Alternative Nicks: cooee: fred351

Stats: 43/f/Sydney

Star Sign: Taurus

Interests/Hobbies: chatting, reading, gardening and the car club

Favourite Music:  easy listening

Favourite Colour: a rainbow

Favourite Flower: freesia

Favourite Article of Clothing: ummm my snuggly warm winter dressing gown i guess

Adjective to describe Yourself: tall, shy, tall, happy oh...... and tall

Why #Fun.Trivia is the best: The friendlieness of the people .... it is not cliquy

Other Rooms you Visit: not many... too cliquy

Favourite Food: anything i don't have to cook .hehehe

Favourite Quote/Saying: magic happens

Most Embarrassing Moment: if you think i am going to tell you.... your crazy

Other Comment: yes I did check the spelling of cliquy....kisses and cuddles to all my friends in #fun.trivia xoxoxoxox
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