Chatter Profile Mystie
Alternative Nick: wot? hehe neva!

Stats: 41/f/brissie

Star Sign: Cancer

Interests/Hobbies oh...has to be here..funtrivia chat..hehehe

Favourite Music: Meatloaf.....

Favourite Flower: Black rose

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Article of Clothing: anything black..... :)

Adjective to describe Yourself: happy-go-lucky

Why is #fun.trivia the best: ohhh all the wonderful people in u!!!!

Other rooms you visit: oh and be unfaithful..noway..hehehe

Favourite Foods: no pineapple tho

Favourite Quote/saying: It is only pain.... you will get over it!!!!

Most embarrassing moment: sheesss do you think that I embarrass easily.... not sure what this one is.... may not have happened yet.. lol will let ya know if and when... lol

Other Comment: Hey fun trivia is best room out..soooo friendly with everyone willing to help wherever they can hehehe... all you good people in there make it what it is... without all you wonderful guys..hey take it from would not be such a fun place....mwah 2 ya all!!!!
(lol ^baz^ hope ya happy now... pmsl)
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