Fast play threshold cards for the Full Thrust game


The idea behind ftdeck was to speed up the threshold checks in Full Thrust. These can be particularly slow in large games or with inexperienced players, such as at gaming conventions. The current set covers the more common systems from Full Thrust and More Thrust, excluding the Alien races. They would require their own deck containing their system types.


The cards come as a set of GIF images. These need to be printed on thin card. Most laser printers will print on 200g card and this is what I use. I scale the images to fit an A size sheet and print out the cards. Using a steel ruler and sharp knife, cut out the cards. This will give you a single deck of 100 cards. More decks can be produced by printing out more cards. Each deck has a balanced spread of possible systems hits.

Use in Play

The deck is shuffled before the first threshold draw of each turn They can be re-shuffled before each player draws. For fast play once per turn is optimal.

At each threshold check the number of cards drawn is:

Each card will be marked with 1, 2 or 3 Systems damaged and contain the corresponding number of rows of system symbols.

Each card row contains multiple system symbols. Starting on the left of the row of card symbols, if the card symbol matches an undamaged system on your ship Ship Status Diagram (SSD) then it is damaged and marked so on the SSD. Which actual system symbol is damaged is determined by the player of the damaged ship. Once a single system is damaged the threshold card row evaluation is complete.

If the curent card symbol doesn't exist on the SSD move to the next card symbol to the right and evaluate as before. If no card symbols exist on your SSD for the entire row, then take it as 'no effect'.

Where 2 or 3 Systems are lost the same procedure is applied to each row on the card as there is one row for each potential damaged system. If no card symbols exist on your SSD for the entire row, then take it as 'no effect and evaluate the next row.

The cards have randomised all the main systems from the core game and each system has an equal chance of being eliminated.

Optional if the FTL drive is destroyed, roll D6 on a 6 the ship explodes due to the titanic forces unleashed, this should be noted on all cards with an FTL system.


In addition to the straight threshold cards you might like to add in the following in the suggested proportions (number of cards)


Events are a separate deck of cards or list with corresponding die rolls, which can be picked in response to a threshold card or other mechanism.

The number of cards in the deck is as required to give a reasonable spread of events. I would suggest 50 cards as a reasonable selection. Given the smaller frequency of events occuring the event deck is not shuffled.

These events can be tailored for your background, here are some generic ideas. The events can fall into the Good or Bad category, mix the deck as appropriate.

Bad Events

Good Events

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