Planetary Correspondences

Planetary Correspondences

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The planets influence magic a great deal. They have traditionally been the basis for many correspondences, those of the days of the week in particular. (See Time Correspondences) Each of the planets has been associated with a group of ritual intents that they are considered to rule. The influence of each planet is determined though these historic associations. When choosing the correspondences to include in your ritual take into consideration the nature of the planets and their areas of rulership.

The following tables provide you with a number of correspondences for the planets, choose the planet that most closely relates to your ritual intent and utilize it to add it's influence to your magic. You will note that not all the planets are used in some of these charts. This is due to the fact that many of them are based upon traditional or historic associations devised before all the planets were known. The planets used most frequently in magic are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. You will note that some of the associations come from tarot, ritual magic, the Kabbala or other traditions. All are perfectly valid, choose according to your ritual intent and what feels right to you.

Planetary Correspondences
from Ritual Magic

Planet Symbol Metal Day Purpose
Sun Gold Sunday Health, leadership ability, self confidence
Moon Silver Monday Agriculture, domestic matters
Mercury Aluminum
Wednesday Aquiring knowledge, travel, communication
Venus Copper Friday Affections, love, money
Mars Iron Tuesday Courage, strength, war
Jupiter Tin Thursday Luck, protection, good fortune
Saturn Lead Saturday Business, politics, strengthens ability to carry out duties and responsibilities

Planetary Correspondences from King

Planet Purpose
Saturn Establishment, death, agriculture, legacies,sorrow
Jupiter Honor, riches, apparel, position
Mars War, imprisionment, weapons
Sun Fortune, gold, rulership, inheritance
Venus Love, music, pleasure, luxury
Mercury Books, learning, gambling, calculation, thrift
Moon Dreams, the sea, change, reproduction, childbirth, psychic matters, delusion

Planetary Correspondences from Cunningham

Planet Intention
Sun Healing, protection, legal matters
Moon Prophetic dreams, peace, healing, sleep, fertility
Mercury Psychic powers, wisdom, divination, mental powers
Venus Love, friendship, fidelity, beauty, youth
Mars Lust, sexual potency, exorcism, protection, courage, strength, hex breaking
Jupiter Money, prosperity, legal matters, luck
Saturn Exorcisms, visions, endings, longevity

Planetary Correspondences from Hoodoo

Planet Color Purpose
Sun Yellow Creating peace and harmony, obtaining favor of those in high places, riches, honor, glory, making friends, recovering lost property, preventing war
Moon White Reconiliations, dreams, receptivity, love, voyages, female fertility, messages
Mars Red Developing courage, overthrowing enemies, military honors, breaking negative spells, creating strife and hardship, creating bitterness between friends
Mercury Purple Health, science, studies, psychic and spiritual development, communications, divination, influencing others
Jupiter Blue Wealth, obtaining honors, male fertility, friendship, to obtain luck, health, success in career, general ambition
Venus Green Love, romance, beauty, kindness, happiness, travel, to gratify lust, to foster new friendships
Saturn Black Psychic attack, psychic self defense, to protect from evil, spirit communications, the home, binding

Planetary Correspondences from Pale Horse

Planet Color Incenses Intention
Sun Orange Cinnamon, Clove, Myrrh, Frankinsence Success, vitality, strength, growth, new beginings, men, healing, legal matters
Moon White Jasmine, Lotus, Orris Receptivity, women, peace, dreams, the Goddess
Mars Red Basil, Pepper Sex, power, war, anger, strength, domination
Mercury Yellow Anise, Mastic Psychic ability, communication, telepathy, prophetic dreams, divination
Jupiter Indigo Cinquefoil, Honeysuckle Money, luck, success, legal matters
Venus Green Rose, Myrtle, Appleblossom Love, passion, devotion, friendship, beauty, youth, women, fidelity
Saturn Purple Musk, Cypress Discipline, exorcism, purification, lessons, endings, solemnity, the God

Symbols for the Planets

Planet Symbol