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The things they say in Trivia!!!!!  Look for the 'Quote of the Week'
will have to spend all day tomorrow scanning Planet_Waves logs for some juicy quotes. hehehe
<Mad_Mango> !Mad_Mango (belle_stars)-the_clapping_song.wav
<Planet_Waves> lol i'll punish you too later tweetyboy
<allie> the clapping song... haven't heard that for years!  lol
<Mad_Mango> yeah i want to use for a video I'm making
<tweetyboy> hehehehehehehe Planet_Waves, i don't mean from you i mean from queenie cause i'm sure she's got more on your logs than mine. hehehe
<allie> hmmm ....
<LeNa> is it the type or rating of video capable of being discussed in here Mad_Mango
<allie> good question LeNa  lol
<Mad_Mango> yeah very clean
<tweetyboy> yeah LeNa changing the name of the song to the slapping song and adding to a B&D movie. hehehe
<LeNa> oh burger  then not capable of being discussed in here then  heheheheehhe
<Mad_Mango> lol
<allie> lol tweetyboy
<Mad_Mango> as bad as gums
<Mad_Mango> instead of "jaws"
<LeNa> pmsl tweetyboy  whereever is your mind???  lol  pls remember us innocent naive types
<Mad_Mango> pmsl
<tweetyboy> pmsl
<allie> where?
* tweetyboy says hmmmmmm cough splutter choke, oh god LeNa next time you're gonna spin a line can you give me some warning first??
* allie would like to emphatically state that she is NOT innocent or naive!!! so bring it on!!!!!!!!!
<allie> pmsl
<tweetyboy> hehehehehe allie

<Planet_Waves> hey i'm lined up in there too LeNa i's randy57&1/2
<allie> now why would you go in there LeNa? 
<LeNa> hehehehe Planet_Waves
<LeNa> i tried to be polite by saying i was busy at the moment but some ppl just can't take the hint  lol
<Planet_Waves> ooh errrr... i mean... i wanted too
<LeNa> lol allie  well ummmmm good toys hard to find sometimes  lol
<allie> they all broken toys in that room so i hear  lol
<tweetyboy> but in your case LeNa, hard toys are good to find. hehehehehehehe
<LeNa> pmsl tweetyboy  i fell into that one didn't i
<tweetyboy> roflmao, yep you certainly did

<Planet_Waves> ahh LeNa, that reminds me of some charming quotes in here too ;)
<tweetyboy> yeah Planet_Waves, who was it you were bonking the other night????
<Mad_Mango> it's a good sign when you don;t hear voices
<tweetyboy> ohh that's right, it was queenie. AGAIN
<allie> ooooo sounds interesting
<Planet_Waves> steady
<tweetyboy> hehehehehehehehehehe
<LeNa> pmsl Planet_Waves  is that right?  mmmmm nah  we don't discuss such ventures in here surely  lol
<tweetyboy> honest Planet_Waves, i didn't mean that. it was the voices in my head telling me to type it and i couldn't force my fingers to stop
* Mad_Mango passes Tweetyboy the lithium
<allie> ahh the voices...
<Planet_Waves> no Mad_Mango they use even better ones for wot tweety has ;D
<tweetyboy> yeah they have these wires that run off them and they stick the tablets to me head
<Planet_Waves> rofl
* Mad_Mango turns up the power to ensure a good zappppp
<Mad_Mango> now how' tht tweety see the fireworks?
<allie> excellent.. home perm job
<tweetyboy> woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a rush. thanks for that Mad_Mango
<Mad_Mango> rofl
<allie> aww pretty sparkles too
<LeNa> what on earth would be perming????
<allie> what a tale my thoughts could tell
<tweetyboy> well it couldn't be there hair on my head cause there ain't none there

<LeNa> tis ok thou Simon  i don't mind sitting in the silly corner as long as your beside me  lol
<Planet_Waves> oh sorry LeNa is shameful ow long since i've been there :)
<Simon> ok lena i'll sit next to u any time day or night ;)\
<LeNa> hehehe Simon  sitting is good  i can cope with that???? any other party tricks u got?
<Simon> jus drinkin games hon
<LeNa> ok then Simon  any toys to go with them drinking games?
<Simon> I don't do **** tricks sorry lol
<Simon> nahh lol
<Simon> di ck
<Simon> did u read that?
<tweetyboy> pmsl Simon, you mean the only trick you can do with it is get it up occassionally and even that's a mighty effort??? hehehehehe
<LeNa> omg Simon  u shock me  lol
<Planet_Waves> snort ;)
<Simon> hehehe tweets u do know me lol
<tweetyboy> pmsl Simon
<Simon> sawwy lena I'm pished

<^spectre^> hey tweetyboy you yellow bellied swamp critter how are you ????
<Planet_Waves> pmsl
<hinga> tweets - dont ask
<shadowgjt> Laughin Out Loud @ ^spectre^
<Mystie> pmsl ^spectre^
<Planet_Waves> so what is it woth this buffy babe, what does she do ?
<tweetyboy> hey ^spectre^ yeah creep shadow of a previous human being. doing good thanks buddy. how bout u?
<Mystie> absolutely nuffin for me that is for sure Planet_Waves lol
<Planet_Waves> i mean... does she like buffer or somn ?
<^spectre^> im doing real well thanks tweetyboy
<shadowgjt> the Buffster does a lot for me!
<tweetyboy> the buffster can do anything to me she wants to
<Planet_Mist> ummmaaaa! tweetyboy
<shadowgjt> i second that notion tweetyboy
<tweetyboy> hehehehe
<HoratioSmythe> yeah, buffy's ok
<^spectre^> hey tweetyboy any one can do anything to you and you'd love it lol
<Planet_Mist> Piin Myself Laughin ^spectre^
<Mystie> lol ^spectre^
<tweetyboy> anyone but you of course ^spectre^, then i just want to womit all over the place
<tweetyboy> hehehehehehe
<hinga> Hey I shave, burp an fart (discretely)  - I am no woman
<^spectre^> womit tweetyboy whats a womit lol
<Mystie> lol does tweetyboy wanna wucket to go with that
<Planet_Waves> lol stoppitt you two :)
<ShAnDiE> Rllng n Th Flr Lrffn M ŧ ff
<tweetyboy> womit is what happens when you try anything on me ^spectre^. lol
<Planet_Waves> and don't you go encourageing them Mystie
<Mystie> who me ..... neva
<hinga> well I guess discretely is an olefactory estimation on my part
<LeNa> lmao hinga  well secretly i do all them things too but i ain't no man  ( i checked that the lumps were in the right place to prove it)
<Planet_Waves> you know what happens when us boys get all excited ;)
<^spectre^> hey tweetyboy you didnt seem to mind me whispering in ya ear last night  lol
<hinga> I have lumps?

<LeNa> want me to marry ya ^Baz^  will that help?  lol
<tweetyboy> pmsl LeNa
<^Baz^> can u have more than 3 husbands lena? lol
<tweetyboy> that be big o ya
<tweetyboy> oooooppppppppsss i mean biomy. hehehe
<kiddo> naw that's too many - two is enough
<tweetyboy> bigomy even
<LeNa> hehehe ^Baz^  i can do anything i want hon .............. i laugh in the face of legalities
<^Baz^> i don't mind if u dont lena lol
* RacOOooOOoon works for a law firm
<LeNa> i'll just ask my other 2 hubby's and get back to ya ^Baz^  lol
<tweetyboy> in what state RacOOooOOoon?
<^Baz^> no dramas lena
<RacOOooOOoon> NSW lol
<^Baz^> RacOOooOOoon  can sorta out the legal stuff for us lol
<kiddo> can u make it leagal rac
<LeNa> we don't want much RacOOooOOoon  just a few loopholes thats all
<RacOOooOOoon> LOL well i can't marry them to make it legal myself, but i can organise there devorce
* queen_of_the_mist would like to know why we marrying ^Baz^???
<^Baz^> we???
<^Baz^> just 1 wife pls lol
<^Baz^> plenty
<queen_of_the_mist> oh well we come as one ^Baz^ ... sheesh I'd miss LeNa
<LeNa> lol RacOOooOOoon  divorce????????? sheesh that'd take too long ........ wouldn't it be easier just to murder them slowly and painfully
<kiddo> ...but leaving no evidence LeNa
* queen_of_the_mist gets out wedding outfit
<kiddo> awwwwww lovely
<queen_of_the_mist> lol tweetyboy
<^Baz^> i can help ya kill em if ya like lena lol
<LeNa> lol queen_of_the_mist  u wear the outer and i'll wear the under wedding outfit  lol
<queen_of_the_mist> roflmao LeNa ...
<kiddo> ohh that would be a sight
<LeNa> lol ^Baz^ mmmmmmmm i'm sure you'd have your ways  but i think my ways would be more pleasureable for moi
* queen_of_the_mist hands LeNa the lace top stockings, spile heeled boots and g string while she puts on basque ... there go LeNa we ready
<^Baz^> ur not gonna cook for them r ya lena? lol
<queen_of_the_mist> ooh oooh heyvick you be flowergirl
<LeNa> lol queen_of_the_mist  oi!  i got me own but maybe we give ^Baz^ the choice  lol
<heyvick> wow, queen_of_the_mist, thank you, lol
<LeNa> pmsl ^Baz^  that'd be too obvious hon
* queen_of_the_mist hands heyvick flowergal outfit ... black fishnets and purple an black basque
<heyvick> wow, you ain't seen nothing yet queen_of_the_mist, pmsl
<LeNa> theres one condition to queen_of_the_mist and I marrying u thou ^Baz^ ....... u need to give us enough time to have affairs with everyone else first  ok?
<^Baz^> okies...let me know when ur single again lena..and we'll get this sorted lol
<LeNa> i'm sure u'd agree ^Baz^  that by us having the affairs we are gaining the experience needed to handle u  hehehe
<^Baz^> how ya doing queen_of_the_mist ? lol
* queen_of_the_mist pulls udder flowergal over to stand beside LeNa
<^Baz^> handle me? lol wot r u expecting?
<LeNa> lol queen_of_the_mist
<queen_of_the_mist> good ta ^Baz^ lol
<tweetyboy> she's expecting something "BIG" ^Baz^. hehehe
<queen_of_the_mist> good sax I reakon ... arent' ya LeNa lol
<^Baz^> lol would be rude to dissapoint hay tweety? lol
<LeNa> lol ^Baz^  queen_of_the_mist and I expect nothing but the very best that can be offered
<tweetyboy> pmsl ^Baz^ yep we can't be disappointing our LeNa
<LeNa> sax is very important ......... someone needs to blow that horn
<^Baz^> yeah
* queen_of_the_mist looks at other flowergal ... did you hear he had extension ... heyvick
<queen_of_the_mist> lol LeNa
<pansie> poor ^Baz^, with LeNa on one side ans queen_of_the_mist on the other, he will need energy drink just to survive
<LeNa> lol pansie
<^Baz^> what would ya recommend? lol
<LeNa> he need more than energy drink mefinks pansie
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