The Witches Garden

The Witches Garden

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The following diagrams are for a basic Witches Garden which will provide you with a wide variety of herbs for many magical purposes. These plants are all hardy to zone 7, and all except the bay, rosemary, lemon verbena and lavender are hardy to zone 4. If you plant the four tender plants in pots which you can bring in for the winter you should have no problems. Some of the plants are annuals, but the majority are perennials. No measurements are given to allow you to fit the plan to the site you have available. Each of the small squares can be as small as one foot by two feet, or as large as you like. The bigger the squares, the more plants you can put in each one. If you orient each section according to the North arrow and follow the layout diagram, the tallest plants will be on the outside, forming a small, private nook in the center.