I have been on chat for approximately 2 years and although have tried other servers and other chat rooms I have always come home to #Fun.trivia. I was made an op in #Fun.trivia out of the desperation of the sops at the time, and by being in the right place at the right time I guess. Although I had a good general puter knowledge, I was only new to mirc but with the help of another Aop at the time (thank you babe :ox) and the fact that I was thrown in at the deep end, I eventually got a better knowledge of mirc/pirch/java. It was not long after this that I was given the opportunity to be a SOP in the room. I am the baby SOP having been on the list the shortest time.

As for me lol As you are all aware I am 29+3 female and from Townsville in NQ.
I have 5 children (4girls and a boy) including a set of  4yr old triplets who keep myself, my hubby and the childrens nanny extremely busy. I ventured into bigpond chat one night out of desperation for a night time social life due to my hubby working nights. Within a few days I found trivia and I was addicted (did I really say that... lol)
More of the personals.. I am a trained primary school teacher who now only works supply or casual. After my training I did an I&T course with the vision of specialising in computers. My marriage and soon to happen pregnancy stopped all of those visions and the opportunity to obtain my diploma in health and fitness and my dance teachers qualifications were realised. I still work in both these industries from time to time and teach secondary school Rec&Heath (PE to the old school)

I love the lifestyle of Nth Qld and pursue all types of water sports (including jetskiing - the most thrilling thing you can do outside the bedroom lol) and a lot of aerobics. My ultimate goal - to learn to fly a helicopter - My greatest thrill/achievement, other than getting married to a wonderful man and having 5 beautiful children, would be overcoming my fear of heights by participating in a 12,000ft tandem skydive. (bring on a higher dive next time!!!!!)

Contrary to popular belief I am a very shy person and as for anything else, I'm just the lady walking down the street (trying to find the closest lingerie store  to exercise hubby's credit card.lol)
Alternative Nick: which one

StarSign: Gemini

Favourite Music: Classic Rock - Heart, BlackSabbath

Favourite Flower: Cooktown Orchid

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Article of Clothing: My fancipance of course

Adjectives to describe yourself: sweet, shy, innocent and naive!! what else would i say?

Favourite Foods: Vegetarian

Favourite Quote/saying: Others may not see that you are made of gold but you will always shine

Other rooms you visit: #Sport.MotorRacing.Formula1

Most Embarrassing Moment: All  I will admit to is when i was 16 I climbed out of the bedroom window to meet up with a boyfriend.  When climbing in the window the neighbours thought I was breaking into the house and called the police. Aarrhhh consequences were many!!!
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For those that have been asking for a pic of my triplets .... here tis
and how could i forget the other two