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The things they say in Trivia!!!!!  Look for the 'Quote of the Week'
<Planet_Mist> did anyone tell me what a cloven hoof animal is
<tweetyboy> cloven hoof is a two toed hoof
<Planet_Waves> goat
<Planet_Waves> cow
<Planet_Waves> sheep
<Planet_Waves> antelope
<Planet_Mist> oh ok ...
<Planet_Waves> yak
<Planet_Mist> sloth
<Planet_Mist> pml
<Planet_Waves> no sloth
<Planet_Mist> no sloth
<tweetyboy> not nice Planet_Waves, don't call Planet_Mist a yak. lol
<Planet_Mist> two toed though right?
<Planet_Mist> lol tweetyboy
<Planet_Waves> i guess
<Planet_Mist> yeah Planet_Waves what happen to darlin
<Planet_Waves> vaguely
<Planet_Mist> hun
<Planet_Mist> my sweet

<marlaina> and welcome back tweetyboy
<queen_of_the_mist> wb tweetyboy xxxxxx
<heyvick> tweety, wha'ts happening?
* Lenaaaaa  ~*~*~*~*~* WeLCoMe BaCK~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*~*~*~*~* tweetyboy *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
<shadowgjt> Welcome Back again tweetyboy!!! lol.
<tweetyboy> ta marlaina xxxxxxx
<tweetyboy> hey queenie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<tweetyboy> no idea heyvick. lol
* marlaina cuts the elastic off the back of tweetyboys chair
<tweetyboy> ta Lenaaaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<tweetyboy> ta shadowgjt :)
<queen_of_the_mist> lol marlaina
<marlaina> now maybe you stop springing in and out tweetyboy
<Mystie> ummm tweetyboy wot is happening?????????????????
<tweetyboy> pmsl mum, think i need more than elastic, think i need some bolts
* heyvick nails tweety's feet to floor, so he can't move
<marlaina>  coming next tweetyboy
<tweetyboy> hehehehe
<marlaina> no wonder he dont come in here much, poor soul
<heyvick> we're not enough competition for him, boohoo
<queen_of_the_mist> you are'nt wrong there marlaina ... some people just got no tack eh?
<queen_of_the_mist> the white one says hi tweetyboy she was in earlier
<Mystie> bolts my dear tweety dear tweety dear tweety
<marlaina> well poor tweetyboy had his elastic cut, and his feet nailed to the floor, what fun can it be here queen_of_the_mist
<queen_of_the_mist> is ok marlaina I look after him later ... but will wait until the line to his priv gets smaller lol
<heyvick> hmmmmmmmmmm, maybe some poetry might be in line, while it is captive audience, lol
<queen_of_the_mist> pml
<Lenaaaaa> for fear of alienating my beautiful mother  i refuse to give suggestions to the fun we could have with tweetyboy  lol 
<queen_of_the_mist> cracking up here
<Lenaaaaa> pmsl heyvick
* Mystie gives tweetyboy puff of ventolin to help him breathe...........
<Lenaaaaa> roflmao
<queen_of_the_mist> oh Lenaaaaa you are the leader ... we merely follow
<Lenaaaaa> and pmp
<queen_of_the_mist> lol
<marlaina> wait a minute muvver just back from next door, catching up here lena
<Lenaaaaa> <marlaina> well poor tweetyboy had his elastic cut, and his feet nailed to the floor, what fun can it be here queen_of_the_mist
<Lenaaaaa> thats the one i'm not making suggestions to marlaina  lol
<tweetyboy> pmsl Lenaaaaa, spoil sport i wannnnnnnnaaaaaaaaa know. hehehehehe
* queen_of_the_mist sits upon the chair .. demurely ... in the good girl corner
<marlaina> no lena go for it. Would hate to think you neva had fun cause I was here
<Mystie> oh tweetyboy the surprise is even betta
<marlaina> look at my good girl in the corner there, an example to us all
<tweetyboy> very true Mystie and even more exciting, but then only i get to share in the fun and you guys miss out on it all. hehehehehehehe
<tweetyboy> pmsl marlaina
<Mystie> heheheeheheheehe yeah but ya gotta share
<queen_of_the_mist> we have fun for that very reason marlaina ...  because you are here with us sweetness
<Lenaaaaa> lol marlaina  ummmmmmmmmmm nah tweetyboy might get a little too excited and fall off his perch again  lol
<marlaina> you want to be my Daughter too queen_of_the_mist?????????????
<queen_of_the_mist> absolutely marlaina ... had thought I was all along hun
<marlaina> do what you like and whatever he likes lena, but please dont hurt him
<tweetyboy> noooooooooooo she can't be marlaina mum, cause she's my step mum, would be too insestuous to have her as my half sister as well
<marlaina> Oh queen_of_the_mist, you sounding like that other daughter again. How many times can one person be in here
<Mystie> oh tweetyboy wont fall off perch.... keyboard just gets higher......
<marlaina> lol Mystie
<queen_of_the_mist> well I aren't sure marlaina but I truly is the one and only queen_of_the_mist
<tweetyboy> pmsl Lenaaaaa, think i might have to start sititng on the floor to stop falling off this silly pirch all the time. hehe
<queen_of_the_mist> lol Mystie
<Lenaaaaa> you are always so encouraging with us all marlaina!!!!!!!!!!!  you have a brood of very proud children  but i also fear losing my reputation for being sweet shy innocent and naive if i gave away my suggestions  lol
<marlaina> tweetyboy, you are a shocker. You say that about every woman I have in here for a daughter
<marlaina> you on with everybody except me and the blokes, and even I cant vouch for them

<ColP> i just cooked a huge feed of pasta
<ColP> anybody want some ?
<queen_of_the_mist> are we invited for dinner ColP
<heyvick> no thanks ColP
<queen_of_the_mist> ya got some chees ColP??
<HsV-curlyblond> no thanks ColP made that myself for dinner
<ColP> it's good healthy pasta heyvick, plenty olive oil
<queen_of_the_mist> garlic too ColP?
* HsV-curlyblond gets out the black elvis wig ( another borrowed item from hairygit)
<queen_of_the_mist> lol
<ColP> iss parmesan frresh grated in there queen_of_the_mist
<ColP> many garlic queen_of_the_mist ;)
<queen_of_the_mist> yesssssssssssss ColP marry me have me babies keep me kitchen clean roflmao
<ColP> lol
<HsV-curlyblond> lol queen_of_the_mist
* queen_of_the_mist packs her bag an goes to ColP 's fer dinner
<ColP> we burn some bacon onion garlic in wok while the water boiled
<^BeErWeNcH^> a little less conversatioonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn a little more actionnnnnnnnnnn
<queen_of_the_mist> aww ColP ... please don't tease me ... well not wif food anyway roflmao
<ColP> then chop some olives anchovies and a couple sweet pickled gherkins
<^BeErWeNcH^> ewwwwwwwwwww
* ^BeErWeNcH^ not going to colps for dinner now
<queen_of_the_mist> lol
<ColP> sorry vegetarians not invited
<heyvick> no anchovies, ColP
<queen_of_the_mist> it ok ^BeErWeNcH^ he takes eyes out of anchovies ... they don't look at yer
<ColP> pardon me, another night eh ?
* queen_of_the_mist sets the table at ColP 's house

* queen_of_the_mist takes a plate of pasta off ColP ... ta hun
* JiMbEaMwEnCh gets up on the table & dances again
* queen_of_the_mist looks at JiMbEaMwEnCh ... omg where are ya damb nickers girl
<ColP> yw queen_of_the_mist, it's good ;)
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> what nickers
<queen_of_the_mist> sheesus
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> :o)
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> oh sorry ColP forgot u were eating ill get off the table while u do lmao
<queen_of_the_mist> pml
<ColP> lol JiMbEaMwEnCh, stay there, it helps ;)
* JiMbEaMwEnCh just saw ColP look up and his food fall off the fork
* queen_of_the_mist fears for the fork
<queen_of_the_mist> lol
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> oh i was gunna say somethign then but hm i be quiet lol
<queen_of_the_mist> lips sealed lol
<ColP> hahah they all starvin now
<tweetyboy> head bob
<queen_of_the_mist> lol ColP
<queen_of_the_mist> oh ta tweetyboy ...  how is ya darls ... real quiet there??
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> lips sealed um yeha along those lines queen_of_the_mist lol
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> BOB
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> BOB was in aussie room bro lol
<ColP> that burnt garlic line....
<tweetyboy> sorry hun, just kinda talking to someone for real at the moment as well. hehehehehe
<ColP> gets 'em evry time..nearly as good as nookie
<ColP> Hahahahahaaha
<queen_of_the_mist> ok tweetyboy
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> lol ColP
<tweetyboy> more like lips were unsealed you mean sis
* queen_of_the_mist looks at ColP ... whhaatt!
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> hmmmm shhhh enuff bro lol
<tweetyboy> hehehehehehehehehe
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> smart butt lol

<queen_of_the_mist> aww JiMbEaMwEnCh my puta went down tonight doing a download so I won't risk it as much as I want it
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> ok hun
<queen_of_the_mist> actually JiMbEaMwEnCh .. wanted to ask you something ... you being a woman of the world and all
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> moi? lmao sure ask away
<queen_of_the_mist> you know when people say they puta went down on them ... my doesn't how can I make mine do that lol
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> u suk when it comes to guys though lmao
<ColP> lol
<queen_of_the_mist> roflamo
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> i mean i do lmao
<ColP> uh oh
<queen_of_the_mist> lol
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> oh i dont know but if a guy went down on me as often as my puter does i be a happy gal lmao
<queen_of_the_mist> roflmao
* JiMbEaMwEnCh does the hymlick on ColP cause im sure he just choked on the pasta
<queen_of_the_mist> I say I love you to puta too JiMbEaMwEnCh ... it still not turned on pml
<heyvick> and will more than likely appear in chatter quotes, pmsl
<ColP> lol
<queen_of_the_mist> lol JiMbEaMwEnCh
<ColP> goodness !
<queen_of_the_mist> roflmao heyvick
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> are u stroking it the right way queen_of_the_mist lol
<queen_of_the_mist> pml
<queen_of_the_mist> must be girl night in trivia lol
<JiMbEaMwEnCh> nawwww i dont get quotes lol
<ColP> should i op-up or reach for a heart pill ?
<heyvick> you will now JiMbEaMwEnCh, lol
* queen_of_the_mist hands ColP the heart pills
<heyvick> go for the pill ColP
<ColP> oh dear lol
*** JiMbEaMwEnCh is now known as ^NurseCurly^
* queen_of_the_mist tops up his red wine ... here hun relaxxxxxx lol
<heyvick> not hrt, ColP?
<^NurseCurly^> want ya pills ColP
<queen_of_the_mist> lol ^NurseCurly^
<^NurseCurly^> oh thats right queen_of_the_mist give him pills & grog lmao
*** queen_of_the_mist is now known as Nice_Nurse_Mist
<ColP> i sure so ^NurseCurly^, but can you give them me that 'special' way like you did yesterday ????
<Nice_Nurse_Mist> lol well what else I give him ^NurseCurly^ lol
<^NurseCurly^> hehehehe ColP oh with that special holder i had them in <ColP> yeeeah that's the one ^NurseCurly^ heheheheheh
<^NurseCurly^> i dunno Nice_Nurse_Mist but pills & grog usually make em pass out not put out lol
* Nice_Nurse_Mist adjusts her suspenders and tidies her hair ... she rushes up to tweetyboy with the oxygen
<Nice_Nurse_Mist> whoops wrong one lol
<Nice_Nurse_Mist> pml
<^NurseCurly^> lmao
<ColP> lol
<Nice_Nurse_Mist> ... sheesus I think this one dead ^NurseCurly^
<ColP> lol
* ColP calls the outta control nursey squad
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