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The things they say in Trivia!!!!!  Look for the 'Quote of the Week'
* heyvick goes into corner with tweetyboy, and asks "what's up, tweets?"
* queen_of_the_mist pulls up her lace top stockings ... puts on some fresh lippy and goes an visits wif tweetyboy
<heyvick> geez, queen_of_the_mist, get outta my cornwer
<heyvick> corner
* gliderplane hands tweetyboy the heart pills
<queen_of_the_mist> sheesh heyvick when he sees me you gonna see what's up lol

<Planet_Waves> i bought a 4 cell MagLite
<queen_of_the_mist> Okay Planet_Waves ... what was it??? (please lord let it be good)
<queen_of_the_mist> phew!! oh .. and that is .......???
<Planet_Waves> thought it might make a good car torch
<Planet_Waves> big heavy torch
<queen_of_the_mist> oh ok for fishing
<queen_of_the_mist> for playing shadows on the wall
<Planet_Waves> figured if i get road rage i could always hit myself over the head with it to quieten meself down
<queen_of_the_mist> Laughin Out Loud
<queen_of_the_mist> I had road rage once
<queen_of_the_mist> blaarrdy car wouldn't go so left it on the road pml
<Planet_Waves> really queen_of_the_mist, how long did they lock you up for ?
<queen_of_the_mist> wouldn't put it in the garage for a week
<queen_of_the_mist> Piin Myself Laughin
<Planet_Waves> LOL queen_of_the_mist
<queen_of_the_mist> ... ya gotta lub me don't ya??? lol
<Planet_Waves> yeah s'long as you lub me back ok ?
<PuNkY_bReWsTeR> Laughing Out Loud
<PuNkY_bReWsTeR> lotsa lubin goin on in here

* queen_of_the_mist climbs up on to ColP 's lap and pushes eject button on op keyboard ... she looks down an sees heyvick go down the shute lol
* heyvick says she too old for silly buggas, lol
* <maudie> lol heyvick
* heyvick is old lady now, pmsl
<queen_of_the_mist> don't be 'diculous heyvick
<heyvick> just cos queen_of_the_mist  older than me!!!!!!!! Heehee

<ColP> i'll check you out]
<heyvick> getting ready for tomorrow maudie?????
<Planet-off-the> yeah and you've got 6 secs lagg Planet_Mist
<maudie> nah gonna be a quiet one
<maudie> lol
<Planet_Mist> Ohh My God that mean I slow Planet-off-the???
<ColP> Heheheeheheh
<Planet_Mist> Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww maudie we be rowdy for ya
<maudie> lol Planet_Mist
<maudie> hahaha
[02:16] <Planet-off-the> ohhhh wait ColP, if you're gonna check me out, i've gotta go do me hair first
<Planet-off-the> hehe
<heyvick> hey maudie, thought tonight out was going to be slow, but worked out to be really great
<ColP> stoppitt
* Planet_Mist puts lippy on .... just incase
<Planet_Mist> Laughin Out Loud
<maudie> cool :o)
<maudie> thats good heyvick
<heyvick> yeah, maudie, it was!!! heehee
* Planet-off-the stops being silly
* heyvick got full war-paint on, just in case
<Planet_Mist> *choking* at Planet-off-the
<Planet_Mist> Rollin On The Floor Laughin My A Off heyvick
<heyvick> it worked Planet_Mist, pmsl
<heyvick> sort off
<Planet_Mist> Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa

<Planet_Mist> Okay I got me stethoscope on heyvick
<Planet_Mist> ta maudie waudie
<Planet_Mist> Laughin Out Loud
<heyvick> wb Planet_Mist, indospition finished, lol
<ColP> ur lucky this time
<Planet_Mist> yes heyvick lol
<ColP> careful with that Planet_Mist
<maudie> lol you welcome misty wisty
<heyvick> did i just make that word up???????/ pmsl]
<Planet_Mist> Laughin Out Loud maudie
<heyvick> lots of bits that shouldn't have been there
* Planet_Mist puts her stethoscope on ColP 's chest ...........OMG .......
* Planet_Mist hears ... Boom booty Boom booty Boom .......
<Planet_Mist> Rollin On The Floor Laughin My A Off
<Planet_Mist> Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa
<ColP> lol
<heyvick> phew, thought his heart had stopped beating
<Planet_Mist> ...must be booty call
<Planet_Mist> Rollin On The Floor Laughin My A Off
<ColP> i only need them when i get excited
* Planet_Mist thinks to herself 'sometimes I need help' roflmao

<^bekkah^> HEYYYYYYYYYY heyyyyyyyy babyyyyyy uhhh ahhh I wannnnaaaa knowwwwwww if youll be my girllllllll
<ColP> lol
* Planet_Mist sits beside ColP
<tweetyboy> ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm well personally no ^bekkah^, not without some major cosmetic surgery and a sex change, at the moment it's a physical impossibility for me to be your girl
<^bekkah^> im a girl, i dont need a girl
* Planet_Mist closes eyes

<ColPable> *sniff*
<ColPable> *blubbering*
<ColPable> *wailing*
<ColPable> *chest beating*
<ColPable> *all the above*
* ColPorteur hands ColPable another box of kleenex
<ColPable> *and more*
<ColPable> Rollin On The Floor Laughin My A Off
<ColPable> *sulking*
<ColPable> *definite 'tanty' mode*
<ColPable> Laughin Out Loud
<ColPorteur> ohhhhhhhhhhhh for god sake, put the dummy back in. hehehehehehe
<ColPable> Rollin On The Floor Laughin My A Off
<ColPable> *imploring*begging*pleading*
<ColPable> *groveling*
<ColPorteur> snivelling
<ColPable> oh that good one forgot snivelling lol
<ColPorteur> pmsl
<ColPable> *jumping up and down risking serious self injury*
<ColPable> Rollin On The Floor Laughin My A Off
<ColPable> damb I hate KO'ing myself
<ColPable> Piin Myself Laughin
<ColPorteur> hehehehehehehehehehe, just use the left return kick shot i showed you ColPable
<ColPable> I kick somptink soon lol
<ColPorteur> hehehe
<ColPorteur> promises promises
<ColPable> Okay ... nah! lol
<ColPable> I got headache now from all the stress lol
<ColPorteur> naaaaaaaaaaaaa, was the hits to the face you copped. hehehe

<queen_of_the_mist> yes lee2 was in europe a lot ... mainly spain (ibiza) loved the place .. um not the wild side of the island though as I knew locals and used to hang wif them
<lee2> sounds pretty cool
<lee2> didnt go out clubbing every nigh tthen
<tweetyboy> ibiza hey queen_of_the_mist??? we all know what happens in ibiza, sex party capital of europe
<queen_of_the_mist> Piin Myself Laughin tweetyboy nooooo was wif locals ... they don't get into it
<tweetyboy> yeah but that's not to say you didn't queenie, i've seen the shows they aired from there
<Mystie> yeah and u were in em
[23:31] * queen_of_the_mist pushes cooette off her chair and tells her go clean my car then you get ($1) like hairygit pml
[23:32] <queen_of_the_mist> where do you go for your holidays lee2
[23:32] <cooette> clean the car???? gee queen_of_the_mist ... my car gets cleaned by an act of god - it rains!
[23:32] <lee2> went over to california last year
[23:32] <queen_of_the_mist> Rollin On The Floor Laughin My A Off cooette

* queen_of_the_mist dances around the office
[23:37] <queen_of_the_mist> Woooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooo
[23:37] * tweetyboy follows queenie with her wet t-shirt, rips it off her back and trips her over, watching as she bounces back up without even hitting her nose
[23:38] <ColP> lol
[23:39] * queen_of_the_mist grabs tweetyboy by his scruffy little neck and pulls him close ... she stares right into his eyes ... she says ... tweetyboy ya wanta play 'bounce ball' .... lets see how bouncy you can be lol
* tweetyboy says ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah queenie, they look great bouncing off there
* Mystie knows tweetyboy bounces back admirally
<queen_of_the_mist> Piin Myself Laughin Mystie

* cooette puts a bunch of bananas on her head and dances around the room
<hairygit> carmen miranda eat you heart out eh coo

* ^curlyblond^ attempts to sing but the dogs start howling
<Mad_Mango> pmsl
<Mad_Mango> who let the dog's out woof woof woof
<cooette> oh heck
* tweetyboy says ^curlyblond^ attempts to sing but tweetyboy starts howling along with the dog
<^curlyblond^> lol Mad_Mango thanks
* ^curlyblond^ says tweetyboy howls cause he is a dog
<queen_of_the_mist> ummaaaa! ^curlyblond^ lol
<^curlyblond^> whattttt queen_of_the_mist i can say what i like he only my bro lol
<queen_of_the_mist> I know is the carnage in the hallway wiff things been thrown I worry about ^curlyblond^ lol
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