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UPDATE: Hope you like the new look, and since I have been having trouble with Geocities shutting down the site periodically due to excessive bandwidth, I now have a mirror site at http://www.draknetfree.com/moonmagic/ Bookmark the new site and you won't have to mess with Geocities anymore.

My name is Lady Galadriel. I'm glad you found your way here! Full Moon Magic is the name of this site and it is about magic. I will not be teaching you how to be a witch. For the purposes of this site, I am assuming that you either are one or have some notion of how to become one. There are many sites about the religious aspects of Wicca, and this site has no information about that, it is about magic. I have been a witch for over 30 years, and have accumulated a certain amount of material on the subject which I will be including in these pages. I am now an eclectic solitaire, but I was initiated into a Traditional Wiccan Coven as well. We will discuss creating ritual, setting up an altar, correspondences, making incenses and oils, constructing amulets, casting spells...all the things that make up magic. Magic is the term used to describe the method used by witches to channel their own and the universes power toward achieving a specific aim or purpose.

There are several caveats regarding magic that you must understand and accept as fact before we get started. It is wrong to use magic to manipulate another person against their will. The Wiccan Rede, "An' it harm none, do what you will" governs the basic ethics of witchcraft and magic. Also what you send out, will return to you,and affect you as well as them. No man is an island afterall. Basically, this is karma. Accept that this is true as you accept that gravity will keep you from floating into space for it is just as natural a law. You can not "put a hex" on someone and escape unscathed. But you also cannot cast a love spell to "make" someone else love you without reaping consequences for your action. If you are willing to accept responsibility for your actions, proceed, if not, avoid the necessity of dealing with the repercussions by not doing the spell in the first place. Attempting to manipulate others will rebound on you and you will suffer for it. Believe me or learn your lesson yourself.

Magic works. It is a force of nature. It is not like on Bewitched or Charmed, but it works. Performing ritual properly aligns the power of the universe to your aim and brings about the changes you seek. But it is not instant, and performing magic does not substitute for helping yourself in more mundane ways. It's rather like the lottery, you can't win if you don't play. If you cast a spell to find a job and then spend every day at home watching soap operas it is doubtful you'll find a job. You have to want what you're casting the spell for and you have to act on that desire. It helps if you listen to your intuition as well. If you have cast a spell to find a new apartment and one day you're out driving and get an overwhelming urge to turn down a street you've never visited, don't be too suprised if you see an apartment for rent sign. Also remember that prevention is better than cure. The time to ask for protection on your cruise is before you leave home, not as the boat is sinking.

The more you do magic, the better you get at it. Magic takes practice like many other things in life. When you first start out in magic you will have difficulty concentrating on your ritual objective, things will distract you, you'll forget what you were going to say, you'll feel silly performing the actions of the ritual, all sorts of problems will crop up. As you do more ritual you will find that you aren't so easily distracted, you can concentrate better, and you feel more comfortable performing spells. Your results will also get better as you learn and practice your craft. Give yourself time to learn and don't be too critical of your initial attempts, you'll get the hang of it soon. Often the easiest spells for beginners are the candle spells. They take place over several days, adding power to your work, and the candles are easy to concentrate on. Don't neglect to take advantage of correspondences to strengthen your magic either. You may as well add the natural power inherent in the earths plants and stones to your spell.

Blessed Be!

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