Chatter Profiles
Nick: Real_Cali

Alternative Nick: Wreks

Stats: Male 40+ Darwin

StarSign: the fishy one

Interests/Hobbies: anything with engines

Favourite Music: NOT  black rap

Favourite Flower: Carnations

Favourite Colour: Silver

Favourite Article of Clothing: anything that fits

Adjective to describe yourself: suave sophisticated NOT

Why #Fun.trivia is the best room:  nice people, good hearts

Other Rooms your visit: your kidding right?

Favourite Food:anything that was alive

Favourite quote/saying: i get to it tomorrow

Most Embarrassing Moment:  being stuck in our boat on a sandbar in the middle of Hervey Bay and still being in site of our house with mum watching...

Other Comments: found this mob by accident sat and watched for a while and thought these people are just nuts and rexette and i seemed to fit right in