Alternative Nick: Blue_angel

Stats: female, 32

Star Sign: cancer

Interests/Hobbies: chat, tenpin, squash, meeting people

Favourite Music: mb20, country

Favourite Colour: blue

Favourite Flower: gerbera

Favourite Food: chicken, anything with chicken

Favourite Article of Clothing: denim shorts

Adjectives to Describe Yourself: bubbly, zany, daggy, friendly

Why #Fun.Trivia is the best room: the people in there, and oh the trivia is good too

Other Rooms you visit: none really

Favourite Quote/Saying: omfg roflmao hehehehehe

Most Embarrassing Moment: falling down the stairs at the Brisbane pond party in front of everyone after quoting i was quite capable of doing it myself without any help.... heellllllllllllllp alright!  lol

Other Comments: I love chatting on mirc.... there are so many great people to chat to and have fun with......Sometimes i would be lost without chat  :-)  xxxxx
Maudie is a 32 year old female from Gladstone in Central Queeensland.  She has 3 very handsome young chaps who are 8, 6 and 2. 

Some people might say that I am addicted to chat and ummm trivia, but I say NOT TRUE.  lol....

Maudie met her true love and soulmate, spa-country in the #Fun.trivia chat room on telstra chat.  :o)

Maudie loves to play tenpin bowling, going for walks and has a slight obsession with huge jigsaw puzzles.  (over 50 in the cupboard) lol

For those who have no idea where Gladstone is, it's on the coast about one hour south of Rockhampton. Gladstone is a very industrial city, with an alumina processing plant right here in town and an aluminium smelter down the coast about 25klms at Boyne Island.  Take the time to check out the Gladstone link.
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