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The things they say in Trivia!!!!!  Look for the 'Quote of the Week'
<Tektronix> put this one in tweetyboy
<tania^> who ColP?
<ColP> and just as daring !!!!
<Tektronix> Wouldn't it be lovely if my hubby cooked dinner more often
<tweetyboy> pmsl Tektronix
<ColP> he knows who he is ;)
<tania^> Laughin Out Loud Tektronix
<heyvick> you wish Tektronix, lol
<Tektronix> Ggglin Lik A Pixie 
<Tektronix> or this even
<Tektronix> love to get chocolate and flowers from my hubby
<tania^> what is that Tektronix?
<tweetyboy> hang on Tektronix, i'll just start a new word doc to start putting them in
<heyvick> tek,  how about a lot more grovelling??? darling, wonderful, husband....etc
<Tektronix> think flowers are those things that smell nice and chocolate is that stuff that tastes great

<heyvick> queen_of_the_mist, will you please tell everyone that you are the ringleader here, and that i am always well behaved until you get here????????????????????????
*** queen_of_the_mist is now known as Waves_best_dutie
<HoratioSmythe> howdy queen_of_the_mist
<Waves_best_dutie> no I isn't the ring leader ya just have to read the chatters thingo
<Waves_best_dutie> hi HoratioSmythe
* tania^ is lost
<heyvick> is ok tania^, to know her is to hate her pmsl
<heyvick> phew, if cosmos has false teeth, reckon we are pretty safe, lol
<cosmos> on no....
<queen_of_the_mist> <heyvick> be nice to me, lol   <------ see heyvick lol
* tania^ hides
<cosmos> what heyvick?? lol
<heyvick> i luv queen_of_the_mist, really truly i do,lol
<heyvick> honestly
<queen_of_the_mist> Rollin On The Floor Laughin My A Off @ heyvick
* cosmos puts teeth back in again

<queen_of_the_mist> but but ColP eeeeee I want a white wedding
<tweetyboy> pmsl queen_of_the_mist, you have to be a virgin for that hun and the only virgin you are is virgin on the rediulous
* queen_of_the_mist sulks ...
* tweetyboy hands queen_of_the_mist a box of kleenex and tells her to build a bridge (again)
* queen_of_the_mist drags out six tissues as she sniffs and snivels her way through them
* queen_of_the_mist is gonna wear white lace top stockings wif her white 'g' string too ... sooooo!!
<ColP> goodnes
<queen_of_the_mist> quick heyvick the heart pills
<queen_of_the_mist> sheesus do
<ColP> lol
<queen_of_the_mist> 'hurry
<ColP> i's ok
<queen_of_the_mist> sheesus don't want him dead for the wedding
<queen_of_the_mist> Laughin Out Loud
<heyvick> ohno......................
<ColP> lol

* queen_of_the_mist steps into her high heeled white shoes that go wif her white lace top stockings and her white 'g' string and slips on her white figure hugging dress so she can run and get the oxygen out of the car for ColP

<Planet_Waves> dammitt Cuddly-Bum, i want a piece of that
<sunshine^> Laughing My A$$ Off
<Planet_Waves> how do i get my song dir turned into a text file ????
<sunshine^> ohhhhhh I don't think you really do Planet_Waves!!!  lol
<Planet_Waves> lol
<Cuddly-Bum> hey?? you want a piece of my cuddly bum???? i certaily hope you're a woman then
<sunshine^> how did you know Planet_Waves
<sunshine^> Laughing My A$$ Off
<Planet_Waves> and don't tell me "cut n paste" or i'll rip yer arms off ;)
<sunshine^> Rollin' On The Floor Laughing My A$$ Off
<Planet_Waves> ahhhhhh i'm ...... odd sunshine^ !

<Horton> ok now all i need to find is a life and a bigger hammer do you know where they are at fancipance?
<fancipance> pmsl Horton  i have a suggestion but no way i can say it here  lol

<fancipance> N!fancipance (eagles)take-it-to-the-limit.wav t
* queen_of_the_mist gives fancipance some elastic ... (help ya limits hun) roflmao
<fancipance> lol queen_of_the_mist  i've been taught by the best to take everything to the limit lol
<queen_of_the_mist> sheesh blaardy tweets should start up a school for norti gals fancipance pml
<Night_Devil> and believe me queen_of_the_mist, i lurvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv fancipance's limits. hehehehehe
<fancipance> lol queen_of_the_mist  be worth his while to employ you as his head of department  lol
<queen_of_the_mist> me fancipance ... oh no I is a good gal lol
<Night_Devil> yeah sure queen_of_the_mist, when you're asleep maybe
<sherlock-holmes> i heard she is real good Night_Devil
<fancipance> lol queen_of_the_mist  yep i know  ... tis not me u have to convince  lol  have enuff probs convincing everyone else that me is good gal too
<Night_Devil> pmsl sherlock-holmes, welllllllll when you put it that way, i guess it does warrant further investigation as to how good she is. hehehe
* queen_of_the_mist pulls Night_Devil off his stool and jumps up there herself ... lets see who gonna drive this train lol
<queen_of_the_mist> Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww fancipance I just know how ya feel ... I is the same ... mist understood pml
<fancipance> hehehe  only u queen_of_the_mist  no one could blow a horn like u
<Night_Devil> rofpmsl fancipance, now that i'd pay to see. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe
* queen_of_the_mist sells the tickets
<fancipance> your welcome to see it Night_Angel  just watch the admission price  lol
<fancipance> sorry Night_Devil
<fancipance> grrrrr
<Night_Devil> lol
<Night_Angel> ans lol fancipance no thanks hehehee
<Night_Angel> pmsl
<fancipance> will u 2 change ya nicks  lol
<Night_Devil> i'm more concerned about where i have to put the ticket. 
<fancipance> pmsl Night_Devil  sheesh everyone knows u put it in the slot
<Night_Devil> well that brings me to another concern fancipance. have you seen the size of the slot???? lol
<fancipance> lol Night_Devil  nah i'll leave that up to you hon hehehehe

<heyvick> phew, saved the indignity of a run round the room!
<Night_Angel> u sure did heyvick well done
* krypton_ite puts his clothes back on...was looking frwd to that....
<Night_Angel> lol krypton_ite
<fancipance> lol heyvick  spoil sport  just as krypton_ite joined your team as well
<krypton_ite> yep..i saved the day again...
* heyvick takes glasses off and lets krypton_ite go for it
<heyvick> run!
<fancipance> lol heyvick put em back on !!!! its worth looking at
<fancipance> lol
<heyvick> is ok fancipance, thanks tho
<krypton_ite> (_/_)   (_\_)   running arnd the room.....
<Night_Angel> lol fancipance she only needs em for reading heheehe
<fancipance> lol krypton_ite
<heyvick> oh no she don't Night_Angel! lol
* Night_Angel watches as  krypton_ite's cute butt wiggles across the room "(_/_)"(_!_)"(_\_)"(_!_)"(_/_)"(_!_)"(_/_)"(_!_)"(_\_)"(_!_)"(_/_)"
<fancipance> hehehehe Night_Angel
<Night_Angel> lol heyvick
<krypton_ite> its not THAT big!
<fancipance> but can it wiggle krypton_ite
<Night_Angel> oh but sooo cute
<krypton_ite> lol...oh yes....
<heyvick> butt.......... Night_Angel
<fancipance> i thought so  hehehehe
<Night_Angel> hey can anyone clean their teeth without wiggling their butt?????
<heyvick> me
<krypton_ite> (____|____)   before my weight loss program.....
<Horton> ummm i can Night_Angel
<Night_Angel> lol try it
<Night_Angel> next time
<heyvick> is this a trick question Night_Angel?
<Night_Angel> no
<Night_Angel> lol
<fancipance> tis not fun if u can't wiggle ya butt thou Night_Angel  lol
<Night_Angel> oh fancipance very true
<krypton_ite> where do u put ur toothbrush?...
* Horton cant say that he wiggles his but to much
<Night_Angel> hahaha krypton_ite
<krypton_ite> isnt it easier to access ur teeth thru ur mouth?
<fancipance> in your case krypton_ite  where ever u pls babe  hehehe
<krypton_ite> lol...cheeky
<Night_Angel> yeah via the nose is not a pretty sight

<Night_Devil> and mine isn't a request Night_Angel and fancipance, it's an order. hehehehe
<Night_Angel> woohooo Night_Devil..... betta in the spa tho baby
<fancipance> lol Night_Devil  u know i can't resist an exciting order hon  hehehehe
<Night_Devil> welllllllllllll Night_Angel, once we've been over the room we can move it to the spa. make it lasssssssssssttttttttttttttt allllllllllllllllllllll night. hehehehehehe

<fancipance> i wanted to lose just so i could say krypton_ite had whipped my butt u know  hehehe
<ShAnDiE> GiggliNG 
<Night_Angel> lol
<ShAnDiE> yer good krypton_ite
<krypton_ite> rofl...
<krypton_ite> i am not!
<ShAnDiE>   i know he he he
* krypton_ite gets out his patented buttwhipper....come over here fancipance!
* fancipance comes on over lol
* krypton_ite takes one arm back...and ......
<krypton_ite> whips butter.....
<krypton_ite> anyone want some whipped butter?.....
<fancipance> lol
* fancipance checks her butt for consistency
<ColP> lol
* krypton_ite asks u want cream with that?
<Night_Devil> well i must say krypton_ite, it's the fanciest whipped butter i've ever seen too
* fancipance wonders if krypton_ite compares her to softened butter?
<ShAnDiE> LrF t Lu 
<krypton_ite> lol..u wld prefer i comapred you to margarine maybe?
<krypton_ite> ur skin is lea.........
[<ShAnDiE> H H H H H
<Night_Angel> lol all soft and gooey
<ColP> lol
<krypton_ite> so yellow...
<ShAnDiE> yellow?
<krypton_ite> and youre so easily spread.....
<ShAnDiE> hh M Gw
<krypton_ite> lol
<Night_Angel> your hair is like wool............. steel wool.....
<fancipance> roflmao and pmsl krypton_ite 
<ShAnDiE> Gd Lwd !!!  fr
<fancipance> like only u know how to spread as well babe
<Night_Angel> your teeth are like stars........ the come out at night
<ShAnDiE> fancipance even
<krypton_ite> hehehe
<Night_Angel> your eyes are like pools......... pools of mud
<ShAnDiE> Bm
<Night_Angel> your skin is like a peach........ yellow and furry
<Night_Angel> lol cant remember any more
<fancipance> sheesh Night_Angel ... here i am trying to convince krypton_ite i'm worth playing with and your telling him all them truths  lol
<ShAnDiE> yer lips are like slivers of rock melon
<Night_Angel> lol fancipance sowwy hehehe
<ShAnDiE> yer chin like unset jelly
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