Kra'Vak Fleet Book Design

Kra'Vak Fleet Book Design System

Till Fleet Book Volume II is published

This is an unofficial Kra'Vak Fleet Book design system and weapons mechanics to use with the FB Fleet Book Volume I. Primarily designed by Sean Bayan Schoonmaker, Dean Gundberg and the gzg-l list.

Step 1: Decide on the overall size of your ship the Total Mass Rating (TMR)

Total Mass Rating (TMR) Point Cost
1 x MASS

Step 2: Choose the Hull Integrity level for the ship, from the following five options:

Hull Integrity % TMR % TMR as Damage Points Point Cost
Fragile 10 20 5 x MASS
Weak 15 30 5 x MASS
Average 20 40 5 x MASS
Strong 25 50 5 x MASS
Super 30 60 5 x MASS
Kra'Vak hulls have 100% more damage track boxes on their SSD, but cost 150% more to make up for other things, like weapons, that take advantage of the extra space.

Work out the damage track and crew factors as in the FB. Kra'vak ships are always considered military.

Step 3: Choose and fit FTL drives to the ship. If an FTL drive is installed it gives the ship interstellar capability.

FTL Drive % TMR Point Cost
10 2 x MASS

Step 4: Choose Thrust Factor for the ship's main drives.

Thrust Factor % TMR per factor Point Cost
5 3 x MASS
Kra'Vak drives produce twice as many THRUSTER POINTS as standard human drives, and cost 50% more

Step 5: Select a mix of defensive systems to fit the ship, according to its intended role.

Integral Armor % TMR Point Cost
Level 1 5 (min MASS 4) 5 x MASS
Level 2 10 (min MASS 8) 5 x MASS

Kra'Vak integral armor acts like equivalent level screens but cannot be damaged by a threshold roll. For weapons that roll a d6 (unmodified) for damage, Level 1 integral armor should subtract 1 from the roll, and Level 2 should subtract 2.

Level 1 Integral Armor is 5% of TMR or MASS 4 whichever is greater
Level 2 Integral Armor is 10% of TMR or MASS 8 whichever is greater


System Mass Point Cost
Class 4 Railgun - 1 arc only 7 28
Class 3 Railgun - 1 arc only 5 20
Class 2 Railgun - 1 arc only 3 12
Class 1 Railgun - 2 arc only 2 8
Scattergun 1 10
FireCon 1 4
ADFC 2 8
Hangar Bay 9


Heavy Fighters None 30
Cargo Bay 1 per space None



The dice are scored in the same manner as Pulse Torpedoes where if you equal or exceed the to hit number you score a hit.

Range 0-6 6-12 12-18 18-24 24-30
To Hit 2+ 3+ 4+ 5+ 6+

For each hit roll another die damage. Add the class of the railgun to the initial damage roll. Subtract the target's integral armor level (integral armor is special to the Kra'Vak). Any roll lower than one is treated as a one.

Roll 1-5 6
Effect Damage railgun class Damage 2 x railgun class


A class 3 railgun fires at at target at 18MU range, it rolls a 3 so it misses.

A class 2 railgun fires at at target at 18MU range, it rolls a 5 so it hits. The damage die is now rolled and is a 4. The railgun class (2) is added making a total of 6. The target is a human ship so there are no deductions for integral armor. The final roll of 6 means that the double the railgun class (2) in damage is caused and so 4 tracks are marked off the target SSD.

A class 1 railgun fires at a target with Level 2 integral armor at 12MU range, its rolls a 4 so it hits. The damage die is now rolled and is a 1. The railgun class (1) is added making a total of 2. The target has level 2 integral armor so 2 is deducted from the roll, making a total of 0, this is rounded up to 1. The final roll of 1 means the railgun class(1) in damage is caused and so 1 track is marked off the target SSD.


Scatterguns work as in MT, except they can target missiles. As the damage rolled is at least one then a missile is always destroyed. For SLM's it is suggested that the damage roll applies to missiles before they are declared on target, the number being destoyed equal to the die roll.


A SLM salvo is targetted by a scatter gun, the scattergun roll is a three so three missiles have been destroyed from the original six. The remaining three missiles roll to see if they are on target. The single missile that is rolls for damage on the target as usual.

Range Ship Fighter Missile
6MU Yes Yes Yes
12MU Yes No No

If the ship has an ADFC then the scattergun can attack any target in range, whether it is attacking anything or not.

If used in anti-ship mode one Firecon must be allocated to each target.


A simple spread sheet (XLS/SYLK) is available that implements the design system.The XLS version contains all the More Thrust Kra'Vak designs converted by Tim Jones, Dean Gundberg.


Some example SSD sheets in the Fleet Book style based on the current Kra'Vak designs.

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