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The things they say in Trivia!!!!!  Look for the 'Quote of the Week'
<tweetyboy> hey sunshine^ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<sunshine^> hiya tweetyboy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
* puppy_ patts puter......good puter now u bee good puter for aunty Mandie
<tweetyboy> rofl
<sunshine^> hi again puppy_......u in here too??  lol
<puppy_> hiya again
<sunshine^> hiya ColP heyvick HsV-GrangE RaCeY_CaR
<ColP> hiii sunshine^ :) xxxx
<tweetyboy> how was the weekend sunshine^?? you walking again now or still needing the aid of a wheel chair?
<heyvick> hello sunshine^!
<sunshine^> tweetyboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<sunshine^> Laughing Out Loud
<heyvick> whoooohooo tweetyboy!!! some things you never ask a lady!!!!
<sunshine^> how is ya heyvick
<heyvick> i'm good, sunshine^    how are you?
<tweetyboy> pmsl heyvick, this is sunshine^ we're talking about and she's as lady like as me, which is why we get on so well. hehehehehe
<sunshine^> OY!!!!!!!!
* heyvick reconsiders tweetyboy's orientation, pmsl
<sunshine^> that'll do tyvm tweetyboy!!! lmao
<tweetyboy> hehehehehehehehehe sunshine^
<heyvick> harh!!!
<sunshine^> Laughing Out Loud heyvick
<tweetyboy> awwwwwwwww you know i luvs ya anyway sunshine^
<ColP> lol
<sunshine^> ahuh.....suuuuuurrrrrrrrre you do tweets.....casting aspersions like that....I dunno....wot on earth will ppl think???   lol
<tweetyboy> rofpmsl sunshine^, wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll if they only knew what i know. hehehehehehehe
* heyvick has fair idea!!!
<ColP> lol
<tweetyboy> but i digress so i'll shhhhhhhhhhhh from now on
<sunshine^> well let's just say it was home delivery this time round
<tweetyboy> pmsl
<heyvick> hope you gave a good tip, sunshine^, roflmao
<sunshine^> Laughing My A$$ Off
<tweetyboy> didn't you mother ever tell you sunshine^, you shouldn't eat in bed, it'll give you indigestion
<sunshine^> yes of course heyvick.....told him to be good to his mum.....that's a good tip don't you think???
<tweetyboy> or at least other things that bloat you
<sunshine^> Rollin' On The Floor Laughing My A$$ Off
<heyvick> the best, sunshine^!!!!
<ColP> lol
<sunshine^> now now's good to be able to eat at home every now and again.....heaps better for you than takeaway!!  lol
<tweetyboy> lol, well yeah that's true and at least you don't have to drive as far to get it either. lol
<sunshine^> Laughing My A$$ Off

<ColP> i'm asleep on my chair too
<ColP> so pardon the final fumbles in advance ;)
<^curlyblond^> hahaha ColP  want to wake  ya up
* ^curlyblond^ gets out some lap dancing music
<ColP> i can't i gotta rest lol
* heyvick passes ColP heart pill
<ColP> ColP thanks heyvick profusely !!!! :))))
<heyvick> nw ColP
* tweetyboy passes ColP a valium to help him relax
* ^curlyblond^ gets the water for ColP to take his pills but accidently drop spills it down her tshirt
<^curlyblond^> oopppppps  silly me
<heyvick> oh no, here we go, ^curlyblond^ is going to get ColP's gear off, lol
<ColP> lol hey i'll be certifiable with all that dope
<heyvick> any which way she can, lol
* ^curlyblond^ has to get out of this wet tshirt now
<^curlyblond^> lmao  no my own heyvick lol
<ColP> all i'd need is a long black coffee lol
<heyvick> dammit ^curlyblond^, any excuse lol
<tweetyboy> pmsl ColP and here i was thinking you were certifiable without all that dope. hehehehehehehehe
<ColP> Heheheheehh
<ColP> oh classic tweetyboy :)
<^curlyblond^> ill give a ya a long hot something  ColP  but its not black lmao
<ColP> whoah
<tweetyboy> of course i'm speaking from my own experience ColP. lol
<^curlyblond^> u are certifiable bro
<ColP> doodness !
<^curlyblond^> no doodness wont save ya
<ColP> giv's the rest of those pill could you heyvick ?
<tweetyboy> is it any wonder curls?? i mean i've lived with you long enough
<^curlyblond^> oiiiiii meaning wot
<ColP> i mean pwease hey oh dearest master may i have just another ?
<^curlyblond^> that i sent u this way?
<tweetyboy> wellllllllllllllllllll if the shoe fits sis. hehehehehehe
<ColP> brb
* heyvick passes the bottle to ColP
<ColP> Heheheeheehh
<^curlyblond^> grrr bite me
<^curlyblond^> brb im following ColP
* tweetyboy hands ColP the bed pan cause with all that dope in him, he's in no condition to be trying to take himself off to the toilet
* heyvick passes ColP big stick to beat ^curlyblond^ off
<heyvick> off, not on, ^curlyblond^
<tweetyboy> naaaaaa heyvick, that's what ^curlyblond^'s planning to do to ColP, beat him off. hehehehehehehe
<^curlyblond^> damn thought he smack my butt with it   hehehehe
<^curlyblond^> omg i am not  ya damn perverts
* heyvick stands back and lets ColP fend for himself

<ColP> my god
<heyvick> bugga, that song died a quick death
<ColP> step out for a minute and look what happens !
<tweetyboy> yep you step out for a minute ColP and heyvick starts talking about sex
<ColP> well we'd better make sure this lot don't make it into the stats lol
* heyvick does not!!!!!
<ColP> pmsl tweetyboy
* heyvick forgets what it's all about
<ColP> ahh well the log alway remembers heyvick
<tweetyboy> pmsl ColP, was that a hint?? heheheheheh especially since i did manage to get around to doing the extra chatters quotes page today
<heyvick> awwww, i haven't said anything worth worry about!!!!!
<heyvick> not fair, i've been good for soooo long
<heyvick> well behaved for so long, lol
<ColP> ohhh no, the dreaded extras have revived.....
<tweetyboy> yeah i know heyvick, i was disappointed when i did them actually cause there was nothing from either you or queenie i could include
<ColP> personally and carefully selected by the filthiest
<heyvick> harharhar!!!
<ColP> the most depraved minds in the business !
<heyvick>   \|/ ____ \|/    \|/ ____ \|/    \|/ ____ \|/ 
<heyvick>    @~/ ,. \~@      @~/ ,. \~@      @~/ ,. \~@  
<heyvick>   /_( \_ / )_\    /_( \_ / )_\    /_( \_ / )_\ 
<heyvick>      \__U_/          \__U_/          \__U_/    
<heyvick>  св св свсв св   св св свсв св   св св свсв св 
<heyvick>      tweety          tweety          tweety    
<tweetyboy> or the funniest, whicheven i find first. lol
<ColP> Hahahaahahh
<tweetyboy> actually heyvick, that popup made it in
<ColP> i know i'm gonna be punished for that :D
<heyvick> god always punishes the naughty ones, ColP, lol
<ColP> lol
* heyvick asks a question. why is it everyone thinks i'm so awful?????
<tweetyboy> hence why i have never been punished
<heyvick> lol
<heyvick> living in hope tweetyboy???
<tweetyboy> as the stats attest this week, i am innocent and naive
<ColP> we don't put up with awful people heyvick
<heyvick> if that's the case tweetyboy, stats are RIGGED
<ColP> lol
<tweetyboy> nope heyvick, it was my random quote
<ColP> you can count on that heyvick <snort>
<heyvick> sure tweetyboy
<heyvick> amazing how these random things work.  must be like winning the jackpot on the pokies!
<ColP> it's a lie hey
<heyvick> i think it just might be
<tweetyboy> they are not altered in anyway what so ever. i run the mircstats prog and it calculates all the figures and pulls out the quotes. it's all written in html coding which if you ever tried writting in, is a nightmare so i don't try
<ColP> they re-run them again and again till they find one that appeals to their warped bunny fones
<heyvick> you think i'm that silly, tweetyboy????
<heyvick> lol
<heyvick> sounds like the pokies to me ColP
<ColP> lol tweetyboy                                             

<^curlyblond^> noooooooooooooooooooo
* ^curlyblond^ gets up & dances again
<Planet_Waves> ty corderoytrousers you got a repeat for that i can have too ?
<corderoytrousers> no! not the guiness ad!! why did you mention dancing?
<Planet_Waves> :)
<^curlyblond^> wotttttt dacning is wot i do lol
<corderoytrousers> haha
<corderoytrousers> you dance ^curlyblond^?
<^curlyblond^> yep corderoytrousers i do
<Planet_Waves> lol
<corderoytrousers> what kind?
<^curlyblond^> chair, table, lap all sorts - tap dancing ( usually fall in sink though :o(   )
<tweetyboy> the kind called badly corderoytrousers. lol
<corderoytrousers> hahahahaha
* corderoytrousers can't stop laughing...damn no-sleep
<^curlyblond^> grrrr @ tweetyboy u r so looking for another slapping
<tweetyboy> corderoytrousers, i'll give you a little word of advice, ^curlyblond^ is a little too top heavy to be a dancer, many would be injured
<^curlyblond^> lmao
<corderoytrousers> eeeek
<corderoytrousers> i am only widdle
<Planet_Waves> goodness
* ^curlyblond^ probly knock more peoples out then anything else lol
<corderoytrousers> alol
<corderoytrousers> i kick people when i dance
<^curlyblond^> lmao sick
<^curlyblond^> delibrately?
<corderoytrousers> sometimes intentionally
<^curlyblond^> lol
<corderoytrousers> haha
<Planet_Waves> she excited us then tries to corner the trade on activity/recovery pills
<^curlyblond^> sounds like me - nothing like a heel in the shin lol
<^curlyblond^> who me Planet_Waves?
<corderoytrousers> was in a club one time and kicked this big greek guy...if he wasn't gay he would have pummeled me
<^curlyblond^> offffffsssssssssssss  noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
<^curlyblond^> lmao corderoytrousers did he hit u with his hand bag?
<Planet_Waves> lol ^curls^
<corderoytrousers> hey!
<corderoytrousers> nothing wrong with gays
* ^curlyblond^ is ganna get bagpipes inserted in tweetyboy's rectum for xmas
<Planet_Waves> you think a bagpoipes will get her off tweetyboy ?
<^curlyblond^> not saying there is corderoytrousers
<tweetyboy> no but he cat slapped him with the false eye lashes. lol
<corderoytrousers> pmsl!
<corderoytrousers> eewwww
<corderoytrousers> i wasn't transexual
<corderoytrousers> just gay
<corderoytrousers> looked like a bloke
<corderoytrousers> till he spoke with a lisp
<^curlyblond^> u were?
<tweetyboy> who corderoytrousers, you or him??
<corderoytrousers> ohcarp!
<^curlyblond^> roflmaooooooooo
<tweetyboy> pmsl corderoytrousers
<corderoytrousers> i ment he
<corderoytrousers> i wasn't wither
<corderoytrousers> either
<^curlyblond^> withered??
<corderoytrousers> damn my eyes
<^curlyblond^> omg gay & withered is a problem lmao
* corderoytrousers pokes ^curlyblond^, enough of that
<tweetyboy> don't think your eyes you gotta worry about corderoytrousers, think it's your fingers and what they type. hehehe
<^curlyblond^> ooooOOOOOooooo poke me harder HARDERRRRRRRR
<corderoytrousers> crikey!
<tweetyboy> hi smash-grab
* corderoytrousers wants to sleep now
<^curlyblond^> lmao
* tweetyboy makes a mental note to remember early saturday morning when doing the extra chatters quotes on sunday
<^curlyblond^> oh corderoytrousers just funning with ya
<corderoytrousers> hehe! nah, i am always in for a quick poke before bed
<^curlyblond^> lmao
<corderoytrousers> omgosh i didn;t say that
<^curlyblond^> wahooooooo  bring it on
* tweetyboy thinks corderoytrousers is just begging to be this weeks star in the extra chatters quotes
* corderoytrousers yawns
* ^curlyblond^ is taking the logs of this for safe keeping in case tweetyboy puiter spaz's out again
<corderoytrousers> extra chatter quotes?
<corderoytrousers> cool! can i?
<Planet_Waves> good idea ^curlyblond^
<^curlyblond^> STARRRR chatter corderoytrousers lol - with all ur comment s i think lol
<Planet_Waves> and if ur's does too...
<corderoytrousers> nothing wrong with my sane comments
<corderoytrousers> is there?
<corderoytrousers> come on support guys