The BEST of the rest


Here cometh the best ten cursors that I've found surfing around.

There is no contest going on in here.

These are sorted in no particular order. I like and use 'em all.



What CAN I say... I love the game. I'd also like to know who the author is for these 4 files are unstoppable when used together.

Download me


My favorite Simpson...

After a few years however the excitement wears off


The famous dance... and more.

Killing time!


This has been sent to me by DaPhunck. A bit of warfare here. Looks great. Also, the Man's got no site and doesn't want your mail so you can send me your comments about this one. I'll tell him.

In a Gadda da...


A spinning shroom for all o'ya druggies out there.

What was that?


Bomberman running... Antenna hotspot... this made a few of my days.


If you don't love Star Wars you ain't human. A few ships, Millennium Falcon included.

Live & Bleed

I dunno nothing about this one... But I like it.


Not a Rat

We gotta Cursorphile here! The Man is Sion and if you dig this baby as much as I do, you can check out what else he's got in store for you.


Take a ride on a Lovetrain baby. Some say my stuff is sick, but man you gotta go here to learn.

I had some trouble linking to his site so yahoo him or something. You're being spoon-fed anyway, baby.


Disclaimer: to the best of my knowledge all of these files are free, non-copyrighted works. If you happen to know better, please notify me so I can remove those files. Also, if you happen to be an author of some of these please let me know so I can give you your credits and link to your site. Flare's flare. Thanks. FunScratch

Crank it up

The stuff I'm cranking' up while surfing...

You need java for play now