Nick: heyvick

Stats: mum of one, born in 1958 - Chinese Year of the Dog

Star Sign: Cancer

Interests Hobbies: Varied - the problem is finding time to do anything

Favourite Music: Varied - love the oldies, country, R&B, soul, basically anything middle of the road, nothing too heavy,

Favourite Colour: Depends on the mood I'm in.  Seen to have a fair bit of burgundy/maroon through the house

Favourite Article of Clothing: Same as above

Favourite Flower: Arum Lily - basically anything that doesn't smell - I get really bad hayfever - SNIFFF

Adjectives to describe Yourself: Friendly, talkative (in case you haven't noticed ), very loyal to my own family and friends, dry/warped sense of humour, very easygoing.  I dislike people who are full of themselves, bigots, and unkind people

Favourite Foods: DEFINITELY shellfish and champagne.  Now all I have to do is win the lottery to keep myself in the manner in which I would like to become accustomed

Why trivia is the best room: The people here as so friendly, and EXTREMELY helpful and patient with me.  I have recommended this Room to friends

Other rooms you visit: Look around at different ones, but I always come back

Most Embrassing Moment: Take your pick:-
1. The box of tampons at the supermarket
2. Losing my petticoat at a disco
3. The old man and the quilt at the supermarket

Looking at this, some of my most embarrassing moments have happened at the supermarket.  Hang on ....... going shopping!!!
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