Nick: flowerchild

Alternative Nick: blossom, flossydots, dark`n`stormy, moonglow

Stats: 38 yo female from beautiful Bundaberg, Qld

Star Sign: Aquarius

Interests & Hobbies: When I'm not working or looking after my kids? Not alot really, love watching the kids play sport, play a bit of netball myself, and, well, chatting, what more can I say.

Favourite Music: Anything I can sing along to (badly)

Favourite Colour: Yello

Favourite Article of Clothing: Anything comfy

Favourite Flower: Frangipanni

Adjectives to describe yourself: I dunno, ask my friends.

Favourite Foods: Sherbet

Favourite Quote: Everything happens for a reason

Why #fun.trivia is the best: Because the people are friendly and helpful and nice, most of the time anyway... ;o)

Other rooms you visit: peers.30s.qld

Most Embrassing Moment: Getting locked in the loo at a Chinese restaurant in Sydney one New Years Eve.  Then when i finally got out, they tried the lock and it worked perfectly. When i walked back into the restaurant, everyone cheered. Boy was I red faced.

I've met some great friends in fun.trivia, macbeth, tweety33, maudie, mystie, danny to name a few. Twas great to discover that we get on just as well in person as we do in chat (well those that i have met anyway.... hehe)