Chatter Profile Kirsten
Nick: Kirsten

Alternative Nick:: KirstenBBS Kirstenn Kirstennn etc etc lol

Stats: female, 40 Southern Highlands NSW

Star Sign: Saggitarius

Interests_Hobbies: Music Swimming Computers too much more to mention

Favourite Music: just about everything

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Article of Clothing: ?????????

Favourite Flower: Lots

Adjectivesto describe yourself: you have 3 hours to spare??? nah i better not bore you

Favourite Foods: Satay Chicken, Butter Chicken, Baked Dinners

Favourite Quote or Saying: lol,,,,,,,,,,,

Why #fun.trivia is the best: IT JUST IS!

Other rooms you visit: not many.. lol

Most Embrassing Moment: not telling!

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