allow about half an hour, let the machine get the phone for example. Once begun it is best to complete the spell in one block if it is a one day spell, don't stop in the middle. Some spells require that they be performed over a series of days, it is generally best to use the same time for the successive days that you used for the first. If necessary to more clearly state your desire the words accompaning the spell may be altered and personalized. Try to fully state what you want as clearly and simply as possible.

As the spell is being performed there may be occasions where one of the candles goes out on it's own, without the wind. If this happens, do not relight it. One of two things may be assumed to have happened, either the required amount of energy had already been released and the spell is complete for now, or there was something wrong with the way the spell was going and it will need to be redone. Simply complete the ritual for that night and continue it on the next day in the series. If it happens on the last day, simply allow the other candles to burn down as usual and complete the spell at the point where the candle went out.

It is also possible that the candle flame may jump or crackle during a spell. If you are summoning entities, the flame may grow to as much as six inches in height when they manifest, or make a crackling, popping sound. In regular candle spells a crackling, jumping flame generally implies that alot of energy is being generated due to high emotions or the effects of the spell. It is generally a good sign that the magic is working. Note which candle in the altar setup is crackling and go on with the ritual.

A particularly strong flame means that power is being generated toward manifesting your intent. If a candle used to represent a person is particularly stong it can imply their dominance in the situation, their higher energy level, they are winning the situation, or anger and strong emotions on their part. A particularly weak flame shows that there is strong opposition to the manifestation of your intent and the spell may need to be repeated. If a persons candle is weak it may mean that they are in a submissive position in the situation, that they are losing, they have a lower energy level, or that they are in a weaker emotional position.

After the spell is complete, if the spell is to be continued, leave everything in place for the next day. Pinch out or snuff the candles rather than blowing them out. Some feel that blowing out the candle is dismissive of the fire elemental in the flame. If it is a one day spell, or the last day of a multi-day spell you should allow the candles to burn out by themselves. Candles cannot be reused for another spell, and burning them completely releases all of the magical energies stored in them to the cosmos so that it can set the vibrations in motion to acomplish your goal.

The Spells

Healing Candle Spell

This spell is done on Friday and repeats seven times. You will need a candle to represent the person the spell is being done for, this is called the petitioner candle. The petitioner may be yourself or someone else. This should be one of the colors that represent their Astrological sign, see for a table giving the colors. In addition, you will need two white altar candles, one red candle, two blue candles and one orange candle. If you use the homemade candles below, you may substitute the color candle specific to the disease indicated for the blue candles. You will also need a good healing incense, see for recipes for healing incense. The altar setup is as indicated below.

Cast a circle if desired, this ritual does not strictly require one. Light altar candles and incense. Light the petitioners candle, as you do so visualize the petitioner. Say aloud: "Here is (persons name) fit and healthy. Radiant with the glow of health by the blessings of the Goddess and God, who bestow balance and wellness."
Light the orange candle while saying: "Let this light be a beacon for attracting all that is good and benificent to (persons name) to serve and help him/her/me by the power of the Goddess and God." Light the red candle, visualizing strength while saying:
"Let this light be strength for his/her/my body to use and to and serve them/me by the power of the Goddess and God." Light the two blue candles visualizing health and physical well being while saying: "Let these lights be healing and health, covering (persons name) with healing blue light by the power of the Goddess and God. To cleanse him/her/me of all injury and illness and restore him/her/me to perfect health." Sit for a few minutes focusing on the blue light of healing surrounding the petitioner. When you have this visualized begin the incantation: "May the Goddess and the God grant (persons name) strength, balance and well being that they/I may be strong and whole in body and mind. May all illness be cast from him/her/me and be replaced with the blue healing light which fills them/me with vitality and glowing good health. So mote it be!" Visualize the petitioner clearly in perfect health with no illness or injury to mar their physical well being. Meditate on this for about 15 minutes, then snuff out the candles. Leave the altar set up if possible, and repeat on each successive Friday for seven Fridays. (Note: If you would like, you may want to make your own healing candles to use in this ritual, see below.)

Homemade Healing Candles

If you would like to add the additional power of healing herbs to your healing ritual you may want to make some of these healing candles to use. They are quite easy to make and require only the minimum in materials and not previous candlemaking experience. They should be made on Sunday or on another day in the hour of the sun. They may be colored orange, the sun's color, or blue, the color of healing, or you may wish to choose a color correspondence specifically for the disease you wish to heal. There is a chart below which gives these correspondences. These candles have herbs added to the wax. Choose the herb to put into your candles based upon the nature of the illness or injury you wish to heal in the chart below. Please note, the plants indicated are not to be taken internally for the disease in question, they are to be put in the candles. They are not necessarily effective as medication only as a correspondence. Also, a healing ritual adds to rather than replaces seeking medical attention for illnesses and injuries. You still need to see a Doctor.

Colors for Healing Candles

Light blue or green are both used for general healing or health. Remember that these are simply suggestions. If you do not have the color candle indicated use a light blue or green candle, or even a white candle.

Type of Problem

Color of Candle


Sexual Function Red Saw Palmetto for men, Black Cohosh for women
Fertility Problems Green Dock, Hazel, Mustard, Raspberry
Psychological Violet St. Johns Wort, Kava Kava, Hops
Respiratory Tract Yellow Ephedra, Echinacea, Coltsfoot, Mullien
Digestive System Pink Peppermint, Wintergreen, Fennel, Anise
Nervous System Orange Ginko, Hops, Lavendar, Valerian (doesn't smell good)
Bones or Teeth White Boneset, Comfrey, Arnica, Clove
Urinary Tract Blue Saw Palmetto, Uva Ursi, Cubeb
Muscles Purple Comfrey, Lavender, Marjoram, Marshmallow
General Healing and Health Issues Light Blue Lavender, Galangal, Juniper, Nutmeg

Attracting Love Spell

The purpose of this spell is not to attract a specific person and if you use it for that purpose you may rue the day. For this spell you will need an astrological candle to represent yourself and three pink candles. The spell is done on three consecutive Fridays. This is a very simple spell. Place the candle which represents you in the center of your altar. Place the three pink candles in a triangular shape surrounding it, about 7 inches away.. There should also be two altar candles on your altar. You will need a good Venusian incense or Love Incense, (see the Incense recipes for some options), and you may want to dress the pink candles with a Love Oil, (see the Oil recipes for some).

On the first night dress the candles and place them on the altar as described above. Meditate for a bit to empty your conscious mind of the daily thoughts and become concentrated on the task at hand. Light the altar candles and the Love incense. Close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded by warm, soft, pink light. See the light glowing around you, feel the warmth of it's touch. Still holding this image open your eyes and light the candle representing you. Say "This candle is me, I am this candle." Light the three pink candles while still maintaining the visualization. Say "This is the love that surrounds me, the benificent love of the universe, a warm, loving cloud that envelops me and caresses me". Let the candles burn a moment and refocus the visualization. One by one move the pink candles one third of the distance toward the candle representing you. Say "This is the love of the universe being attracted to me, coming to me to bring me the love that I seek". Allow the candles to burn for at least ten minutes while focusing on the visualization.

Each of the next two Fridays repeat the above actions, the second Friday move the pink candles half the distance toward the candle that is you, and the third Friday move them all the way to the candle and on the last night allow the candles to burn out completely. Be sure that you do this safely, if you will not be present, put the burning candles in the shower or tub to burn away from anything that could catch alight. It's no good attracting love and burning down your house at the same time.
Color Condition
Red Anemia, leukemia, liver infections, neuralgia and paralysis
Orange Arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, constipation, coughs, depression, epilepsy and exhaustion
Yellow Diabetes, heartburn, indigestion, menstrual cramps, constipation and skin conditions
Green Boils, cancer, colds, headaches, high blood pressure, kidney ailments, nervousness, and ulcers
Aqua Burns, eye ailments, high blood pressure, hypersensitivity, infections, inflammations, nutritional disorders and skin conditions
Blue Burns, diarrhea, fever, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, menstrual pain, rheumatism, skin rashes, sore throat, sunburn, ulcers and minor wounds
Indigo Asthma, deafness, dementia, depression, epilepsy, eye ailments, infections, mental and nervous disorders, parkinson's disease, pneumonia, tuberculosis and upset stomach
Violet Allergies, asthma, baldness, bloodclots, colds, gout, mental disorders, sinus problems, sleep disorders, stress related diseases and tumors
Rose Heart conditions, anxiety, constipation, depression, hearing loss, kidney problems
White Stroke, insufficient breast milk, broken bones, calcium defficiency, ostioporosis, toothache

Herbs for Healing Candles

Herb Condition
Adders Tongue Stomach ulcers and tumors
Agrimony Jaundice and diseases of the liver
Alder Diarrhea, inflammations and sore throat
All Heal External wounds
Alow Vera Burns and external wounds
Angelica Alcohol and drug abuse, delayed menstrual period, toothache
Anise Asthma and bronchitis
Blessed Thistle Colds
Bloodroot Ringworm
Catnip Anxiety, fever, menstrual cramps
Chamomile Colic, fever, inflammations, menstrual cramps, and nervous conditions
Chickweed Inflammations
Cinnamon Flu
Coltsfoot Asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, emphasema, chest complaints and coughs
Comfrey Dysentery, external wounds and stomach ulcers
Coriander Fever
Costmary Infections
Crimson Clover Cancer
Daisy Asthma
Dandelion Constipation, gall stones and ailments of the liver, pancreas, spleen or female organs.
Dogwood Fevers and infections
Elderflowers Colds, constipation, fever, hemorrhoids, and impotency
Elecampane Coughs and irregular menstruation
Eyebright Eye ailments
Fennel Anxiety, constipation, and irregular menstruation
Garlic Arthritis, asthma, infections and rheumatism
Ginger Fever, impotency and menstrual cramps
Ginseng Impotency and all sexually related ailments
Goldenrod Bladder infections, inflammation and insomnia
Goldenseal Eczema, eye ailments, internal infections, poison ivy, rectal ulcers and ringworm
Hawthorn Arteriosclerosis, edema, heart ailments and weak muscles
Horehound Coughs, colds and constipation
Horseheal Fever
Horseradish Bronchitis, colds, kidney conditions and rheumatism
Irish Moss Burns and coughs
Jacob's Ladder Fever
Jasmine Impotency
Jimsonweed Poison ivy
Juniper Neuralgia, rheumatism and swellings
Lady's Mantle Fever, headaches, inflammation, insomnia, menopause, menstrual cramps, and toothache
Lavender Depression, fatigue, headache, impotency, neuralgia, rheumatism and sprains
Mallow Tonsilitis
Mandrake Impotency and infertility
Milkweed Warts
Motherwort All female problems
Mugwort Fever and poison ivy
Mullien Asthma
Myrrh Gum irritations, infections and pain
Nettle Asthma, muscle aches, stomach ulcers, diseases of the lungs and intestines
Passionflower Insomnia
Pennyroyal Fever and menstrual cramps
Peppermint Headaches and muscle cramps
Rose Kidney stones
Rosemary Colds, colic, congestion of the liver, depression, fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, nervous heart conditions, paralysis, rheumatism, stress, weakness of the limbs and vertigo
Saffron Depression and fever
Sage Colds and coughs, depression, fever, flue, insomnia, pleurisy, sprains and varicose veins
Snakeroot Impotency and snakebite
Shepherd's Purse Bruises, skin irritations and rheumatism
Solomon's Seal Bruises, skin irritations and wounds
Strawberry Leaves Gout
Thyme Fever, headaches and whooping cough
Valerian Anxiety, insomnia, rheumatism, stress and swollen joints
Vervain Fever
Violet Infections
Willow Bark Headaches
Witch Hazel Anxiety, eczema, inflammations, swellings and tumors
Wormwood Colds and fever
Yarrow Canker sores, colds, fever, liver diseases and muscle aches

To make the candles you will need: a large saucepan, a large empty tin can, a knife, paraffin and/or beeswax, wicking, molds (either purchased or 'found'), broken crayons in appropriate color, and about a teaspoon of the appropriate dried herb for your purpose. The herb should be powdered and dried. You can use paraffin mixed with beeswax, beeswax alone or paraffin alone. Cut the wax into cubes with the knife. Put about two cups of water in the large saucepan and place it over a medium heat. When the water is hot, put the wax into the tin can and place the tin can in the large saucepan of water to melt the wax. When the wax is melted add the herb saying the following: "Oh magic herbs of root and flower, give this candle healing power. Let all evil sickness flee, when it is burned so mote it be!" Then add the broken crayons to color the candles. Stir to blend. Prepare the molds by spraying them with Pam or a similar vegetable oil spray so the candles will be easy to unmold. The molds may be purchased candle molds or you can use found items such as milk cartons, frozen juice cans, muffin tins or other similar containers. Be sure they are water tight so the wax won't leak out and heat resistant so the hot wax won't melt them. Cut lengths of wick long enough to reach the bottom of the mold plus at least an inch. Suspend the wicks into the mold from stick as show below. Pour the wax into the molds and allow the candles to cool and harden completely. Similar candles may be made for any magical purpose by adding the correct herb. Consult the herbal correspondences section to determine the herb to use for your purpose. Coloring may be determined by consulting the color correspondences.

Love Attracting Candle Spell

This spell is not intended to attract a specific person, it is designed to attract love into your life with a person who will be compatible with you. The spell is begun on Friday and continues for several days. For this ritual you will need two red candles, a gold candle, the candle to represent the petitioner in the appropriate color, two white altar candles, and a love attracting incense. See Astrological Correspondences to get the petitioners candle color, and Incense for a recipe for love attracting incense. The altar set up is as indicated below.

Cast a circle if desired, this ritual does not strictly require one. Light altar candles and incense. Light petitioners candle while thinking of them and saying "Here is (name), this candle is him/her/me; this flame burns as does his/her/my spirit." Light the red candles while thinking of the petitioners love and strength. Light the gold candle while thinking of the petitioners attractiveness.
Meditate for a few moments on the petitioner as a warm, loving, attractive person who deserves to have love in their lives. Then recite the Invocation to Venus as follows:
When Rome ruled all the world, 'tis said,
Dear Venus, hearts of men you led
to love, the great delight of life
with spell of beauty, not of strife.
Your power's still undimmed, I know,
To me (or petitioners name) true love in life now show.
Bring love to me (or petitioners name) on wings of sound,
Let happiness and joy abound.
With every act and thought of mine (or his/hers),
Let me (or them) attract my (or their) love divine.
Now quickly bring my love to me (or petitioners name),
And as my will, so mote it be!

Move the red candles about three inches closer to the petitioner candle, saying "Here draws he to she (or he to he, she to she); the one towards the other. Such is the love that all feel it's attraction. These candles burn and draw him/her ever nearer. Powerful is the attraction." Meditate on the petitioner being surrounded by the rosy red glow of the light of love, bathed in its warmth for about ten minutes. Snuff out the candles. Continue the ritual on each successive day until the red candles touch the petitioner candle.

Prosperity Candle Spell

This spell should be begun on Thursday. You will need five green candles, prosperity incense, a yellow candle, a red candle, and the petitioners candle as well as the usual two white altar candles. See Astrological Correspondences to get the petitioners candle color, and Incense for a recipe for money/prosperity attracting incense. The altar set up is as indicated below.

Cast a circle if desired, this ritual does not strictly require one. Light the incense and the altar candles. Light the petitioners candle while visualizing them in a glowing green light and saying "Here is (name) glowing with prosperity and bathed in success". Light the yellow candle while contemplating attraction, confidence and gain. Saying as you do so "Let this light represent the attractive force drawing prosperity toward (name), bringing the money to provide for their needs and desires".
Light the red candle as you comtemplate the strength of the petitioners will to succeed and prosper. Light each of the green candles in turn, visualizing the green glowing light around the petitioner growing stronger with each candle lit until it is a brilliant, bright, searchlight, gleaming into the sky. As you light the green candles say
"Oh great and mighty Jupiter, your friendship I do seek.
Your emissaries send to me, spirits rich and sleek.
Good nature spirits sent by Jove, your comradeship I love.
For bounty and good fellowship my thanks are sent above.
Spirits great, your riches share in fun and friendship true,
prosperity descends on me, brought to me by you.
And now my light is shining bright, rich green for all to see.
Good fortune is my law of life. With thanks, so mote it be!"

Sit for ten minutes visualizing the bright green searchlight illuminating the petitioner and surrounding them with a powerful glow of wealth and prosperity. Then snuff out the candles. Each day following move the green candles three inches closer to the petitioner prior to repeating the spell. Continue until they touch the petitioner candle.