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[23:39] <hinga> I have a portentious commenb to make
[23:40] <hinga> comment
[23:40] <hades> ??????/
[23:40] <Planet_Waves> ok hinga let's have it ;)
[23:40] <hinga> well its a fart actually but it sounded good Eh?

[23:45] <hinga> well - just aQ
[23:46] <hinga> ??
[23:46] <hinga> Q?
[23:46] <Mystie> wot
[23:46] <Planet_Waves> wot ?
[23:46] <Planet_Waves> Q?
[23:46] <Mystie> yeah wot
[23:46] <Mystie> lol
[23:46] <Mystie> is
[23:46] <Mystie> the
[23:46] <Mystie> q
[23:46] <HoratioSmythe> just a q
[23:46] <Mystie> ?
[23:46] <Planet_Waves> see what we've reduced ourselves to !

[00:57] <tweetyboy> i know maudie, not happy, was trying to finish typing before she left. damn my slow fingers
[00:57] <maudie> lol
[00:57] <maudie> cold finger.... lol
[00:57] <^spectre^> insert them  somewhere warm tweetyboy lol
[00:58] <tweetyboy> maudie, can i borrow your twisted ring???

[00:09] <Planet_Waves> who is she ?
[00:09] <HoratioSmythe> she?
[00:09] <HoratioSmythe> i dunno
[00:09] <HoratioSmythe> some tart apparently
[00:09] <HoratioSmythe> ?
[00:09] <Mystie> caramel?

[23:12] <heyvick> TriviaBot flashes me a lot!!!!!!!!

23:08] * ^^^Danny^^^ takes off his shirt
[23:08] <Tektronix> and den
[23:08] <^^^Danny^^^> throws it across the room
[23:08] <Tektronix> go danny
[23:09] * ^^^Danny^^^ slides of his pants
[23:09] <Tektronix> wahoooooo
[23:09] <^^^Danny^^^> & kicks them off
[23:09] <Tektronix> nice underwear danny
[23:09] <Catherine> B :o((  ^^^Danny^^^
[23:09] * ^^^Danny^^^ slowly wiggles out of his undies
[23:10] <^^^Danny^^^> & kicks them to Tektronix
[23:10] <heyvick> geez, turn the heat up ^^^Danny^^^
[23:10] <Tektronix> your turn Russel_Dalrymple
[23:10] <Tektronix> wooohoooo
[23:10] <Tektronix> Russel_Dalrymple I didn't see you taking anything off
[23:10] * ^^^Danny^^^ parades around the room naked
[23:10] <Tektronix> omg
[23:10] <Tektronix> I see it's cold
[23:10] * Russel_Dalrymple doesn't waer undies so throws his willy-warmer on the stage
[23:10] <Tektronix> huba huba
[23:11] <Tektronix> willy warmer?????
[23:11] <heyvick> haven't you ever seen one of those Tektronix???
[23:11] <Tektronix> so does that mean we have Willomena warmers
[23:11] <Tektronix> just never heard them called that heyvick
[23:11] <Tektronix> what size was it Russel_Dalrymple
[23:12] <Russel_Dalrymple> in some places the are called ugg-boots Tektronix... ;)
[23:12] <heyvick> yep, that was the formal one?  lol
[23:12] <Tektronix> hey I've got ugg boots on tonight Russel_Dalrymple
[23:12] <heyvick> hawwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhh, wipe your chin Russel_Dalrymple, lol
[23:12] * Tektronix hands Russel_Dalrymple a hankie
[23:12] <^^^Danny^^^> lol
[23:12] <Russel_Dalrymple> one can dream
[23:12] <Tektronix> you can get dressed now danny
[23:12] <^^^Danny^^^> at least i can back up my claims  hehe
[23:13] <heyvick> pass another tissue Tektronix
[23:13] * Tektronix passes Russel_Dalrymple a tissue
[23:13] <heyvick> hang on, ^^^Danny^^^, guess we don't know what your claim is!!!!
[23:16] * ^^^Danny^^^ is willing to back up any of his claims in person
[23:16] <Tektronix> are you over 18 danny
[23:16] <^^^Danny^^^> yep
[23:16] <Tektronix> and bigger than a breadbox
[23:17] <Tektronix> smaller than a house
[23:17] <Russel_Dalrymple> over 18???? tek
[23:17] <Tektronix> well are you over 18 Russel_Dalrymple
[23:17] <Russel_Dalrymple> greed is a very bad trait
[23:17] <Tektronix> who's greedy
[23:17] <^^^Danny^^^> you talking a french stick or a dinner roll lol
[23:17] <Tektronix> not me I am too deep to be shallow and too poor to be greedy
[23:18] <Tektronix> french stick
[23:18] <Russel_Dalrymple> thinking mor a baguette
[23:19] <^^^Danny^^^> ok peoples i gotta go & put my clothes back on
[23:19] <^^^Danny^^^> its getting cold
[23:19] <Tektronix> please do danny

[23:37] <Kirsten> sounds like john farnham lol
[23:37] <Mystie> lol does it
[23:37] <Kirsten> hi BmyAngel
[23:37] <Mystie> sheesss
[23:37] <Mystie> sadie
[23:38] <Mystie> the cleaning ladie
[23:38] <Kirsten> the cleaning lady.........
[23:38] <BmyAngel> hi Kirsten
[23:38] <Kirsten> oops
[23:38] <Kirsten> she wipes her bum and feeds it to the baby.......... ewwwwwwwwww
[23:38] <Kirsten> thats what i used to sing when i was a kid... sick arent i

23:44] <tweetyboy> i use to have a tap that it was on Kirsten but have no idea when the tape has gone so i'd been searching for it for ages and finally found it a couple of weeks ago
[23:45] <Kirsten> hahaha when i started reading that i thought... why is he telling me about a bloody tap?????  lol.... like....

[23:55] <Kirsten> hahahaha git under the house tweetyboy go on....... git... pmsl

00:49] *** Kirstenknowswhenshesnotwanted is now known as Kirstenchangesnicktoshorterone

[21:45] <flowerchild> lets have a round of topic 2
[21:45] <flowerchild> just for fun
[21:45] <Planet_Waves> better leave them all in lol
[21:45] * MsPretty hits flowerchild what are you nuts?

[23:07] <krypto_nite> i have answer sheets too..but mine are for tomorrow nite
[23:08] <lena> lmao krypto_nite and we need a credit card to get a copy of them also don't we?
[23:08] <krypto_nite> lol..just watch where u swipe it!!!
[23:08] <lena> i'm waiting for lessons to find out what i have to do with it  or where i insert it or whatever i have to do with it
[23:09] <krypto_nite> (_|_).....thats NOT a autobank....

00:14] <^spectre^> hey ^^necromancer^^ is that why you asked me in priv last night could i be your boss lol
[00:15] <^^necromancer^^> not blardy likely ^spectre^, i'm quite happy with who my boss is now, but if you're happy to wear the four inch spike heels, we can talk about it
[00:16] <^spectre^> i thought we did ^^necromancer^^ but i wont be apart of your kinky ways well not with a male anyway lol

00:39] <^^necromancer^^> i just have one ungrateful son so we leave him outside to run around and do what he likes and we feed him once a day if he's lucky
[00:39] <^spectre^> yeah and he actually does resemble you ^^necromancer^^ lol

[01:16] <teardrop> pmsl teardrop
[01:16] <tweetyboy> pmsl teardrop, stop laughing at yourself. hehehehehehe
[01:16] <teardrop> oh snort as Planet_Waves would say!!!!!!
[01:16] <tweetyboy> lol
[01:17] <heyvick> lol Planet_Waves!!!!
[01:17] <Planet_Waves> lol i'm out of this one
[01:17] <teardrop> change ya nick tweetyboy cos i'm outta control hehehehehe

[01:53] * ^spectre^ hits tweetyboy around with a kenworth truck
[01:54] * tweetyboy ducks under the kenworth and watches as ^spectre^ goes careening off over the cliff. oooooppppppsssssss cya ^spectre^, i should have to you to brake on that corner shouldn't i
[01:55] * waif throw ^spectre^ life saving rope........
[01:55] * teardrop throws tweetyboy a machete
[01:55] * ^spectre^ grabs waif's rope and climbs to safety
[01:56] * teardrop stands on top of the cliff with her arms wide open
[01:56] * waif pushes teardrop off
[01:56] * ^spectre^ grabs teardrop before shes falls over
[01:56] * waif feels real bad, so throws rope down to teardrop
[01:56] <suzy_q> suzy notes that they are all still as nutty as fruitcakes in this room what bliss   lol
[01:57] <teardrop> lol waif
[01:57] * teardrop grabs waif's rope and ties herself to ^spectre^
[01:57] <teardrop> lol suzy_q nuffinks changed  lol
[01:57] <suzy_q> teardrop you flirt
[01:57] <tweetyboy> pmsl suzy_q, somethings are bound to never change. hehehehehehehe
[01:57] <teardrop> you will still fit in perfectly hon  hehehe
[01:57] * waif uses teardrop as bungee tester
[01:57] <teardrop> pmsl waif
[01:58] * ^spectre^ unties himself from teardrop and ties teardrop to the bed
[01:58] <suzy_q> I have had a s.poohy night
[01:58] <waif> uh oh
[01:58] * teardrop boings boings boings up and down and cliff face
[01:58] * heyvick takes a big run and pushes the whole mob of idiots over the cliff!!!!!!!!
[01:58] * tweetyboy lays at the bottom and waits for teardrop to bounce around on that elastic band
[01:58] <teardrop> hehehe ^spectre^  sheesh  now what happens  lol
[01:58] * waif uses machette on bed
[01:58] * teardrop reminds ^spectre^ that she is sweet shy innocent and naive
[01:59] <waif> rope just too short too reach tweetyboy at bottom of cliff
[01:59] * tweetyboy reminds teardrop she ain't fooling no one with that balony
[01:59] <teardrop> lol tweetyboy i'm a vegie .... balony means nuffink to me  hehehehe
[02:00] <teardrop> lol suzy_q and heyvick  we may be crazy but u two are in a class of your own hehehehe
[02:00] <^spectre^> hmmmmmm yes teardrop you are if i remember right ..... you taste sweet ..i love it when you put on that school dress and play the innocent part and yes i was very naive before i met you lol
[02:00] <waif> we all be playing around at bottom of cliff
[02:00] <teardrop> lol ^spectre^
[02:00] * teardrop quickly opens her kinky box and finds a gag for ^spectre^
[02:00] <teardrop> lol waif  playing with what may i ask?  lol
[02:00] <Planet_Waves> gawd, poor cliff !

02:00] <waif> vegies ??
[02:01] <waif> meat ??
[02:01] <waif> Piin Myself Laughin Planet_Waves
[02:01] <teardrop> roflmao
[02:01] <tweetyboy> meat and two vege
[02:01] <teardrop> pork sausage u think waif?
[02:01] <waif> too limp
[02:01] <teardrop> pmsl
[02:01] <tweetyboy> naaaaaaa not if you get the sausages that have bones in them
[02:02] * teardrop thankfully grabbed the gag from ^spectre^ and bound her own mouth lol
[02:02] <waif> bones ??
[02:02] <teardrop> sausages with bones?????? please explain  ????/ i wanna know more  lol
[02:02] <Planet_Waves> uh oh, they're away now...
[02:02] <tweetyboy> stops them from going limp
[02:03] <waif>  spray starch does too, dont mean we like it on the sausages

[02:17] * teardrop wonders whether she should stay undressed and go to bed or get dressed and present myself decently again
[02:18] <^curlyblond^> any one in the bed teardrop? lol
[02:18] <tweetyboy> noooooooooooo teardrop, stay undressed, i prefer the view as it is
[02:18] <teardrop> nah unfortunately ^curlyblond^  nothing thats not battery operated anyways  lol
[02:18] <^curlyblond^> bro ur such a perv
[02:19] <^curlyblond^> BOBBBBBBBBB is good teardrop lol
[02:19] <teardrop> pmsl ^curlyblond^
[02:19] <^curlyblond^> least he dont complain or make ya sleep in the wet spot lmao
[02:19] <teardrop> i see you've experienced the BOBBBBBB sensation also hehehehe
[02:19] <teardrop> nor does he snore ^curlyblond^  lol
[02:19] * ^curlyblond^ slaps herself for that comment

[02:20] <^curlyblond^> correct teardrop lol
[02:20] <tweetyboy> well he does if you forget to turn him off teardrop
[02:20] <^curlyblond^> was more like BOBrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[02:22] <Simon> who's BOB?
[02:22] <^curlyblond^> BOB- Battery Operated Boyfriend Simon

[02:25] <Simon> I'm on the prowl 24-7

[02:39] * ^curlyblond^  You're a honey. . . and you're a cutie I just wished you had J-Lo's "booty".
[02:41] * ^curlyblond^  Our love will never become cold and hollow Unless, one day, you refuse to swallow.
[02:41] <Planet_Waves> lol
[02:41] <Simon> oh noooooo
[02:41] <^curlyblond^> become a bird type swallow :o)
[02:42] * ^curlyblond^ takes the warning and slap her own tokkus
[02:42] <Planet_Waves> i can't believe you actually admitted that ^curlyblond^ lol
[02:43] <^curlyblond^> whatthat i hid the bodies ? lol
[02:43] <^curlyblond^> hide
[02:43] <Planet_Waves> slappin the tokkus :P
[02:43] <^curlyblond^> ohh that i made them lmao
[02:43] <tweetyboy> no, that you swallow
[02:43] <^curlyblond^> shhhhhhhhhh bro
[02:43] <^curlyblond^> damnit lol
[02:43] <Planet_Waves> pmsl
[02:44] <^curlyblond^> tasmamian they gunna  think lmao
[02:44] <^curlyblond^> and how the hell do u know what i do anyways?
[02:44] <tweetyboy> cause you bloody tell me practically everything anyway
[02:44] <^curlyblond^> i dont tell u that
[02:44] <^curlyblond^> omggggggg
[02:45] <tweetyboy> so how big is 12 inches??
[02:45] * ^curlyblond^ throws things at tweetyboy from a short distance lol
[02:45] <^curlyblond^> big enough
[02:45] <^curlyblond^> or not big enough depending on how u look at it lmao
[02:45] <tweetyboy> pmsl
[02:44] <^curlyblond^> tasmamian they gunna  think lmao
[02:44] <^curlyblond^> and how the hell do u know what i do anyways?
[02:44] <tweetyboy> cause you bloody tell me practically everything anyway
[02:44] <^curlyblond^> i dont tell u that
[02:44] <^curlyblond^> omggggggg
[02:45] <tweetyboy> so how big is 12 inches??
[02:45] * ^curlyblond^ throws things at tweetyboy from a short distance lol
[02:45] <^curlyblond^> big enough
[02:45] <^curlyblond^> or not big enough depending on how u look at it lmao
[02:45] <tweetyboy> pmsl
[02:45] <^curlyblond^> lmaooooo
[02:45] <tweetyboy> you mean depending on if you're mum
[02:46] <^curlyblond^> noo then she would holding her head and screaming ohh my foot my foot lmao
[02:46] <tweetyboy> then it's a bus depot and truck stop
[02:46] <^curlyblond^> garage for the unused lol
[02:46] <tweetyboy> rofpmsl
[02:46] <^curlyblond^> toooooooooooooo funnnnnnnnnnnnnnny
[02:46] * ^curlyblond^ is cryinggggg and snortinggggg
[02:47] <tweetyboy> good for storage space though. hey maybe we could move some stuff in, make it easier for when we move
[02:47] <^curlyblond^> bro im logging this and showing mum what u said about her
[02:47] <^curlyblond^> change her name to MILLERS self storage
[02:48] <Planet_Waves> uh oh
[02:48] <^curlyblond^> okkkkkkkk i dont think everyone need to hear this - its kinda a family issue lol
[02:48] <^curlyblond^> and no one is talking bro lmao
[02:48] <Planet_Waves> that quieted them ;)
[02:48] <tweetyboy> pmsl, think they've all fallen off theit chairs in shock
[02:48] <^curlyblond^> either that or they all went into chock ll
[02:48] <^curlyblond^> shock
[02:48] <Planet_Waves> i was shocked 15 minutes ago
[02:48] <tweetyboy> lol
[02:48] <^curlyblond^> chock ? chook woth a bit of wood somewhere up it
[02:49] <^curlyblond^> when i came in Planet_Waves? lol
[02:49] <Planet_Waves> yes !
[02:49] <^curlyblond^> it always manages to go gutter level when i come here lol
[02:49] <Planet_Waves> revived now with various pills and mechanical devices
[02:49] <Planet_Waves> almost ready for bed
[02:50] <tweetyboy> lol Planet_Waves, so am i actually
[02:50] <tweetyboy> cause i have to get up and do an assignment tomorrow
[02:50] <^curlyblond^> Planet_Waves u have a BOB too lol
[02:50] <Planet_Waves> yeah i know tweetyboy, i can hear you motor humming from here....
[02:50] <^curlyblond^> tweetyboy U R NOT using BOB
[02:51] <tweetyboy> not damnwell likely ^curlyblond^
[02:51] <Planet_Waves> i don't need no bob ^curlyblond^
[02:51] <Planet_Waves> y'see i've got me very own BobEtte !
[02:51] <Planet_Waves> only a couple more days puffing now 'till she's fully inflated !
[02:51] *** Planet_Waves reaches for another heart pill

[22:36] <Joanna> how old r u Cali
[22:36] <^^^Danny^^^> lol
[22:36] <Cali> have a licence to drive dinosaurs
[22:37] <Cali> taught jesus his magic tricks
[22:37] <Cali> walk on water etc

[22:38] <spud88> they won!
[22:38] <spud88>  we did
[22:38] <Joanna> who
[22:38] <Cali> who
[22:38] <Cali> who
[22:38] <Cali> who
[22:38] <Cali> who
[22:38] <spud88> canetoads..
[22:38] <mia13> lol
[22:38] <Joanna> frogs
[22:38] <Cali> is there an owl loose in here?

23:22] <spud88> did i tell you about the  man that asked his wife if she wanted to change positions that nite?
[23:22] <spud88>  she said yep! you do the dishes and i will sit on the couch and watch tv and fart! lol

[23:23] * spud88 sits back in corner and behaves
[23:23] * Joanna` throws a doona over spud88
[23:24] * spud88 stays in corner and zips his mouth...
[23:24] * Joanna` gets out the paddlock
[23:24] * spud88 helps Joanna` look for paddlock
[23:25] <Joanna`> gunna zip you up for good spud88
[23:25] <Joanna`> Laughin Out Loud
[23:25] <spud88> Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee Hee ok go right ahead lol
[23:25] <Joanna`> just got to find the dang thing first
[23:25] <spud88> cuff me too!!!!
[23:25] <Joanna`> oooh I WILL
[23:25] <Joanna`> over the ears??
[23:25] <spud88> Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[23:27] * spud88 looks over at ץ ץ Joanna` ץ ץ
[23:27] * Joanna` looks sus at spud88
[23:27] <Joanna`> I'm not sexy

[23:27] <spud88> your not?
[23:27] <Joanna`> nope
[23:27] <Joanna`> fat and ugly
[23:27] <spud88> aw2eee. what a shame
[23:28] <Joanna`> buck teef
[23:28] <spud88>  wow my typ eof girl!
[23:28] <spud88> Laughin Out Loud
[23:28] <Joanna`> glasses.. two inches thick
[23:28] <spud88> cool.  then ya can see my hunch back then huh?
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