Elemental Correspondences

Elemental Correspondences

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The elements in this case refer to the four basic elements of alchemy, Fire, Earth, Air, and Water, rather than to the elements of chemistry. Historically it was believed that all things were made up of various proportions of the elements.

Each of the elements was studied to determine it's nature and characteristics which were set to writing by the early alchemists. Each of the four correspond to various traits, feelings and purposes. In Wicca each of the cardinal points is associated with one of the four elements, as is each of the points of the pentagram, with the addition of spirit for the uppermost point. The association of the cardinal points; North, South, East and West; can vary by tradition.

The following charts outline the nature of each of the elements. Elemental correspondences may be invoked in ritual by representations or symbols of the elements. A candle or oil lamp may represent fire, incense may represent air, a bowl or cup of water may represent water, and sand or a stone may represent earth. In ritual the elements are also represented by the ritual tools; the Athame, the Penticle, the Wand, and the Chalice; the attribution of these and descriptions of their use is on the Ritual Tools page. Choose the element that corresponds to your ritual intent.

Elemental Correspondences

Element Symbol Color Intent
Red Success, sex, banishing illness, the military, law, conflicts, protection, courts, police, contests, competitions, private detectives, dowsing, treasure hunts, gambling, athletics, strength, good health, terrorism
Green Fertility, jobs, promitions, money, business, food, investments, material objects, agriculture, health, ecology, conservation, old age, antiques, stock market, museums, buildings, construction
Yellow Schooling, memory, intellect, teaching, travel, tests, divination, communications, writing, organizations, theorizing, organizing, groups of all kinds, drug addiction
Blue Love, friendship, partnerships, unions of all kinds, affection, contract negotiations, beauty, rest, recouperation, meditation, spirituality, healing wounds, childbirth, children, the home, receptivity, family, doctors and nurses, swimming, fishing, ancestors, medicine, hospitals, compassion, clairvoyance


Elemental Correspondences from Cunningham

Element Intent
Earth Healing, prosperity, money, fertility, employment
Air Psychic powers, wisdom, visions, mental powers
Fire Lust, protection, exorcism, strength, health, courage
Water Love, friendship, fidelity, healing, prophetic dreams, purification, sleep, meditation