Nick: pansie

Alternative Nick: snapie, Nurse_Ratched 

Stats: f/lake macquarie nsw

Star Sign: capricorn

Interests & Hobbies: visiting #Fun.Trivia, no time for anything else at the moment

Favourite Music: 60's, 70's, 80's, country, easy listening.

Favourite Colour: blue

Favourite Article of Clothing: daggy black trackie

Favourite Flower: carnation

Adjectives to describe yourself: very caring and protective of my family, have been told I have a wacky sense of humour!!

Favourite Foods: roast lamb and baked vege's, chinese

Favourite Quote: take care

Why #fun.trivia is the best: best people, best hosts, very friendly roomies

Other rooms you visit: why go elsewhere???

Most Embrassing Moment: no way, was far too embarrassing  lol
(comment from Lena - Pansie remember the time! yeah i agree that would embarrass you too much - lol )

Other Comments: Since I first visited #Fun.Trivia I have found a wonderful bunch of cyber friends. I enjoy my visits very much, even when I get kicked  lol
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